Jeep to produce new big wagoner?

Jeep To Produce New Grand Wagoneer?

Currently Jeep has big plans for the return of the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer for production in the near future. It may be as soon as 2019 or delayed …

Hector sandoval – Super Jeep Wagoner of the 80s … the maximum …. will never be overpassed by the current…

Kevin – This video needs updating.

Walter null – I like some of the photo shop GW’s but the poster jeep put out looks like a pumped up Who doesn’t give it it’s all about the original at all 🙁

Raymond Berlin III – I love the 1962-1991 Jeep Wagoneer’s! If I own any year, it would be the ’86 -’91 Grand Wagoneer without the simulated woodgrain siding and trim.

Kitarya kysubae – Fagoneer and big Fagoneer. Who wants a retro inspired stretched bodysuit rebranded dodge Durango?

Kitarya kysubae – All I’m seeing is a rebranded dodge Durango

Kitarya kysubae – Monocoque, not unibody! Unibody is Honda’s name of the monocoque non frame chassis.

ChrisTheAppleOne – Looking for a new modern Wagoneer, and then considering the classic Wagoneer as a collectors addition or something for the people who really really want the OG design. Most of these concepts shown the video are super ugly lol I really hope they destroy the look!

John hiram – It will be a Fiat

Boom king76 – The old ones were comfortable. Big old V8 gas guzzlers. Yup parents had one it was great. News flash no one is going to want to play. Escalade pricing for a jeep. Anyone say soccer mom vehicle?

WeKnowTheTruth2012 – Jeep wont be jeep until someone buys the brand and puts the I6 and V8s in them

Painkiller jones – I would like to have a new Wagoneer would be at least as good as the original!!
I never had the chance to own one, but I drove a lot of them. (work related). they handle quite well.
As a matter of fact, they had a luxurious ride for a FWD….!!!

Eddiea1978 – Jeep should never discontinue the Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer. Jeep should make a break 4 year span so it makes some improvements to both models;.

Victoria Louden – I personally never liked the Grand Wagoneer but I thought it was a big deal because of the Hummers took a lot of it. ATV vehicles built by the American Motors Corporation.

Michael baumgardner – Looking forward to this…!!!

Test tube – Not going to work until they bring back the triangle corner.

Country boy 85 – Ford Expedition and Lincoln are full frame and independent rear suspension. Eco Diesel would deliver good fuel mileage

Ben c. Darling – Think of this luxury jeep …. Yep! Fiat ruined this company big time! Come back amc!!!!!!!!!

SafeSpace2018 – Now if Jeep would only bring back the cast iron block 4 liter straight six …. With a little care that is a 300,000 mile engine, and a torque monster to boot.

Coastal Auto Reaction C.A.R. – Excellent video!

Rich d – Any updates? I want one!

Mikey mouse – If they make it will be a joke

Mikey mouse – If they make a new version it will be the same one ?

Jason carpp – Sweet video! I remember when the Jeep Wagoner and Grand Wagoneer looked like this. When I saw that prototype concept of the Jeep with, what looked like a Grand Cherokee front end Grafted On the front I thought that made the front end Hideous, To say the least. I was like "If that’s what it’s going to be like, it doesn’t look like it’s going to make it even more so."

To jesse gilyowanug – With straight axle in the back and the front.

Tavis mountain – Bed … green bed

Matthew633 – If Jeep has a Wagoneer, you can kiss the Journey and Durango goodbye

Larry tillick – Yea for the Wagoner and Grand Wagoner. I pass on the third row of waste.

Lilmiddwest – Working with big jeep wagon and working at Chrysler dealer ship. Only Chrysler has Dodge Durango with 3 Unlike GM seats with Escalade the Yukon Suburban, and Ford with Navigator, Expedition. Right now with 3 GM is taking big suv. If they make big wagoneer It is better to hemi 5.7, 6.4 gold supercharged 6.2 no 3.6L V6 because in Durango feel slow with v6 but in big cherokee it fine.

Grizzly Chuck Back Country Adventures – 1986 was a stand alone yr 1987-1991 were the final run of the same options as dodge took over in spring of 87 and never developed in the caravan overhead console

FloridaCoastalGuy – In the late 1980’s to the late 1990’s
I had a black 1984 Great Wagoneer, a great blue 1986 Great Wagoneer, and then a burgundy 1987 Great Wagoneer.
I enjoy driving on the sandy beaches, stopping to cast-net and surfing fish for big reds; I never got stuck, I could stop anywhere in the sand and start again with no problem.
The American Motors 360 V-8 is a good heavy-duty engine and the Chrysler 727 3-speed automatic transmission is bulletproof, I never had a problem with any of them…..
The 304cid from the 1972-83 Jeep CJ-5 and the 401cid in the 1970’s AMC Slayer is the same engine block as the 360cid. The 4V intake manifold from the 401cid AMC Matador will fit the 304cid and 360cid engine perfectly.

Ken shepard – Thought they decided to do it on Durango chassis

Indiana jones – Less than $ 10,000 fully loaded back then

Kevin eaton – There are a lot of doubts about the big wagoners for sale.They are all in bad shape and listed for 11k

Branon fountain – Bronco the Wagoner is a nice looking go.

Roger Metzger – Maybe there is a reason to be at the top of the heap at Fiat-Chrysler are where they are and I’m a retired piano tuner on social security but it seems really stupid for Fiat-Chrysler to be telling the competition what they plan to Be doing a year or two before they do it.

OUT Wheeler – Long live american motors!

Just for fun – It looks stupid!

Biukucanoe – Nice report and tribute to classic.

Phatt daddy – They were nice wrinkles, I have owned three (2x’87 and 1x’91) of these and I have enjoyed them very much. I live in the Rocky Mtn’s and these theses have always gone where I needed. Every time I’m always There, I’m always interested in a lot of things, if you keep it in shape.

Seth thomas – Late 80’s early 90’s could ‘bought lots of old 60s-70s Wagoneers’. Now they’ve bought them up and they’ve gotten to the bone yard when they rusted out / servers died. Wish I had the money back in the day to Buy One and keep it.

Andrew g. – They better use that fake wood paneling sparingly. Just enough to be a nod to the original.

NoahBones 12 – Its not gonna happen

Christopher leamons – I think the "wah-wah" sound effect is a bit low for the usual content of this channel.

Lucas fernandez – God I hope they don’t make a new wagoner it looks so ugly in the pictures

Drfalcon4102 – Go with a proven plan, body on frame, V-8 power, solid axles you know, old school

Furness prime – It aint gunna happen.

The bloop sound. – What happened to the 2017 ford bronco? And what’s the deal with fiat remaking all the American classics? are not they italian?

John – Jeep please do

Rich wood – And with transmission rules, give it a shifter for the gear to gear transfer case. I would mortgage the house for that!

Farmtech – Nice stroll down memory lane to bring it back, but it will be a low production, low selling offering and will not be many years model because they will not be able to think about it. 2017 Grand Cherokees are expensive …. mid 30s On the 40s, and the new Grand Wagoneer will definitely be 40s, well on the 50s I am sure if not higher. People will buy them I am sure, but they will not be thinking about them. I had an 86 and 91 Grand Wagoneer Both back through the years, loved them, but I would not pay for them.

Year – Dezayn mustard is big same youkn and patrol

Mackenzie uellette – Sorry but no, a body on frame design is stronger than a unibody design. Unibodies were created after the body.

Boostmaniac – I wonder if the primary election had something to do with restarting this project.

Harry tran – The Lincoln Navigator has a body on frame too.

Bryan mchugh – If they actually do a 21st century version of the Grand Wagoneer it would be more likely to be an ice machine with the lever stuck inwards. The original Grand Wagoneer nailed it to the wall. Handsome, built tough, real low gear transfer case All Fiat Chrysler is going to end up doing belittling the legendary Wagoneer. If they build it will be a techno disaster and will not be able to do anything about it..

David parish – We had the 1986 Grand Wagoneer. Purchased used and loved that ride.

Ron johnson – I would love to see this concept come to reality. I’ve always loved the Jeep Wagoner and especially the Grand Wagoner. The dealerships I worked for here, were sold out of these vehicles and were very popular here in Utah. I would definitely buy one.

Johnny barrett – That was the first luxury SUV not the Range Rover 70s,
My grandfather has a 1966 Great Wooler and it has woodgrain.

Pk13910 – I would imagine fuel mileage restrictions were in play when they pulled it. Trump admin is set to relax those restrictions a bit.
I loved the big wagoner.

RETROTRAINGAMER show – The 2019 ram’s bed looks HUGE!

Bill thompson – My 79 had 318,879 miles when I had to get rid of it. very sad day.

Sean hat – Do an episode on the Cuda ‘and Challenger please.


Jeep to produce new big wagoner?

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