Headliner project: 1986 large jeep wagoner part 2

Headliner Project: 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoner Part 2

Here is part 2 of the headliner project on Blondie. I ended up going with a king size flat sheet from WalMart. I also bought a twin size flat sheet just in case.

Shirley duncan – Love all the info about these things on you tube. Love reading all the comments too! We are missing the flimsy things above the visor and caring. You did a great job!

Timothy arndt – My daughter just bought a 1984 Wagoneer last night. It needs a headliner. Thank you for posting this DIY video.

MrSerioLok69 – Wow looks good for a
"do it your self project".

Just got me 87 wagoneer for $ 800 buck 3 weeks ago.
It was sitting in a back yard for 15 years. It’s dark gray all in one peace.
I got it as a "AS IS" dirty.
So did not know if the engine worked etc. no title or keys. : /

I guess the fun part.
I pressured washed everything
Form outside to the engine.
If you had monster rat drops on the engine.

I had to drill the ignition of the ignition coil then start a battery and started cranking the engine, 5.9 v8 360. But no luck. Checked for spark and walaaaa, no spark.
Replaced the ignition module and Bammm got sparked
Started But started knocking.
I drained the engine and tranny fluids but still hear the knocking sound. It’s not drivable yet due to the brakes being stuck. I’m working on that now. I changed the rear brake cylinders and lube the front calipers also bleed the system. I Ist it will be a good idea to go for a ride. step by step to the break to the breakout peddle :(, it was going to be slow, it was going to be slow, it was going to be slow, it was going To be slow Be the slow thing In the moment I did not care if the tranny was going to be broken down..
So I just steer the wheel towards the right sight as much as I can and hope there are no cars of people around the turn. So I manage to make a turn on the road.
No cars or people are around that area. I lost pressure due to a gas tank.

I fixed the brakes now but it was poring day in california.
It was soak. You gave me a good idea and I will do the same thing that you did from the seal to the Walmart fabric.

I have some recording from day 1 of the wagoneer project,
I’ll download them soon on YouTube so you can see them.

Lol Sorry for the long script.
I like to be detailed.

Bret satterfield – This looks incredible! Love the retro vibe of that pattern. Goes perfect with the Waggy. Plan to do the same on mine.

Mark kostelic – I wish it was a "how to" video

Headliner project: 1986 large jeep wagoner part 2

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