Forza 3-cruising skyline in the 1991 jeep large wagoner

Forza Horizon 3-Cruising in the 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoner

READ THE DESCRIPTION! Cruising around a fantastic SUV from the early 90’s! ▽ Contact info ▽ twitter-http: // Twitch-jfavignano …

BRADY ZUBER – My dad owns a white 1990 big wagoner jeep, everything on it is still original and works. I will own it, one day.

Eula watts – Nice because

Phillip lehne – Jeff when on horizon forza 3 or passed some exp`s. but, good video I think I’ll get that game n try it out.

Max bowen – Skyler White from Breaking Bad

Scotty liebe – This guy is stupid that’s not a 1991

Daniel Kedz – My brother has a wagoner

Marcelo rull – I missed a big wagoner drive tie. I love the big wagoner!

Giovanni – Please do not hesitate to contact Ford XR8 P L E S E!

Azizian davis – They should add a Chevrolet blazer into this game

Jared hieb – Is this a mod or the current game

Marcus wilson – I absolutely love my big wagoneer

Marcus wilson – I bought mine in this game. I drive it everywhere. What’s not to love about a Grand Wagoneer?

Mattnite – 1956 Ford F150

Mr. montanio – Hey Jeff, why don’t you break the power boards

Sandu stratievschi – Do you play with a steering wheel?

Kendrick .minchew – You should drive in the game You should drive in the real life

Hugh vizzard – Ford crown vic is stopid

ToyKingWonder – Why do not you do something really wild, save a few dollars, actually make one, actually make a real video of your experiences? Watching someone play a video game and talking about the experience with your Tone of V8 "power".

Daniel Lowell – As far as the Grand Wagoneer goes, 1991 models were available with an automatic transmission

Hugh vizzard – Jeff can you do a chevy blazer or a silvrodo?

Whats the sauce – I almost like the Dooo.

CMDR Boom – Just an aside on PC equipment, Seagate’s having a lot of QC issues, especially those over 2TB in capacity. The one toshiba drive I have been over ten years old but a little 500gb guy. WD is always my preference when building or replacing drives; I have several times to get used every day and keep on tickin ‘. I picked another one up last Christmas to dupe my main drive that I have yet to crack open. Good reminder!

Mick lewis – You should take this hawk drift mode

SkippyisKOOL 3942 – How do u honk ur horn

Tyler emery – Where did you buy this game? and if you did not buy it

Litty joe – Nissan GTR please

I look salonen – Can you drive mercedes benz 190th i would like the ‘non-cosworth’ model just the plain 190E 🙂

James coulibaly – Welcome to Jeff Ted Talks.

John mitchell – Pretty much thought of breaking the whole time.

Phoenix • – Beautiful vehicle It’s cool how the convoy goes by the road your GPS is set to.

MLG Gaming MLG – Keep doing cruises plz, they’re so fun to watch

Eric Heikkinen – That white car was not a mini cooper. That was a Fiat 500 I think.

Things_tv – Me and my grandfather owned one

Jkriz63 – Where’s the code zero?

Mitchell – 9:10 "Parkes satellite array"
I’m from Parkes and it’s really cool having something like this in a game…

Travis stewart – Kinda cool that they have the Parkes radio observatory in this. Makes me want to rewatch The Dish, a movie about its role during the Apollo 11 mission, which I watched many years ago.

Moreswhit – "Dropping the hammer Harry!"

Chuckiphicus – You should cruise in the 1971 Plymouth Barracuda

Anna Neves – Do you have luck

Theonly52 – From the meyers manx!

Korey Kramer – Crown vic

North alliance auto parts – Hey Jeff, Forgive me if I’m telling you what you already know how to see in the direction you want to end up drifting. Will help you get it right? I really like this game aswell.

Saddam ortiz – Roll royce

Bastian – Unmarked or retired crown vic!

Knight and jester art – The graphics in this game look really great.

Jordan 23421 – Could you drive the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and show the customization options like the bumpers and colors.

Fink Response Videos – There’s no T in FORZA

Michael van heemst – 14:00 Buy the Ford Raptor. It’ll make that jump

Brammy b – Can you keep up

That british guy – That moment when he calls the 1960 Fiat 500 mini cooper Triggered as a brit

Cant phaseme – That moment when you call a Fiat Mini Cooper.

Szymon opalinski – Jeff Great video as always! Been to a subscriber since january 2015 and you’ve never disappointed! Could you please do a new Ford Falcon XR8 please? Best regards from poland!

Coyote 5.0 – If you do another cruise [please do another] can you use a camaro

King monster yt – Why is the steering wheel on the left when you drive on the left

Alexboosted – Please do more cruises ,: D

Adiboo 814 – Breaking bad anyone??

Tony the officer – Jeff, why do you want to drive a maniac??

C1aran07 – When’s code zero coming back

Specter – Great video jeff!

Six pest – Beaming (rigsofrods) and forza awesome line up of content, right?

ARTechGame – Why are u not racing man ???? Your driving during the race is really nice. Please join the race from the next episode onwards.

Job kroon – Again an awesome video!

Christine minott – Wow the game is so realistic

JRE8696 – I swear no one knows how to say.

Monte379 – @Jeff Favignano How do you get the wheel to work good? I have the degrees to 900 in the profile but in the game just at 90 degrees. Any idea?


Ac3 jake – Hey Jeff love ur vids goal I miss code zero;)

Deleted xd – X-plane ?

Bonecrusher-428 – Can you do an episode with the corvette please?

Peter Tran – Ford F-150 please.

MC AWESOME – Why did you stop playing xplane

Steven favignano – Gotta get this! Nice vine.

Rafif next – Make a cruise with the Ford Ute # 128513;

Lotnictwo.TV – Please visit there if there are?

Mathias Örbo – Resetting the cosmetic damage in photomode has been in the game since the first Horizon. It does not matter which one you will not be able to see if you have a glitch. The car will stay repaired.

Avtyler58 – Did you stop going nascar heat evolution because of the ruberbading AI

Roundtablist – It’s funny that Parkes in the game (where the satellite dishes are) seems to be just a few kilometers from Surfers when in real life it’s just on 1000 (620 miles). I think I’m one of the Glass House Mountains which is 150 Miles (93 miles) north of Surfers. The highway that Jeff drives on at night looks like the Warrego Highway out to Toowoomba. It’s so odd to see landmarks that are all around where I live, in a game.

Avtyler58 – Can you do the hellcat.

Nick 01618 – Love this series brother! Any plan on adding a upgrading and upgrading?

Edwin figueroa – Can you make a hummer video driving

X-Plane Aviation – Old classic cars are ugly

Josh gerding – The only guy in that drives legaly in Forza. Hahahahaha I love your channel jeff

Henry blackman – Holden monaro next

Ssandde – Maybe try the new Mini Cooper S? nothing too crazy, yet 🙂

D.E.P – You can reinstall win10 with their media creation tool 🙂

ThePetrolHead5 – Coober Pedy that’s an opal mining town IK that from Billy Connolly’s Australia

Mr. Derpiez – 9:26 One thing I don’t like in Forza Horizon 3 …. just look at the mirror….

Samuel lawrence – What system is this for

Cam fleet – I live in Australia and you should come here

Cam fleet – I live in Australia and mate you

Meantkhan – Would you and the rest of Zero Code consider doing doing Code Zero Cops on Forza? I know they put the Crown Vic in the game.

Tyler adger – Can we do a tahoe gold load BMW X6 gold

George declines – Next cruise on the dam and rainforest

Clover – Can u drive the BMW M5?

J shaw – Jeff, that was a Fiat 500 … Not a Mini….

Imcc74327 – Jeff I’d love to watch you play rainbow 6 siege with buggs and polecat

Hey – Cool

Nathan stroud – Jeff accidentally stumbled onto the FailRace extreme rallycross track.

Caelan miller – It’s basically the grandfather of the 1999 Jeep Cherokee….

Vinny chops – What are you planning for the next Forza Horizon, Jeff? Races? Cruises? Bucket Lists? Mayhem in the outback?

Trevor willis – I would like to see a Plymouth duster or roadrunner

Kameron colombia – Ram 3500

Advanced – Can you do a cadillac sts

West mountain motorsport – Hey Jeff can you use Miata for the next episode

Navywolf175 – Gotta love the woods of wood

Caleb nestor – Man I miss my 1990 Wagoneer, It’s a dream, and was a tank! Hated i had to sell.

Nolan bennett – When will you be streaming IRacing?

Infinite flight – 3 wheel car

Infinite flight – And can u use a reliate

Awswan – I would love to see the Nissan Fairlady Z 432!

Porsche 991.2 – That was a cool video. But just fyi I think the tiny white car was a vintage fiat.

Thomas84 – I think for an Italian racing network Lamborghini Countach. Classic supercar!

David waterman – Man now I want the game

Sir Roadkill GTX – Hey Jeff, that Grand Cherokee is modeled after an automatic model because of that column shifter. Dodge had bought out AMC by then so they started using Dodge small block engines but still used AMC inline sixes thou. Love the vids and the channel keep on keepin ‘on dude.

Jaydin benford – U should have a drive with thCrown Victoria

Gustavo meronvil – Drive the crown crown!!

Adam laski – I have not had a wheel since Forza 4 and the first Horizon. I really, really miss it

Ethan kohn – Please do a Bentley Jeff I really want to do it, it is my favorite car!

Agent jellis – The corvette would be cool to see

Shankmeyster – Driving like a grandma in a racing game since birth. cheap hard drives .. get what you pay for.

Jake weist – Drone shots please!

Lesser thousands – Skylar white!

Imanol – Can you do the crown?

Eric Stiles – Please do the cvpi

Pierce harner – Dude it would be fun to play together my gamertag is Wildfreak1984

Supreme platinum – Could you cruise in the q60? gold do a cop because video that would be nice

Michael howk – Breaking bad had one of those jeeps

Mist vee – Its nice to see someone cruising and not only blowing through the city doing 150+

Thealmighty quack – OMG !!! At 2:37 where you said "Is that a chevy truck?" it is currently a Ford F100 and the year is near 1956

Avery smith – Drive to chevy silverado

Anthony Treadway-ALT – The glitch you were talking about on the horizon

Wookie_au – I’ve driven the Satellites Parks to a couple of times in real life driving interstate. Interesting to see some places that you have been in this game.

Ryan smith – I recommend the crown victoria police interceptor next.

Kazumi Kurochi – Jeff please do a muscle and I love to see some American Muscle

Garbagebandit dayz – Gold the Victoria Crown with the police equipment on it…

Joshua williams – Just letting you know, it’s pronounced "Coober Pee-dee". Coober Pedy is the indigenous term for "Man in Hole", and is shown by that because the people who live there live underground to avoid the intense heat.

Car_enthuzust_for_life on ig – That old ford truck is f100

Car_enthuzust_for_life on ig – We do not see your skill trains

Dukes – From a 69 ‘load with a dukes of hazzard, general lee skin

Stanley brad – Are you done playing nascar heat evolution? i really miss seeing you from career mode

Car_enthuzust_for_life on ig – From the crown vic cruise

Austin kinney – Camaro or the gt350r

Yodude jansen – Hahaha that was a fiat just to let you know

Ausvice – Are you going to get to the Silvia K Club? If so you should do a cruise with that.

Jq gaming – That high pitch voice when something happens. Love it. Makes me laugh every single time. Love ya jeff!


Tristan trimborn – Do you think you should do it for bronco drive / cruise plz

JBtheExplorer – The cruising episodes are awesome. Like the racing episodes too. This series could have a long way!

Amason126 – It’s weird how this game takes place in Australia, but the steering wheel is on the left side of the car.


Tony the driver – Jeff,
1.pass a flat 500 NOT a classic mini cooper
2.the sky is almost real.
3.I would like to play with u, I have xbox one goal PC & Xbox one players can play Forza horizon 3 together

Chris vlahakos – Can you do a 2016 will rise

Brenda ellison – You should do the corvette Zo6

Infinite flight – Do more cruises plz!

Ryan Mr 1% – Now that’s a big Jeep ass. I’ve never seen one of those driving over here

Evan etheridge – I have a 4th gen i5 4690 and a GeForce GT730 4GB and i’m like hmm I wonder what the requirements for this game is and if i should run it … Requires i7 core and GTX 960 xD

Wolf – Is this game only for PC ?

Chlororox bleach – Lets play Russian rulete ever 5th like dies

Cody kempter – 1969 dodge charger with general lee design

Gugax – Cruise down the street in 64

Zombie Killerz Nation-Game – Hi jeff me and family where we got the wifi back

Kermit the fud – Big wagoner, my favorite jeep

Austin jordan – The 4×4 full-time wagoneers which would explain its poor donut and sliding ability .

Tyler zelek24 – It’s FORZA not fortsza

Alex gasch – Do an episode in the Nissan GT-R.

Romba88fan – My request for the next FH3 video- Holden Ute.

Mynameisray – I got got Samsung SSD, then I’ve got 512GB Samsung 850 Pro for the current games I play, then has 10TB Seagate BarraCuda Pro for my storage and backup. HDDs and SSDs are just like any other PC part, if you buy junk because It’s cheap, you’ll just be left with junk. Spend the extra corner to get something good, but it’s less likely. It’s like people who buy AMD video cards because they are cheaper than Nvidia, theirs the reason for that, and all of The complaints AMD cards.

The 305 gamer – Use a truck

Romba88fan – @ 18: 43- Connecting Robin? My god this game has everything

Matthew Meylor – Jeff please from an off-roading video on spintires, GTA or this!!

Olli399 – You could have cloned your windows, but unless it was an OEM version, you could have used it.

Khamal Muhtar – Jeff favignano!
Please upload mod airplane again
Year 225

Nathanvfx – I love the cruise series!

Victor N. Lewis – Your voice is back☺

Your blind superhero – Are you going to upload the multiplayer video with Bugs?

Wildest gamer34 – Upload online videos with buggs, jeff

Young j23 – More cz patrols!!

DartMaster1 – Lick next

501th Legion – Can we do more GTA 5?

Glock22 mischief – Why not Buggs, Polecat, and Zach? LSPDFR videos?


Matt clark – I got a toshiba from Micro Center in Brentwood

Mile 54 Productions – At 18:07 I think you meant a Fiat 500.

Josidiah – Awesome vid jeff

Avix kapper – Nice car !!! its an awesome car!

ALL THE BOYS OUT WILSON FAMILY – Then what should be next

Michael smith – Ohhh Look it’s a mini cooper !!!! LOL The Italians are rolling in their pasta after that how !!! It was a Fiat 500

Ay-ay-ron – Drive the crown crown

Blockmatix – This is not a mini cooper its a fiat 500

Dane fife – Is this game worth $ 60 or should I wait for it to go down?

Romba88fan – OH MY GOD !!! Love the wagoner Suspension like a bouncy castle and 5.9 liters of burning gas, low revving American ingenuity. Classic.

Mexican_Army_10 Team Epiphany Fan – Crown Vic please !!! Love I love crown Victorias I want to be cop when I’m older

Andy sorrel – One of the first cars I bought was the Wagoneer, such a great car in the game!

Tiny guy – Do it outside looks better

James ingebretson – Hey jeff how’s you doing so?

Carmosino nick – Audi R8 if it’s in the game

Ryan Mr 1% – Can you take the FJ40 for a spin? Gotta drive at LandCruiser in Aus!

England gaming – Hey jeff were america truck

Austin mosier – When I get off the highway I was going for a long time I like going fast.

Mainmanjim – – Jeff can you help me out I’m trying to decide vs. this game and farming simulator 17 help please

Corrosion37 – Sandy Shores looks pretty cool

Forza 3-cruising skyline in the 1991 jeep large wagoner

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