Jacked jeep wagoneer offroading. Alberta canada

Jacked Jeep Wagoneer Offroading. Alberta canada

His Z71 sat on a ’78 k5 blazer frame. A nice 454 with lots of trimmings. 6 "sus lift and 3" body, had low tread 38 "tsl’s The wagon was last legged during this …

Legacy 4×4 and Off Road – Great looking Waggy! now i have to go mine!

Jamy kovolenus – Awesome video! Thanks for posting. It made me smile

Atv.mom.canada – Nice!!

Bill thompson – Great video playing in the mud Nothing Better Thank you so much for having that up I thoroughly enjoyed it

Mimixownzall – What did you do wind up doing to the Wagoner?

Djh with – What is size Wagoner, and what body weight loss are made to fit them ?

Carneus_malgar – How did you keep going in the big puddle, I have the same body style

Dusty harmon – What tires

PolarisIndyPower – On the front end are the leafs over the axles or under ?

Jacked jeep wagoneer offroading. Alberta canada

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