Big wagoner? In america it’s wagonmaster! In italy that’s valli !!

Big wagoner? In America it’s Wagonmaster! In Italia this is VALLI!!

Big wagoner? In America it’s Wagonmaster! In Italia this is VALLI!!

Federico vismara – Thing say ….. be complimented by a parco macchine stepitoso … i adore the american hanno a fascine cover pocket auto riescono ad avere…
Compliment reed has two realizzato a tuo sogno … "immagino" poi sensendoti parlare … if capisce the passion cover two for what self he mode the nozioni cover gives sleep like a libretto di istruzioni … leaves the story ogni singola Vettura Wrong spiegare in chiaro fashion the clean ogni singolo concetto…
Piacerebbe reed has me piccolo capannoncino and find out this meraviglie solo reed for poter save at vederele ends distrutte the dimenticate…
The moss the dodge … the camaro … veri and own capolavori … of a time cover oramai no more … parlo degli anni of the economic boom…

Andrea Dicorrado – Ciao Valli, Sleeping on an American Auto Appassionate and 15 years ago with her grandfather and debut by the Jeep soprattutto Wrangler and Wagoneer. The curiosity: how much coast to Wagoner of epoch restaurate with elephant skin? Buon lavoro and compli for the jeep and pick-up cover avete.

I soon saw the thunder with mia mamma mio papa taking care of the team Mauro and Franco Bobbiese.


Andrea Caucino – An american favorite, imperial!!!!!

Luciano adami – Do not hesitate to contact FCA voglia riproporla .

The uncle chachi – Excellent restaurant, stupemda complimenti. Ma in italy the american hanno mercato ?

Big wagoner? In america it's wagonmaster! In italy that's valli !!

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