One jeep wagoneer to rule them all: meet the coolest off-road truckster family!

One Jeep Wagoneer To Rule Them All: Meet The Coolest Off-Road Truckster Family!

Description: Please visit our TFL support partner. One Jeep Wagoneer To Rule Them All: Meet The Coolest Off-Road Family …

The fast lane truck – Thanks for watching! You can also check out Jeep’s First Ever Desert Runner Truck here:

Mysterio marvel – Wish who and who automakers would offer the vintage look with modern braking, suspension, drivetrain etc. They would all like hotcakes as most people wax nostalgic with that good time retro vibe..

Chris snodgrass – There is nice vehicle

Chris snodgrass – My mom and dad had a wagoner just like back in the mid 80’s when I was a baby

Mike harnett – Nice truck, but the wheels are awful, it looks like it has tractor wheels on it. Whoever thought these wheels would look good should be shot.

Jeeps of america – is making one of these too!


Zli kurac – Jeez l would soo buy the new one if it was painted like this

Zachary behm – It’s just me they look like they need some air?

Gary thorley – Soooooooo cool # 129321;

Bag445 ! – If they built this car like that I would definitely buy this. Love this

Mekhanic1 – Dollar shave club sucks. Their razors are the worst Chinese crap I ever put on my face

John card –

Marks man – For a minute there I thought that dog was real obedient in that truck til I saw that it was fake.

Matt parker – I love a clean modern build and that’s awesome to give pewe a little jeep schooling lol

Babylonian anibal – Jeep should consider building that wagoner again! I would buy one in a heartbeat

Thebear97 – I got a 79 wagoneer love it!

Bill – Video title is wrong as this is an ad for shaving??

Restore & Explore – Loved this episode. Love the wagoner.

Felix hdz – Hope Wagoneer is so awesome! Hope I hope the new one to come up with this version of this gorgeous 65 Wagoneer with just a slight modern touch to it. Could consider stop laughing at that dog

Billy hugs – Jeep should just produce that exact vehicle. They’ll sell man. Amazing looks.

Mike t – These are so cool, but they don’t have a lot of fun..

Steven canfield – The squeak in the steering was really annoying….

John ssendorf – Lost all interest when I inherit hemi and automatic.

Hype time – Video starts at 2:00

Paul howell – Jeep will not be made a wagoner.

Paul howell – Ya jeeps and chinese made razors

TED CARL – This thing is bad ass! Hopefully Fiat / Chrysler doesn’t make a new Wagoneer, just federally trash with shoddy electrical..

N pooch – I love that they could Vernors in the cooler. Gotta love the motor city!

MDHenry4 Henry – Man did he do that perfect!

Eric Oneal – My first car was a 69 Wagoneer. I am now feeling very nostalgic. They have done a beautiful job rebuilding it.

DirtyDogMech – What happen to the scout?

JK XELOR – I want that wagoneer soooo bad!!!

Dr ft – Repeal CHICKEN TAX

MultiPurposeReviewer – Surfer Cherokee Chief they did a year or two ago. Love it!

Ralph martin – Retro | future.

Random thoughts – That’s the sweetest jeep ever. oven

David Porowski – Dislike & UnSubscribe
Has Nothing To Do With Shaving & Jeep Trashed Wagoneer & Cherokee
Now part of Fiat. Bye.

Dr ft – Toyota LandCruiser 79 [V8 TurboDiesel] is the best truck in the world.

Beautiful hanke – Then shave that stash!!!

Jacob b – I love the wagoner

Skwashua – I had a full size Cherokee for a bit, that thing was a blast. This is beautiful!

Zach wilson – Everyone loves this vehicle as it is. Let’s hope Jeep does not blow it.

Dimitri waardenburg – Awesome indeed # 128525; # 128525; # 128525;

Ollie Hopnoodle – Really nicely done! Moving the wheel back 3 "and" modifying the fenders "is a new way of driving the road. More difficult trails I would love to have a suspension on my 82 Cherokee FSJ….

Josh, Kristen Blankenship – Hopefully when they come out with the new Wagoneer it has some styling cues from this model year.

SARTHAK MOHAPATRA – In India, Maruti a car has been mass producing a hatchy named Wagon R …. and it’s a fact, did not know that ?

Rob steingruber – Shut up and take my money!!!!

Jedironin380 – I have that same dog! Got him from ToysRUs for about $ 25. Named him Roofus. ๐Ÿ™‚

Joel borden – This is why I do not pay for YouTube for no ads.

Tritchie – To me that kinda seems like it would be the best of both worlds. Old time look and feel with modern convenience..

Plissken snake – I always wanted a jeep but then I remember it’s a Chrysler product and it’s going to break down a lot.

Rob sanford – Actually, the Ford Excursion rules…

Houstoncowdog – Wow, that builder is a super nerd. You can tell he thinks he is really brilliant.

Ridgeside K9, LLC – Build it

Matt france – Hey guys, I get it, you need sponsors, but can you make the sponsor ad something short than a full minute and a half? thanks

Jared cohen – At 4:00 he says the Jeep "Tornado" engine was the first mass produced American overhead cam engine but actually goes to the Crosley because of which company produced a 44 cubic inch engine in 1946 called the "CoBra" engine…..

King daniel – The Tom Selleck sticker is the best part.

Ron lanzo – I had a similar white one in the late 60’s and early seventies. My second Grand was a huge Wagoneer with a V8 that got around 7-8 mugs. This frame up restoration must have broken the budget budget wise but the outcome was sweet! Nice video.

Save triceratops – I seem old fun off road to build and make your own. It seems more fun than just buying some new shinny off road vehicle. I appreciate people who build their vehicles and show their skills and abilities!

Andrew L. – What happens to these moab concepts after easter jeep safari?

Andrew L. – Loved the cameo by rick pewe

Chris weaver – Catching up on videos, I would definitely buy one if they make it!

Howard ochs – It’s cool and all, but to be honest, I’d rather have the original engine than Jeep. What’s the point of having the hemi in it? You’re not really going to use the power of a vintage Jeep like that. It’s very cool though, great job on it’s restoration.

Daniel Ramey – I want one so bad

Kelly burdette – In a word cool

Salt dog – $ 850 you could have a real shepherd mascot

Greatnortoni – Will be interesting to see what they come up with if they do indeed make a new version.

Phillip cabaniss – My dad had a later wagoner with the 360 โ€‹โ€‹v8 in it, I loved that thing and would definitely love to buy one of these!!

Jason perlin – 7:30 am.
Being from Michigan, Vernors is amazing

Kilroyvolvo1 – Looks a lot like my 1973ish Super Chief that I drove up to 1985.The best 4×4 built.

Below me – Nice cnn dog

Boatdesigner – Owned one as well as many other jeeps. Wish my newer grand cherokee was better built. Lousy wiring, the rest of it is cheap.

Seth marksberry – Representing the paint color?

Petr blessing – Im not exactly a Jeep person, but I NEEED the dog. That being said, I like it a lot.

Djisar – Glad you got Dollar Shave Club as a sponsor. It’s the only subscription box I’ve ever found the money. It’s pretty great.

Jason boydston – This Jeep is Awesome!

Horseplay1180 – I would pay double for this!

John grytbakk – So cool.

Dchawk81 – I had to cancel my DCS account because I was overwhelmed with cartridges. I do not shave enough.

O2boutdoors – That thing is gorgeous! Put the NV5600, 6-speed manual transmission in it, and I’d be in love.

Nathan zufelt – I absolutely love the AMC was of Jeeps. I wish they would produce new old versions.

Snek – Man, that kinda made me sick, to me they ruined a great Jeep and wasted a lot of money doing it.

Ron walker – Are those Duratrac tires? What size?

Wes rr – Love the ejs vids.

David blalock – I was wondering when Dollar Shave Club would show up on here. Got to love them, they are a huge supporter of creators. I greatly admire them for that.

Shkotay d – The amount of crazy attention to such detail is so amazing xD I love it! You guys turned out another great show!

I’d buy a modern version of this product. It would look weird, but I like my screens and all.

Luis barraza – Not helping! Lol Prices of cars are already creeping up

Bhvm333 – Beautiful vehicle! Love the paint shade!

Where’s the picture? idk – Why would you do that? Why did you kill my mother! 5:31

Robert hull – Seat belt hanging out at 9:10. Really guys?

Baylor58 duncan – Now that’s a real Jeep! Awesome Oh wait, how many slots in that grid? BTW Uncles jeep in France had 9 slots.

Nicholas desmarais – That’s a sweet wagoner!

James hall – Not everyone wants to be heated and cooled down and infotainment systems that no one can understand. I would love to buy a new vehicle that was simple and robust. With modern things like fuel injection I have an 89 k5 blazer, it has fuel injection and Air conditioning and rides like an old truck. It is perfect for offroading and daily use. Not everyone wants a sixty thousand dollar computer On wheels

LUNITIC WILL – Oh look, the wild Rick Pewe has been seen. he will not appear again until either Roadkill Garage or Ultimate Adventure

Mike bakee – Absolutley very cool ๐Ÿ™‚ Used to have a J20 Jeep pickup. This brings back great memories.

Bland guy – Great job guys also great build

Saratogan – Can’t wait for the new Wagoneer!

Jeepcherokeeful – Improving see the trip video!

Jeepcherokeeful – More idiots!

Louis hernandez – By far the sweetest wagoner .

Carramsey – I love that wagoner

Allawi alsabbar – I like it so much good

David reese – What is not happening, we can not even build cars we have? The pick up is next….

Alexander Chavez – Wagoneers are cool 60 and 80 series land cruisers are coolers!

All bow to the mighty TOE-YO-DA!!!!!!!!

Vince fairleigh – That would be great if it was made more fuel efficient, but its going to get world class economy, I’m not sure if Dana 44s are going to be strong enough? For all the work they did they should have thrown 35 "tires on It, I love how they did the wheel wells, I bet it goes off road well, the new vehicles are getting way too expensive with bells and whistles that end up, costing way too much!, the floor mounted transfer case should also make a Comeback, you guys are getting some real heavyweights for cameos, first you had Emme, now Rick … keep it up!

RCPhotosVideos – Hope we get to 2019 Renegade BUte review

Joeys cleaning lady – That engine is a tight fit. Would have preferred the 2.8 cummins.

Chooby chooby – Damn and i want one!

William Heinsinger – That WAGONEER would sell like hot cakes if they built it as is

Nk cars – Wht would not keep you stock!?!?!?!

Nigel naughton – This is the best Jeep that Moab has ever seen. This thing is awesome!

Find datoolman – Great video guys, I thought the dog was real at the first of the video, I though "damn they hate the inside on their old Jeep". Lol!

Samual whittemore – I loved almost everything about my 1985 wagoner !! Just not the 12 mpg!!
Edit: I have a real dog-he does not poop or pee in the house. You dog haters are missing out.

Retired AF CE – Thee coolest jeep.

When i became the sun.. – Would definitely buy one if it were built

Darren perst – Such a cool video, thanks!

Mahatra – Hell yeah year 63 jeep using Hemi V8, really killin it

Ranger xp crew 1000 – Great video! I want one
You guys got the best job ever ..what fun!

Paul montero – This one is my favorite.

Dan perkins – The best part of an old jeep is that it stinks and smokes

Metalbass79 – Great video, as always. So ….. when are y’all gonna build up the old Scout into an amazing, off road beastwith? I can not wait for the next video with it.

I sam – I’d buy one in a heartbeat. Commercial shaving at the beginning sucks!

Alijah brooks – I love dollar shave club

Logan – Mopar guys look cool. So, why do not you have the option to wrangle ….. diesel torque blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, give me the hemi.

Cady mike – VERNOR "S !!! COLD !! Now that is worthy of a video of its own. Nice vehicle, although I would like to see you in the future..

Patrick irish – Fantastic vid, boys! I absolutely love this sweet jeep.

Forrest earnest – Even though I was born in late 82 ‘I really like this retro rebuild of the wagoner with all the nods to yesteryear including the dog, the metal lunch made of the valve cover of the old engine, and the hidden cooler in the suitcase. The fishing rods on the rack. Definitely very "MINTAGE".

Jacob washer – Rick pewรจ cameo!

Sam rickrode – Awesome Wagoneer! Great video.

Luis ortiz – That’s a 6 bladed cartridge

Carcaine – Love it.

Mr and – Is it possible to tone it down with "we’re poor, we’re broke" act. There are ppl who really do not have much, not even to eat. Ads and sponsors are all good, its the constant crying and panhandling thats Annoying. Capisce? Capisce # 128077; # 127995;

Reg sparkes – I drove the pickup truck version of this back in the day, it was a rough but nice feeling ride. It did that original O.H.C. inline six cylinder engine, which seems to have plenty of power.
Then in the mid ’60s, … 1965 I think it was, my boss at the time, bought the Wagoneer with the AMC 327 V8, that was power in the day.
These were wonderful vehicles then, but they would not have their problems.

Gordon willoughby – If Mark would let me take any of the vehicles, this is the one I’d like to take home.

Fox heart – Love the Vid, Love the Info, Love the Jeep Direction is going ….. improving a Beauty …. they drop a lot of hints & teases. Mopar for crate engines & kits … teases with boxed frame, suspension & engine that looks ready for any future production Wagoneer that could be body on frame vs unibody

Bgtx – Easily the coolest Jeep they have ever had there.

BUSHCRAFT QUEBEC – My dad had a jeep wagoneer like a jeep cherookee
The 4×4 broke in the worst time

Those concepts are Exciting

Frank reid – Of all the Easter Safari Jeeps over the years, this is my favorite. Reminds me my grandfathers ’66 white wagoneer.

Finn bloecker – I love that car. awesome looks. great work

Barejohn59 – What next to International Diesel Travelall restpmod?

Bow foot – Just awesome! Mark has the best job ever!

Mark wise – We have this kind of Wagoner and it has a very good color and a very nice color. Manual and has three 3 gear. What is cool in the Philippines I wonder how cool it was.

Akaandyknuckles – How about your old jeep project?

Alex c – Great stuff guys

Eric – There is! Nice little Rick Pewe cameo there. The fake dog is sorta creepy though.

Valentine lopez – Hello

One jeep wagoneer to rule them all: meet the coolest off-road truckster family!

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