Jeep large wagoneer restoration 4

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Restoration 4

The Interior Installer. The interior My Instagram Feed: LA River Builds Sizzle: …

GT65 j – I’ve been watching your restoration many times … Nice … help me with something .. how did you polish the bumpers?
It is a delicate material, tried but not getting results

John may – Great Job, just found these on YouTube. Jeep has been one of my things forever since my grandfather. Grandwagoneer and drove it for over 200k miles. Would you like it today but lost it in a flood. Other sources they are much better at customer service and www. forums for everything about full sized jeeps. Still owning, driving, loving Fullsize jeeps today. Thanks again.

Eli in the wolverine state – Getting ready to fix my old wagoner up. Going with wood stripe in body line like the super wagoneers. Making door cards out of plywood. Going with bench up front..

Nicholas o’brien – Colest jeep ever made

John – Beautiful!

The nerd gaming – It would be nice if he actually added the stuff he used in the description

Alisha you have – How much did this cost?

Cybersurfer2010 – Very nice…!

Furness prime – I’d rather have one of these over a new SUV for sure. You did a great job. I like to upgrade and revive the mechanical.

Wm sturman – Hey Doc: Just wanted to say, "I follow your YouTube 4-Part Restoration Videos" from start to finish. Congratulations on both your dreams and yours. Yourself and the rest of the world, you have a face and a face of a doctor Had I had the 1988 JEEP Grand Wagoneer, and at 57-years old, I still miss that JEEP my 1970 Oldsmobile 442-W30 High Performance Hurst Edition Car . The JEEP GW is just a MANLY SUV in our politically correct society. Yours turned exceptionally great and I’d be curious about the insulating additions and steps you took "stock" performed? I suffered 4-near death in the first I broke my neck in 3-places, the C6, C7, T1 Burst Fracture in February 1978 I was completely paralyzed from the neck down w / on the gold sensory nerve function engine. FOOTBALL & BASKETBALL CAREERS ??? Over with. I had a 12-hour surgery and 3 bones of my spine from T1-C6 and then a full Body cast / halo All my surgeons & experts said I had absolutely no chance of regaining any of the visible and ef Fective spines cut out of the world. They said if I survived the next month or two then I had some serious adaptations to make my previous life. (SPORTS, HUNTING, FISHING, BACKPACKING, and Rinse & Repeat the previous 4 # 128515;), as was no-stop activating all my life until then. After surviving 2-years and in their words (a recovery unlike anything they’d ever Seen or heard about in all their years of practice). Went the 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 hospital. I got bladder control after 7-months, and could just stand up at 9-months. Long story short, at 1 and a half years ago, you could have a lot of How did it work? Thanks very much for your time now & producing the 4-part restoration series. It’s a wealth of knowledge ️ closing closing It closing closing closing ️ closing ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ Add ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️️️ ️ In? In addi In addition, In addition, In addition, In addition, In addition, In addition, In addition, In addition, In addition, In addition, In addition, In addition, 4
William Sturman ~

Coconut neon – Hi broo i need your help where to buy decals dynamite thanks!!!!

Dean network – Loved this series. you killed it brother

Chuck s. – Grand Wagoneer> Range Rover

Days of bread and victory – Nice looking jeep, love the family involvement, thats the best part of these projects

TheChaos98 – Hesitate !!! So true about tgw! Still waiting on my parts, 3 months for replacement parts! But they got everything i need for my 75 waggy. Hey by the way, great video! Love that everything starwars bro! Oh and A- More reppin for us Dads out here!

Qugmire – I’m happy another Wagoner got saved. Do me one please, tell Henry he is one rocking little man! Very cool!

Tom meany – That Jeep is literally the most beautiful vehicle ever! Before i die.

Michael anderson – As a 3rd generation AMC factory worker thank you for keeping our work alive

Ck – I absolutely love this! That being said, put the fog lights back! Lol

Ali juman – I had the same truck but I regret every day

Soapbox94 – Thanks Just watched all 4 on the Wagoner. Good stuff.

George namie – Where did you get the shirt?

Jacob Chievous – How bout some off road videos? Anything new so far with tha wag?

Seth paramore – Why did you take off the fog lights?

Dagen boyd – Glad to find your videos! They are very well made and the info is great. Also, I called Winn Trim and spoke with Raymond … solid dude. You still happy with their work?
1) which carpet did you use? Cut or Essex … mass backing?
2) What engine did you put in it?
3) Anything you’d different?

Michael wood – Kids, let this be a lesson for you. When you study and make the right life choices you can follow dreams like this and have the money to do it right and outsource much of the work. It’s expensive!
If you do not like it then you have to do it..
Oh yeah, you can afford to buy an island…….

TheTricky38 – Cant believe it took a long time to find your channel! love your happy, thanks so much!!

Classic287 – Love that wagoneer…………

Quietstorm7 – Car seat fool

Jack snodgrass – So just how much did you get hooked up in the restoration INCLUDING the Wagoner itself??

Randy statton – Awesome! From the start with the garage build to the end installment, I loved every minute! I also restore Jeeps. Old Souls Retro. Fantastic work!

Vince w – Great to see a new video, and an awesome project completed.
Hope the near future will give you the time to make some of your amazing stop motion short movies.
i know they are super team.

Mycars – Well done guys. Beautiful work, I’m looking for a job J10 interior and paint job.

LMTFAJr – Just passed what I believe was your Wagoner on I10 heading. About an hour west louisiana boarder. Looks just as good as the video shows.

Maxst2 – That’s a beauty! Love your content as always, keep up the stellar work. Oh and the island … that turned out sick!

Filippo pdm – Please do other videos of the Grand Wagoneer 🙂
Great video as ever!!

Bestpilot98 – The GW looks amazing! Rumor has it that the Grand Wagoneer will return to Jeep’s lineup in the next few years; you oughta share your story, and some pics of the jeep, with the chrysler folks. If the Great Wagoner is really coming back, I think that is worthy!

Jacob c – Awesome video That is not a sexy beast

Pinetop – We need more after video. Great job

John blegen – What an amazing job f f f f f f f f

NJDucatiST – Outstanding job to all involved, that wagoner is worth all the sweat that went into it!

Garage roomies – Thanks for the entertainment

Trroy arthur – Congrats on the birth !!! Nice to see you back on the channel … Does anyone know what brand of drone is a recommendation? Looking for something close to entry level!

Drewt – Awesome build & quality video, and congratulations on your family! I look forward to everything you have in motion !!! Thank you for providing top-quality entertainment for all of us.

Jayce smith – How many boxes of Dynamat did you use

Dave makes – Turned out great..
i still dont understand why you havent hit 100k subs.

KeithNKeifer – What a fantastic build !!!!! Love those old cars # 128077; # 127995; # 128077; # 127995; # 128099; # 128077; # 127995;

A bit of brownie – I’m with everyone else in this section … Welcome back! We have definitely missed your videos. Man, I’d watch anything you’d make. Your videos are inspiring and push everything, creatively, to the next level. I’m glad you had the chance to recharge. It’s gotta be tough on this caliber. All the best!

Bruce A. ulrich – Fantastic video, Hampton! I really like how the Jeep turned out. So cool that Marshall knew so much.

Karla back – Thanks for the nice things you said about Marshal. I completely agree! It looks great.

Jdwaynes1980 – I absolutely love the way you do videos man. Could watch any show you put out there. Appreciate it.

Andrew Oliver – Nicest Grand Wagoneer I’ve seen. Well done, it’s a great job restoration.

Don pfeiffer – I am restoring an 87 and a 91 wagoneer and I have always wanted one and one when we got married I promised to get one, it took 21 years but not only got I enjoyed it so much. I am doing a full driveline upgrade on one Which is a complete new frame, axles, tranny & transfer case and yes, that will be a hemi under the hood of that wagoner. It will be awesome to finally have more than 170hp!

But congrats on yours again! you did a beautiful job!

Ps, I have had a good time with them and I have had a good time with them. worked out cause I had a good time in the past, good luck buddy!

Andy roberts – Wow! That turned out awesome. It’s good to see another video from you. I’m inspired by your projects, and I think you’ll always be part of your kids’ lives. They will have so many memories and that will inspire them To pursue dreams of their own someday. Thanks for sharing.


CB CarStyle – I’ve been looking forward to this for ages! Congratulations on such a great job, and great job Marshall!

Ned herbert – Step up from your VW pickup in high school 🙂

Jason hayes – Beautiful! My grandad always had Wagoneers. I’d like to restore one like that. When I win the lottery $$ lol

Chuck p – Very nice Sir! Congratulations There are all of us Marshals out here. 🙂

Rúnar Sævarsson – Very nice, congratulations

Schlemihl goldblüm – Wow-terrific ride! And congratulations on your newborn sound!
Best regards from germany

Erik Ström – Great to see you are back! Really been missing your videos! Greetings from sweden!

TripleThreatRC – Awesome!

Jeep large wagoneer restoration 4

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