Large wagoneer amc jeep sj video wood 4×4 red woody estate suv awd cherokee review

Grand Wagoneer AMC Jeep SJ Woodie 4×4 Red Woody Estate SUV AWD Cherokee Review

Grand Wagoneer AMC Jeep SJ Woodie 4X4 Video Review Red Woody Estate AWD Cherokee SUV AMC 360 WOW one of the …

Alfred 5150 – Canyonero 🙂

Jay his – CANYONERO !!! Cananyero!!

WeKnowTheTruth2012 – Jeep stopped existing when AMC went out the door. Now with a jeep badge

Big internetnavigator – I had to click to read bad comments.

Ryan leet – 3 days to a week for an upload, that’s some crazy speed

four – い ッ チ ョ イ イ イ イ い

Defend tone – I’ve never heard of them called titties before. Lol
The little rubber "hairs" or "titties" are actually called wind spews ….!

Lukas Smith – Dream job

Lukas Smith – Love the color combo! Man you get a lot of these!

Pinetop – Great color

Alexander milentis – Wow that’s so crisp

Heydude76 – 1987 are you sure it’s not a 1977?

Rob neville – Needs the orig. whitewalls spec! And the dark emerald green on the 1991 Final Edition was the best looking color. Sick!

MAGNUM05 – I did not own one, but if I did, I would take it for a road trip with friends and family! The color red on it looks fantastic!

Tdevil80 – Hi: mate

i love watching your reviews and the old school motors you show are superb! ……… the details and commentary in the videos is also very informative ……… i must say i am a Fan …….. is stupid cereal marshmallows !! come on mate

For the day of your life … and you know what’s going on … your videos are brilliant ……. but your name annoys me……….

If i win the lottery im gonna track you down and break in your house and then you sleep im gonna masturbate on your head then run away…….

MrBubbleBoys – I’m not a fan of the red

Matthew caughey – Not a queen show but definitely a good driver that would make someone a unique car show survivor

Robert v – The big wagoners are bringing crazy money lately. I’ve seen them in the 50 to 70k range.

Royce williams – It’s Skyler’s White Jeep !! 🙂

Jill whoever – @Zeph Queliste My baby doll type. Just added on our bucket list. 

Basthebasher 3320 – I have a 88 and this color I plan to paint it!

EULISS BENOIT – Jesus Christ this is beautiful.I must have day.the same color and everything

Ryan howell – Best car ever

Luke shaver – I love these old american motors.

Friedrich wilhelm – You’ve got a big wagoneer you can pass everything with that 360 well every think but a gas pump my 87 got got 4-5 mpg but my 79 GW gets 10-12 i had an AMC 401 bigblock put it and sent the 87 to The scrap Yard the engine pored oil out the tail pipe and the body was almost rusted to nothing

Luke shaver – "I’m a guy with tucks, but I have a soft spot for AMC’s." Same here gotta love on both.

EndlessHarmonyTV – Good video driver to see a wagoneer!

Teppo einari – Is this the jeep from breaking bad ?

Trent jordan – If you are a brony, this would be Big Macintosh’s car!

Flying frankie – Yes sir! I’m going to subscribe! I also love your video with Mercedes W126. I have one 🙂

Flying frankie – Wow, what a nice Jeep, I love it! Also this place where you are testing these vehicles is just very nice!

00xjclassic – Do you sell most of the vehicles on youtube, ebay, or craigslist ?? just curious..

Jay bradley – We are in Nc and they are outside of plains talk to us today lol! beautiful country, but it snowed there today!

Jay bradley – We live in north carolina they live outside of plains, i hope to visit the jeep someday ranch, beautiful country!

Jay bradley – They make good money by parting them out

Jay bradley – .With

Jay bradley – Boy they shure did not spend much more than they should have BFG All Terains 33×10.50s not over because, my girlfriends about 200 of these if you ever need parts at Montanaoverland home of the Jeep Ranch, Chad and George Parsons..

total360AMC – Love the 2 door yukon GT’s like 93 style!
Either way capable beasts!

total360AMC – Good call, it says limited
Tahoe’s are nice, just seen at 09 font size, weird rwd version.
Wagoneer owners and friends FB pics pf mine.
Have fun!

total360AMC – I wanted a whole life, born in 83, and i just got an 83 big wagoner!
Large wagoneer amc jeep sj video wood 4x4 red woody estate suv awd cherokee review
Good luck buddy!

Goldenrod636 – I believe some of them have not had the panels on it?

Hoydens – Nathan said "wood"

Hoydens – Walk off ?

Desertfox2020 – Tickickickktickticktick … lots of valvetrain noise! Still a beautiful car, it’s worth putting a new engine in it

Francisco aguayo – How much? Thanks!

Michael Peterson Jr. – Looks older than 1987 but STILL in original condition! More I love the red, my favorite color! ; D

Almon poole – Pure jeep porn 🙂

Gene978 – By Nathan! Still re, ember my moms best friend had one just like this in Blue. They used to have a lot of money and they did not have a lot of time, but they did not have a garage. Kept it out of the Elements. You know how well they are and they are not built. They were nice to sit under and nice for working on the car. And plenty of venting for exhaust.

Schymcgee – Man that is a Beautiful Jeep !!! I want it!!!

Ravi bemis – How much is the jeep

Saltywheels – Haha, I was thinking the same thing and had to search the comments.

MegaZombieland1234 – Beatiful, They’re finally getting rid of our pennies: P

Jason najm – How’s the tread on those beautiful Pirelli’s?

Todd kessinger – Ohhh yeahhh…

314jrock – I have never seen one of these in red.

TheSteamBoy – Haha breaking bad anyone?

Sweet car

C m – Did you redo any of the seats? It looks like the seat bottoms have been redone….

Sronlyneedone – Wow! That looks in great shape!!!

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