Motorweek | retro review: ’83 jeep big wagon

MotorWeek | Retro Review: ’83 Jeep Grand Wagon

Ahhh, the classics. Happy Monday to all of our fans. Thanks for your support!

SKNuts – My friend has a lifted 89 and it’s about the most bad thing ever

Rune K1ng Apr – Always been in love with the Grand Wagoneer. Eddie Bauer’s clean yet purposeful dutiful look.

Leakyjeep 5.9 – Doing the cornering tests on frozen roads?! Jesus H, are you kidding me? I wonder why not lolol..

Albear972 – Sky have’s ride! Now I have the look for Walter’s Aztek review! I have a hunch that it will be better by a tad, or a huge one.

Wolfyboy11 hitler – Will they remake this SUV ever again?

Marshal magooo – Maine cadillac

Clark griswold – And it’s just amazing what these classic Jeep Wagoneers are selling for in 2019!

Matthew caughey – Underneath the fancy grill of this Jeep is actually the old Kaiser round headlight front end. This beast was an automotive anachronism it just never evolved.

Oengus fearghas – I love the older lineup of jeep rigs. They put the majority of the current lineup to shame.

Jasnogt – I love the styling of most Jeeps period .. Wranglers, XJ, ZJ, … Proud owner of a 2004 WJ. But I have to disagree with the styling of this Great Wagoner. I know they are collectors items now I do not get Oh potato potato.

Dave pawson – The perfect beach fishing vehicle. Soft springs with solid axles and tires that would be balling without popping off the bead lock. XJs over the years. I have a WJ and I’m not giving it up.

Schlomo ubermann – 1963.

Japanjack62 – Nice but bear was a lemon

Nicholas o’brien – This is one of my dream cars, I want..will have one, one day.

Jeffrey small – Wish they made these still jeep would screw it up

Dodgeguyz – And to think today these are selling for $ 20- $ 40k for a clean low mileage example!!!

Leandro ax – I do not remember those in the 80’s … man that light tan interior is absolutely legendary gorgeous timeless classic from the 70’s and 80’s era, most police vehicles came with that interior, this Jeep is gorgeous inside so much more inside .
I love every episode.
Australia # 127462; # 127482;

Ryon taylor – I’m wanting to get my 86 back on the road

Jason9022 – These cost more than a range rover??

Furness prime – A year before the XJ Cherokee was released, my personal favorite vehicle of all time.

Furness prime – These things fetch mega bucks these days.

Crogo pedro crooked – $ 16K instead of $ 40K today

WeKnowTheTruth2012 – My cherokee wagoneer attracts more people than my buddies new challanger lol

Matt – Ugliest vehicle ever made

Sethinator224 – I have about 15mpg and on freeway trips 18 or 19.Not sure if that’s good for a 1983 or bad for a 2002 Lol

Big internetnavigator – I think I’ll eat pizza for dinner

Kef103 – Why does it look dirty inside if it’s new


Maddex jones – Classic good goal $ 18k for it

Jason vanin – What is it? Cananyero

Nubyrc – Tacky tacky tacky

Coastal Auto Reaction C.A.R. – Am I the only one who caught the 4.2L V6? oven

Josh rick – LMAO !! Tools! I love it! It’s awesome to hear the announcer dude say "extremely comfortable leather seats" and see the dork try to squeeze in the steering wheel and sit on something screaming. WTF is this!

Reckless entertainment – Weighs about the same as a new Dodge Challenger

Damith goonerathne – True rival for the range rover

Coastal Auto Reaction C.A.R. – 4.2L V6? Ummmmmmmmmmmm……

Msaad back – Cool

Powerpc – $ 18,000 dollars in 1983 = $ 45,465 dollars in 2018

Markus riverrhine – So Basically … a shitty, tacky car !?

F l – Ahh, when Jeep was really Jeep and not warmed-over Chryslers.

MAN_ON_WHEELZ – LFMAO !!! He calls it a station wagon!!!

Mattt198654321 – This was the Escalade of it’s day, and it only cost $ 18,000. Even so, it’s only $ 43,000 today.

Ziga oyovich – Good video! Very lntresting channel! I watch from Russia. Thank you for your content

Ed wu – Battlewood with optional wood trim decals

Cu29640 – The car situation was so much more exciting in those days. Now we have a boring cookie cutter.

William tod – FYI the gear grinding is normal in those transfer cases. Also, it should happen when you say it to be rolling 2-3 mph shift transmission to neutral then shift to low range or vice versa. Most vehicles you got to stop dead, not only With the Jeep Transfer Cases back then.

Imm a 13eep 18 Wagoner I can find it in a good condition without an astronomical Found last Year for $ 7500 and it looked like no one ever used it for anything. That 360 V8 is a great engine, and it certainly can get you the big Wagoneer moving pretty quickly … imagine that same engine in the 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. .. the only year Jeep offered the Grand Cherokee with the 360: (.

Winged monkeys – The Raymond BURR Car (Perry Mason) ..

James bond – The interior dash is hideous! oven

Samual jones – That was a solid vehicle

Frank burns – Really harsh review by Motoweek for a pretty friggin ‘cool vehicle.

Creston cook – Was these reliable for its time?????

Vince ruland – One of the best looking vehicles Jeep has ever made.

Daniel harris – My parents had two Grand Wagons for their winter survival driving in Michigan. A brown woody and a blue woody.

Babylonian anibal – That’s one beautiful dinosaur! I would love to have that truck today!

Andre Pineda – Sure beats all that plastic crap of today

Supernaut – Jeep, was a piece of shit then and still now.

Jan bloem – Was it 1983? -WOW! It looks at newer than 1971!

Rabbit sports – I had these limited version. i think these line ratings were optimistic.

Hot80s – "what about Bob"

Kenneth merriman – …The standard 4.2 liter V6? That’s an inline six, big guy…

Boggy – That’s the 1970’s hornet instrument panel

MetalAndMotorsGuy506 – Really can not wait for the new one to come out.

Mike saldana – .

There’s no god – Can’t believe they still did this 1960’s looking into the 1980’s. In Australia, we had Nissan Patrols, Toyota Landcruisers, and Range Rovers, and their styling was decades ahead of this old thing.

[Redacted] – 2:14 No matter what, there’s always going to be some stupid ass with an ax to grind against American Motors.

Dodgeguyz – And what took over it’s place …….. the Excursion!

Callum donington – "Though smaller than many midsized cars …" God I wish I was around the 80s.

Zachary zdanczewicz – That thing is so ugly…

Mike vanderlinde – Only a few hundred pounds more than a load

Babylonian anibal – That’s a truck collectors now! And very sought after. Love to have one now!

Kevin spacey – I see the EPA over rated vehicles gas mileage back then. I have a 90 big wagoner. It gets 9-10 mpg. They never got 13-18 lol with a 3 speed you wish .. Even without ethanol in gas 9-10 mpg Only goes up 10%

Kevin spacey – It’s really big inside. I have a 90 Great wagoneer and i bought a 135 gallon fish tank with an iron stand for a guy on craigslist for $ 100. The Tank is 18 and close the tailgate and the roll up the window and the guy shocked..

North hankspin – Nice

Peedina lamb – How many lamb’s can be distinguished?

Flight2k5 – What has stack. It’s already sagging. Typical 80s American garbage

Super kyle – 3:50 Brand new and rear ends as crazy, 4500 pounds.

Biukucanoe – Still a classic same design as when introduced in early 60s. Chrysler should have kept the hornet on the eagle suv

Bill thompson – I had to get rid of my 79 last year 360 Quadra Trac 318,000 miles.

Josh d – Lol @ 2:00 he’s slapping that hinge around like it owes him money

Eightosaurus spelunk – I would take this over an 80 series Land Cruiser.

22fret – Mid sized?!

Lukas Smith – Thank you! Do you have any more retro wagoneer reviews?

Kieran curtis – Jeep was better off under AMC…

Pinetop – What’s bad about these ratings??.

Sam The Multimedia Man – My 1980s limited has full time.

Clearanceman2 – They get that carpet out of the dumpster in the back of the carpet store?

Weirdshibainu – The spare tire setup was just great in the snow

Doobie1975 – I wonder what the 0-60mph times were on this Jeep? the 40-55mph passing times seems to be more than adequate for an early 80’s SUV.

Stephen carrigg – The Grand Wagoner is my absolute favorite 4-wheeler, with the classic woody wagon body and go anywhere construction, it is one of the most classic SUVs with plenty of prestige…..

Heydude76 – The wood grain is the clincher for me !! disco pants are in the same category!!

Justin dixon – Optional 4.2 V6 ???? Those cylinders where I a line! 4.2 inline 6

Tomahawk studios – We have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4×4 Laredo. Worst because we have ever owned! Cannot wait for trade for Volvo V70 or Toyota 4 Runner

Jim jones – Someone put a Hemi in that thing, lol ! ! !

Chieftp – Can you name the truck with four wheel drive,

Smells like a steak and seats thirty-five..

Canyonero! Cananyero!

Well, it goes real slow with the hammer down,

It’s the country-fried truck!

Canyonero! (Yah!) Canyonero!

[Krusty:] Hey Hey

The federal highway commission

Canyonero unsafe for highway or city driving.


12 yards long, 2 wide lanes,

65 shades of american pride!

Stoneyburke – Had a 79 Cherokee Chief. loved it, 360 v8 and short trac.

Trrance88 – Damn that Jeep looks dated. If it only had a round headlights, it would look straight out of the early 60’s.

Kevin spacey – Haha 40-55 mph in 5.2 seconds, wow .. My 5.9 V8 in my 98 Grand Cherokee goes 0-60 in 6.8 seconds

Billlykken – I had one. YES it’s a gas like no other SUV.

Brandon obaza – How do you say it has "style" so do you like it? I suppose in the same way that I like it but also think it could have taken JFK’s body to a Boys-funeral theme beach.

Also, how did whitewalls survive until the ’80’s? My Grandmother’s ’82 Caprice had them; they just look wrong.

Claudio auriemma – In the movie "What About Bob" Leo Marvin.

Michael smith – I want one of these so bad. And the 13/18 mileage is not that bad really, I thought it would have been worse. That’s on par with most of today’s SUV’s. And it’s funny, so there was confusion of V6 vs. I6 (straight 6), I’m pretty sure the 4.2L is the I6, and the precursor to the 4.0L.

Branon fountain – Would not the Suburban be considered the longest four wheel drive wagon?

Gsdlvr123 – Great cars !!! Had 2 … put almost 300K on my first and 185K on the second …. then bought a 7 series BMW … life has been complete since, lol. Conquered by the Wagonmaster in TX, but I understand Jeep is going to come back with a similar one in 2017. Creative video, brought back great memories as my first was a 1983 (Dark Blue)…..

Elton john – I always thought these things were ugly.

P. J. Parks – Large wagoners on the roads occasionally. Classic ride Its also in several movies

Belinda cuba – Your have the 1986 jeep grand wagoneer

Andred gb – Anywhere in the world? What about the 83 range rover?

BOB BOB CHAPMAN HOT WHEELS FAN – COOL MotorWeek | Retro Review: ’83 Jeep Grand Wagon

Cepten crinje – Still better than the tundra

Josh river – It amazes me how expensive these are today!

Tucker’s DJ Mixtape Podcast – I pushed an ’83 in college. I was the man.

Infinitrium – I just can’t imagine how sloth-like the acceleration would be with a 4.2 and an automatic. They were not fast on the Eagles and they weighed almost half a less

Errock – Not digging the saggy rear end on that wagoner

Red rider7 – It’s quite hilarious Motor Week making a big deal back then about the "dismal" MPG of this METAL 33 year old V8 full size luxury Jeep SUV with it’s optional 5.9L, when a new 2015 Toyota 4Runner with a V6 only gets a few miles per Gallon better today. And I do believe this 33 YO Jeeps with the base engine V6 got about the same rated MPG as todays 4Runner.

You may not have to worry about how much you have done so far. They are still moving around the world, bringing the NWO.

Nesherv – Mazda B-Series Trucks 1986-93 Can you please find a review?

Mattmopar440 – Own a 1991 Grand wag Final Limited 1986 Great wag and a few J10’s they are the most comfortable yet rugged offroad family rigs u can get ur hands on

whoohaaXL – No engine shot?

whoohaaXL – Dude looks like Jeff Porcaro…

Plissken snake – Too bad AMC quit offering 360 4V and 401 V8’s after 1978. 

Eric Simbuera – 18 grand for the supermodel? Sign me up lol today you can not get the base model for it

David Dykeman – Thanks john!!!!

Terrence gold – Gorgeous suv.

Jason carpp – Jeep Wagoneer Jeep Wagoneer, it’s always been a vehicle I’ve admired. It’s a shame that it was never offered with a turbo diesel engine. It would be better fueled by V8 engine.

Camaroamx – AMC was surprised to learn that Big Wagoners shared the garages with porsches, lambos, and Ferraris. they were very popular as winter vehicles for the top 10% wage earners back then.

App175 – 2:03 I thought they’d invited John Dvorak from the Computer Chronicles for this scene…..
ROTFL they need to do more scenes like this.

AMCmachine – Seeing this is back memories of my dad’s unstoppable ’75 Cherokee. 360 2V, three speed manual with the stick sprouting from a humous mountainous tramp, rubber floor mats, 8-track tape deck, and you had to get out and lock the hubs I Think we would like something 200,000 on it before selling it in 1987 and replacing it with a new Ford Ranger pickup. The body was really going on then, but the guy who bought it still got a few thousand miles out of it.

Randall collins – Another version of your classic series with your Throwback Thursdays. That’s a good thing considering the hundreds and hundreds of reviews you’ve done over the decades. 

OK, my guess for this Thursday’s throwback, sounds like it could be a Subaru. Since then, I will say the Subaru Brat-that funky pickup / car thing. 🙂

Seat garanovic – This is such a POS compared to Imports of that time. lol damn 

Jay c – Wow John said V6

Motorweek – Hint 2- It’s a 96.7 inch wheelbase

Rob. – Wow, he’s not currently YELLING here…..

More minus infinity – My favorite part is where the guy kept slapping around the hinge like it was his Insert here. Haha ha. Oh man, I love these older vids. Soooooooooooo awesome. Not only are they entertaining, unintentionally or otherwise, they have given me a fresh look and, by extension, I have born. Very cool!

Motorweek – …Hint, it does have 4wd

Joey baby – That vehicle weight & mileage …. the more things change;)

Infinitrium – 5:12 "The standard 4.2 liter V6 does a full third better" on flat terrain with only 1 person in the thing. With a full passenger load in hilly field that INLINE 6 would be so overmatched that it would probably burn more fuel than the V8 would

Motorweek – Free Tshirt to the first person who can guess this Thursday’s ThrowBack. 1 guess per subscriber please.

SSC3034 – Are we going to see a wayback Wednesday?

Dennis scipio – You Gotta show us Geo vehicles on one of your sometime flashbacks

Ben gott – Thank you guys. Keep pulling these out of the vaults-please!

Iwatchvideosattimes – Wow did someone find a box of vhs in the storage # 128541; love the throwbacks.

Ghostjerker – I still want one (;

Babylonian anibal – Now that’s what I call a manly wagoner.!

Mr. Pepe – This is the Skylar White-mobile.

Tristan r – Nowadays, the Audi Rs6 is the biggest, baddest, fastest, sexiest, AWD sports car. (Station wagon)

Bern on cars – Could you find an old 4runner video? That would be awesome

The car crazy guy – Braking of 141 feet from 55 mph was better than average? Vehicles have been improved since then! Love the video.

Zech007 – Drop by cumming BT6 or BT4 and you have the ultimate cruiser!

John – I absolutely love watching these classic MotorWeek road tests! I’m a huge fan of both current and classic episodes.

Michael O’Keefe – They still call SUVs station wagons back in the day?

Graved caesar – Cool! I grew up with a big wagoner as a family car. Great memories! Not that powerful, or refined, though. Thanks for these videos!

Landyachtfan79 – 2:02 ………. and people wonder why we didn’t trust American vehicles back in the day!!!!  

MrCarGuy20 – Awesome! Memories Monday should work out great.

Martin Espinoza – So this is where the wrong way, the birth of the upscale SUV segment. I had the chance to have one of these goals my dad crushed it.

141 ft. Braking was pretty great back then.

Motorweek | retro review: '83 jeep big wagon

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