Big jeep wagoneer v8 vs l6 part 1

Jeep Grand Wagoneer V8 vs L6 Part 1

Our tour we went to get cars for our cars by Grand Wagoneers, with the 360 ​​V8 AMC engine and the other with 6 in …

Francisco gomez – Good afternoon, I want to confirm about the Grand Wagoneer engine technology theme, I was the trucker and practically the last vehicle marketed in the United States with a carbureted engine, in 1991 to 28 years of making its wind several engines 23 (258) and El 282 (of the last only sold in Mexico), of 8 hubinders 304, 318, 360, and 400 if not badly recalled, but the characteristics that all engines of Wagoner and Grand Wagoner SJ (full carburetor were, fuel injection it was the Grand Wagoneer middle size XJ that later Cherokee and Cherokee Sport with a motor injection 242; his there will be a truck and hermasas and lasting, the 6 cylinders his slow on highway his very comfortable, looks

Ricardo lopez – I have 5 wagoneers but are able to have 9 both American v8 and Mexican L6 and 2 versions have definitely got them all 6 spending less gasoline salutes since gdl.

Manuel robles – The momentarily get audio loses. Great wagoneer if the L6 is Mexican there treat and 4.6 the voy esa

Plazacamacho – Always in your dreams go to boning to find treasures. See you are returning to the videos..

Big jeep wagoneer v8 vs l6 part 1

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