Series �� web series | ✅ wine # 0001 | big jeep wagoneer | restoration

Series # 127871; Web Series | ✅ Wine # 0001 | Jeep Grand Wagoneer | Restoration

NEW WEB SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT! Premiering Spring / Summer 2019: Finding 00001 The Story Behind The First Edition Jeep Grand …

Mark franz – Great channel, always a great wagoner. It is in great condition just need to do a few things. After watching another one of your vids you mentioned great wagoneer (TGW did not have one.) I will be cruising through your tonight vids .. …. thanks again in advanced.

Shirley duncan – Military in N.C. too and the proud owner of a new 89 GW

Rv diem – Awesome! Congratulations on getting # 001. # 128077; # 128526;

Live ‘n’ Learn RV – Wow! Neat discovery on that Wagoneer. I never knew those wines Interesting stuff!

Dean webster – I’m awesome! Great video!

Michael you have – Awesome I had 4015, build date was 6/14/91, last day was 6/21/91. Probably one of last 20 or less. Found it in Greensboro, NC. It is now in Myrtle Beach, I believe. I have 2 other 91s. Interestingly though, the VINs of not coincides with the 1560 produced. One of mine is in the 2000s, and, as I mentioned, the one I sold was 4015. Not sure if it was randomly generated. Be interested to know The date build on this one; should be roughly 6/90. I’m in Wilmington, nc.

Bryn jones – This is great, I hope it goes well! I’ll be following!

Greg boyd – Wow Great find! Please keep us posted as you restore it. Thanks for the video (s).

Michael suriaga – Can’t wait to see new videos. I’m a waggy owner. I’m not in.

Misha – Why do the rivets on the wine look different from the regular factory ones?

Comfort in discomfort – Sweet! I’ll be following along! I’m in NC as well. Would you like to check things out at the expo!

Series �� web series | ✅ wine # 0001 | big jeep wagoneer | restoration

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