See more about the extra roadkill garage jeep wagoneer-roadkill

See More About the Roadkill Garage Jeep Wagoneer-Roadkill Extra

The latest Roadkill Garage is Episode 19, which includes David Freiburger and special guest Rick Pewé of Jp Rescue Magazine ’68 Jeep Wagoneer…. …

Ben fischer – Repaint it so it can sit at the farm for 5 years. Otherwise leave it stock.

Max hammontree – Uhhhh .. give it to me??

MyOneBlack Friend – Thank you, David. I am buying one on Saturday.

James brede – How much did you pay for it ?

Samuel Turcotte13 – I got a 73 wagoneer that one’s at least a little older

JimbyTheBlueFox – Wasnt that in dirt every day

Gseyank100 – If you start cutting or modifying it. Suspension lift on 38’s with a lot of power and torque for crawling. But, it’s pretty nice. If you believe modify it at all. Leave it original and just spruce it up a little. One of those Pop up, things like winch, big tires, big power, regeared and a lift. Could be an amazing cross country camping trail rig. All the way to Alaska staying off pavement. Except for supplies and replace broken parts.

William tod – So what’s the update on it, its been over a year now. Still have it, did you just give it up and scrap it?

Chris and vanessa yates – I just keep it like it is

Dean huffman – From the cross country 60s rd

Douglas beary – Overland build

Themaintenancedude – It’s too good to give it roadkill treatment! That’s a perfect candidate for a frame-up restoration..

Lindel easley – The mid-year change over vehicles from Jeep were always a mish-mash of parts. FSJ s seem to be the worst.

Kurt poblenz – Upgrade the bit axles, drop the mild mopar / 727 drivetrain in it & enjoy # 128077; # 127995;

Skiburnr – Widebody.

Craven morehead – Add a good mule mill, fuel injection and maybe some suspension dodads … let it alone please

Doedecaheedron – Women used to be a little tougher fry

Elblancochingon – Make it an overlander (rooftop tent, refrigerator etc …) and use it as a support vehicle for research projects. Overlanding is hot right now and that would make an awesome build that would bring lots of viewers

The citroen fox – I love my 1965 Jeep Wagoner, I need to find a job.

Brian scott – Put a 5.9 Cummings in it

Kevin anderson – Sell ​​it to me

Jason wise – And roadkill went corporate hooray

Joseph DeMarco – I want to see a Jeep Road with Roadkill and Dirt Everyday where they take the wagon out on an adventure!

Justin ninke – People were not pussies back when they built these, that’s how they could lift the tailgate.

Steve lowtwait – I drove an Empire Blue 1967 Super Wagoneer living in Boulder, Colorado for over a a decade. Mine was in much better condition. I sold it in 2012 and this brings back great memories. Togo trucks for the rocky mountains.

Steve duper – Just concerning modern trucks and front hubs, current F150s use IWE Vacuum to disengage at the hubs

Luvdacurvyones – It had a badge for a 327 V8 but someone who owns the Jeep before my dad swapped in an AMC 360 engine which was the starter on the other sides. Every time you went on the starter. We had to lift the truck to avoid buying starters. Surprisingly, I used it for a lot of drags in my small town of Klamath Falls. One of a few races with the Jeep later on. This video brought back a lot of memories especially when you open the door and we saw the interior. It was exactly the same

Roger marshall – David, my folks bought a new 1976 Suburban. The tranny & engine we’re rebuilt in less than 67,000 miles. I could not tell you how many water pumps how many carburetor overhauls. It was up until 1984 when I joined the army. I Moved back to town in 1995. I had been repainted. Ounce The trans had failed again in 1988. It was sold in 2009 with less than 70,000 miles on that car. / SUV. It was a. Chev 20 3/4 ton chassis 454 / TH 400.SO YA THAT CAR WAS garage kept and Original mileage. .

Target 1 – My great grandparents have this sitting in their backyard and I just want to take it

Gavin hunter – Put one of those electric conversion in it or one of those really trick Cummins diesel 4 cylinder engines. It would be a brilliantly restored economy cruiser.

Nw8000 – Drive it as an SUV and enjoy it dude 🙂

One mike to live – Under the ball cap you’re sporting a manly man-bun too. Nothing else No vehicle on earth is worthy of my attention if being promoted by such a host!

Derek infant – Give it to me! Haha

John recknor – Put an air cleaner on it. Please keep it stock.

Tmn 2 – Daily

James hardy – I vote drag sleeper.

Jordan loy – Please show me how to restore one of these

Matt robin – Ken Block HOONIGAN GYMKHANA Commando. it just rolls off the tongue GYMKHANA Commando.

Paulie walnuts – I wonder who’s house is that

Dave hackett – Will a buick 425 nailhead fit?

John dorflinger – Restore it to stock.

Donnerfuß – Put in a fairly efficient engine and trans set there some road gearing, super duper road trip truck

Sams quatch – Would it be possible to take it back to it? Original paint and interior with a slight engine upgrade?

Jordan medeiros – I am dying for you guys from an episode with an early (1963-65) Kaiser Jeep Gladiator. excellent with a 230 Tornado engine!

Earl arthur – Fred found in washington??

Brandon pachey – Keep the FSJ content coming!

Evilferret – Money on demand is a money grab

Samsonian – Ah yes … beautiful blue velooooooouuuuuurrrrr!

Gunpilot – Survivor Clean up, modernize the brakes & tires, drive it.

Strawbs dragn – Where’s that background? Looks like a nice spot.

Jeff blake – I love driving really dangerous old trucks on a country road. I highly recommend the experience.

Toddheadheadad – Yeah that’s way too clean to butcher up. I’d make it a mild offroad expedition / camping type rig.

Flanky frankie – Cover the steering wheel with a towel!

David howell – Fix it up and take it over.

Andrea And Chris – What would do with it? Sell ​​it to us. It would be our 23rd Jeep, never owned an FSJ and we just don’t like it here in Alberta. It would be nice to have a rig that….

Greg huston – Surprised the guys from TFL did not buy this thing! It was in their backyard. Honestly wish I would have found it, I love some FSJs!

Alex henwood – Can not watch anything on mtd it wont load!!

Shelter hat – Why can not the camera have a cool ride?

Joseph petteys – The body paint is mint … lol
I love my amc jeep cj … they just picked them like that anymore

Joshua collins – I’m in love with it, but it’s yours. Do what you want. There are still cool finds to be had.

David will ramirez – Go tesla on it

Miller – PUT A 4.0 AND AX 15 IN HER !!! OR 401 T-18. VERY NICE FSJ.

Miller – I’ve had many cherokees. FSJs and XJs. Im on number 14 XJ now. Id upgraded to a 401 backed with a T18 or a Modern 4.0 and AX15. 4inch lift and 33s. Leave the body add 44s diffs, bumpers, winch, I love my Jeeps. Hey guys build a XJ up … Cant beat a 4.0 build one up.

Johnny night – Off road it!

Rad motorsports – Put a newer Dodge Durango SRT8 6.4 Hemi AWD drivetrain wagoneer body!

ABOlsen69X – Nice vine.

Jerry Chiasson – Mickey thompson’s

Jerry Chiasson – Its to nice ….. Rat Rod it’s the interior of the interior really nice with excellent electronics and replace the engine within LS and some decent winch …. Okay maybe I’m dreaming … lol

Ghost rider – Keep it stock, that’s my vote..

Ghost rider – I have a 67 with a 327, automatic, he’s right about the buick 350, I have warn hubs on mine. The old Wagoneers are amazing cars.

Aisis risis – You should take it on the SoCal Gambler 500…

KBLinABQ – Do not kill it. Keep it stock … please.

Scotty b – Seeing how it is such a "bita" because it is mechanical, just drop in a big block of light Jeep running gear to keep it tough, easy and reliable, leave the rest alone.

GinoX 1X – I could have a RALLY vehicle from it, right? I remember to have a Wagoneer magazine to participate in the London to Sidney Rally. I kinda liked the twin shox front and single rear suspension setup specific built (one off?) For this jeep. Additionally, they have installed an additional custom fuel tank, a custom offset and a larger size. The engine they left stock save for a set of headers.
So, not a Baja racer not a pre-runner type of vehicle but a genuine rally vehicle. They have sponsors, right?

Theriault thomas – Put your rode a dodge gold Chevy diesel chassis and drive train I owned a 63 a and a 78 d 10

Rich r – Restore it and make it a Sunday cruiser….

Pete simmons – Is it for sale ???

Otownhilbilly – 4.8 LS swap and daily the wheels off the thing

The hawk – Take it to Alaska and race it

Southernkudzu – I’d gladly take it off your hands. Trade is at Harley King Road for it.

Larry tillick – Sell ​​it to someone who will care for it. Please do not leave it to rust to red dust.

Mumpancake – Honestly, all these people complaining about MTOD. Y’all probably pay for Netflix anyway. Why not support the content you people enjoy.

Brandon shawver – The wagon is too odd and specific to restore. Not worth the money or hassle. Do something cool with it. Keep it alive and on the road. A collaboration with Fred Williams would be awesome.

REAPERofCali – Do a collaboration with dirt every day and build a road beast

Steffen robitzsch – Anyone know how to turn off the subtitles

Acousticalbruiser19 – Just clean it up and give it some modest upgrades!

Geoke55 – Keep it as close to stock as you can. Yeah, give it a 4 inch lift, some 33s, but keep it back to the Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route. 1,250 miles of awesome Jeep and a movie crew.

DrumNut927 – Give it to Jonathan Ward and get him into an ICON Derelict…..

C10 diesel – Where can I get that shirt!!!!

Richard olson – Keep it stock

T2Tabb – Freiburger should have owned a junk yard … does he actually restore anything?

Slow learning – Fix it, daily it.

Nobodyof Consequence – I would like to keep it simple and keep it as a daily driver. Please do not let it get Roadkilled. It’s way too nice.

Angelina lemoine – Incredible patient present casual casual trading.

Burns farm – If you ever need a place on the US, hit me up. I have a farm in SC they will feel at home with my cars.

Thursty07ify – Sell ​​it to me I love wagons and jeep wagons

Bill schofield – Treat it with care. It seems to drive ok just drive ayour

Boneshaker – Do not cut it all up. Get it road ready and drive .

Alex bennett – Sleeper # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077;

Kamaradski1 – Give it to me and I’ll drive around Germany for you: P

Robert lee – Before you trash it, which is what you do to everything you touch, trade it for me so I can get to my Dr appointments. It needs a lower control arm, but if you want a sleeper that’s no big deal.

Carytowncat – These are sooo nice to watch you frantic rush to make it anywhere on time. She’s a beauty!

Adam stockman – Be a really cool touring sleeper, keep it lookin original but fast

Andy heckman – I only have one question … why would they have the crank for the rear window outside?

Chad gronsten – Some oil aftermarket fuel, some flow masters.

Randall randall – Small lift, 33×10.50s, if you wanna go crazy and have a modern fueled injected v8.

Wade berry – Fix it as a nice mild daily wheeler

Chuck fowler – Lift and 35s expedition rig

Thejunkman – What is he talking about?

P35t3R 0N3 – I’m about to buy a 69 jeep-wagoneer I’m so stoked!

Chumbuckery777 – I think it’s very obvious you should give it to me. Rest assured I would sleep next to it every night. I love anything from the 60s. My ’67 F100 just doesn’t have enough to sleep in it though. Would love to make a camping superjeep out of it.

Michele hobin – HOMELESS DAVE!

Texas adv – Dual lever locking hubs for the win! I love those hubs.

Nick b – Whatever you do from a garage or a barn. Keep the elements from ruining it.

Sherlock holmes – Because women of the 60s were as strong as men from the 2000s;)

Mikeguy993 – Definitely keep it a survivor

Threefity mesh hats – Turn it into a tow / sleep truck. Swap out the engine and get started with the tools you need. the ultimate search and junkyard rescue vehicle.

Oscar moreau – Heya! OMFG dress work really sounds like pretty brilliant essay .

Kavinsky smith – Sell ​​it for someone who’s gonna love it and take care of it.

Cokenopi – Please no drag car

Spokymietz – Put a cooler engine in it, give it a new paint job and that’s it! Leave it in peace and do not destroy it. : D Daily driver!

Julemanden uden gaving – Chome wheels and nothing more

Feuer wolf – Look like a wolga

Shane singleton – K10 pickup but when I got it 100% original front to back.

Wolf pack – Restore it make it a show

Dethmeister – Race it against a 2018 Dodge Demon on a motocross track.

Rabbit sports – I had a mid 80’s great wagoneer limited almost 20 years ago with over 400ci engine. I have a trailer with it. great truck but common issue was the drive shaft coming loose and needing to be rebolted. i just used bolts from home and ran it I’ve had lots of cool vehicles and looking back that was one of my favorites. Seems like a crime to leave it.

Jane roxanne beamon – That’s nice!

Keep it nice and original, use it for a desert touring car.

Dielauwen – Then the old Rumbler V8 engines all seem to die from lack of oil pressure. Sometimes the cam gets out of the way. Yep has a chunk of camshaft in the pan. The flange axles were good. Easy to narrow the rear. In six Amc And they ran till hell froze over. Turbo the six for 300-400 hp and massive torque.

Bohemia lite – Keep it like it is….

Charles chaboya – Freiburger you should do a build off against Finnegan’s Corvette. Do a special "When keeping it stock goes wrong." set a budget limit between both vehicles and see what happens. both vehicles have potential.

Bobby mcbride – There are people who would like to know what to do and what to do in your buddy’s yard. spiff it up and send it to auction.

Artisan supply – I’ll buy it

Amelie wolf – Second match stand wealth question.

William pear tree – @freiburger do not ruin it, it’s mint! for real this time, maybe you could do something really modern-day mod.think power coil, coil springs and street tires.just a really clean cruiser with a / c. this could be the Daily driver of your dreams 🙂

Hector perez – Road kill should never have been on demand

Kenneth howard – Can we please just do an old 4wheelOR with a little lift and 33’s (the period is okay). make it the truck guy make it run and stop.

1966 gtoguy – Do you own a pair of shoes?

Jf b – Give it to "Dirt every day" and get them going really fast or not, then it’s going to be a hell of a thing. we

Evil genius – Is David losing weight?

Evil genius – A lot of 4wd vehicles these days have smart 4wd. The traction control detects whether it is needed or not. Others come with a stick shifter with 2wd and 4 wd high and low ratios. The Subaru AWDs have clever diffs. Constant 4 wd on a Road it horrible to drive and kills tires and steering.

Doug hill – Clear coat, ghost flame with color and slap some 31’s on it. Perfect 🙂

Leonid rikhter – Real car!

SirPandaEsq – It’s so beautiful. Please do not cut it up.

Michael ciha – Do a complete restoration.

MrAlexwoolf – Pro touring

Crash the stampede – Drive it & enjoy it for what it is.

Backwoods drift team – Y’all should do a performance build on a 392 international

Mauricio Cervera – If you’re not sure what to do with it, send it!

Msgmonly – Who’s here is sick of the f ***** teasers?

25Celtics – Dodge plastering their name everywhere on roadkill, and parts companies paying more for their cars reviewed, plus your content is on Netflix. Do you still want to pay for motortrend on demand? Yikes.

Curious Betsy Vlogs – "Not to be sexist" from not worry. At college kids are watching. Just older guys with a hobby 🙂

Agung cahya nugraha – Please restored it is worth a lot in stock. I know roadkill.

Fred garvin – It has survivor. Do not ruin the cosmetics. I would dress with a fresh coat of paint / pc. Custom 1/2 inch led roof rack gold canoe on top. Load it down with vintage camping gear and some Mannequins in period clothing. Vintage Radio with whip antenna. Not sure but the goal is to have a kit to up the D44. Locker both ends and wheel…

Michael robinson – 13.50 × 20 nitto tarra grapplers. swap it out to a built sbc 383 mated to a built 4 × 4 tranny and a devorced transfer case. and done!!

Safn1949 – Just drive it Dave, its got to be a hoot to drive.

Luquetweet – Dat sound when the door closed… . Please keep it stock this deserves it

Jim isaacs – A nice little simple 4×4 build would be cool as clean as it is

Scott harberts – Lift it, get a nice wheel and pull combo, go camping and hunting! P. put the cb back in it!

Danny humen – Lift it built to supper sweet mud truck

Kilo heelo – In the early ’80s my dad bought a ’76 Seville Cadillac with only 10k miles. It was mint. The first thing he was unhook the speedometer cable. When he sold it 5 years later, it still only had 10k miles on it! Weird I bet the owner of this Wagoneer did the same kind of thing.

Santor – Blown 632, scare those Cayenne drivers out of their socks.

Arcane – Does Frieburger know what kush means

Rdmccun – Restore it

Kyoss68 – Race support vehicle

Neil davidson – I love how to open the front door.

Ghw7192 – One of my dream vehicles, but my 2001 XJ was a helluva lot more affordable.

William gainford – Do not drag it, its way too cool the way it is, if it broke, lol

Edge of nothing – Cummins 6bt gold 4bt swap?

Elmoisbold – Drive it to Alaska, of course! But seriously, preservation rather than restoration.

Seyfarth – Restore that thing. Take out the tooth, repaint and powder coat those wheels. Of course, make it mechanically sound.

Picitia daze – You should have a road trip with it and your destination should be some cool jeep event. Like a Jeep car show or history showcase. Something along these lines.

Darrius whiskey – MOAR Jeeps!

The420beni. – Drive off full throttle with the back window thats what you should do !

Bob xziang – Do not make it a drag sleeper. Keep track of the road and make it easy to get off the road.

Noah and – My 1951 Studebaker 2R5 truck has the same style rear axle. It’s a pita to service. Also, we’ve had several Wagoneers and Cherokee Chiefs, and they’ve got a couple of metal bars that have been working on that. Maybe they are Missing or you need to lubricate the hinges. Even when rusted to almost falling off I could close with one hand.

Rahim bass – Can i have the vette kart

Ironrhino25 – You could not really do it but its really a reality?

Esme smith – Heya employee i really like this # pne act

Patrick dalangin – This jeeps have been made to be a show car.

Brandon shawver – I do not know exactly what should be done to the car, but I bet if FF teamed up with Fred Williams and Rick Pew I know it would be killer. Could be a Roadkill + Dirt Every Day collaboration vehicle.

Fishfuxors – It’s too much of a hot rod.

Kickinon – I look at this video posted 2 days ago .. they look beautiful stock / restored.

Hamid bnj – Make an offroad monster but keep the classic intervals as much as possible

W4ld3r – Get dirt everyday to make it into a really capable 4×4, but without modifying its body or interior.

Sevenpointsixtwo – Drive it cross country, should be interesting !!

Grunchy – I would modernize it. "Original factory" is fake news, that’s why I watch Roadkill!
Nothing is sacred, but it is definitely not.
If it needs a new motor / trans, please do not hesitate.
I would upgrade the drum brakes and weirdo Dana 44-but only if there’s a pressing reason.
I’m always thinking of the Crown Hick. Modernized vintage is better.
I’m putting Fitech on my ’87 Dodge Diplomat, inspired by you guys!

Robin gives – Let’s kiss williams love it forever and ever.

Jeremy polk – These extras should be released after the full videos…

K4rt80y – JEEP Wagoneers are cool. But I would not want to own one.


John grimsley – Remember Monster Carlo? Why now reverse your thinking and make a low rider out of it!

ChrisHallett83 – Restore it to showroom new stock condition, and put a quarter of a million miles on it driving it every day.

SCHALL_DESIGNS11 1 – a jewl like that needs to be restored

Joel franz – Make it become a beach cruiser

Chemxfan – I’ll have a good home in Illinois. And I can reclaim my title of "king of cool cars". Because I used to have cars that really wanted to ride.

Peyton hopkey – Hack it up!

Anchor 71665 – For a decent fuel injected modern v8 in it, dana 60 axles, disk brakes on all corners, lift it 2 or 3 inches, 31-33 inch tires, and daily drive the snot out of it.

Being a chevy nut I would naturally pick the LS. That said a modern hemi would be cool. Hell a ford coyote or even an eco boost v6 would just be cool in it. I’m getting old and like something.

Devin collins – i have a 1979 jeep wagoner

Anderson anderson – I can take it on next year?

See more about the extra roadkill garage jeep wagoneer-roadkill

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