The story of my $ 2000 jeep grand wagoneer

The Story of My $ 2000 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Now that the Grand Wagoner is back in my garage and more important on the road …

Eduardo merlo – Blah blah blaaaa

The Real J P Morgan – Considering one of these for me for sale for $ 795.

Joe gubic – Awesome find. I have an 89 same color in and out and use it as my daily driver. Lots of fun and no plans on selling it.

Josh rick – No before or after shots just nonstop "look at me" filming of an old fat dude going through a midlife crisis. Horray for your money…

Richard Thornton – I can report, I bought "Rosebud" for $ 250. She had sat for 5 years, I was 5 gallons of gas inside. I keep her happy and drive her every day! We’re gonna grow old together. You’re lucky you found one that makes you happy. RT in Colorado!

David overman – This is so cool! Awesome video and sweet ride! And yes, if you sell it I am interested all over Iowa!

Felton gailey – We have 2 of these. LOVE them. If anyone is looking for one, I have a 87, same color as the one featured in this video. Body is perfectly straight and no rust. We bought as a restaurant. project but are moving from Our 3/4 acre lot and home, to a condo. Kind of bummed about having it, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Man, you stole that Wagon for 2000. Can’t touch one in any condition right now for less than About 4-5k. Great video!

Jordan sheppherd – I’ve had a 91 Waggy for 15 years, and I still have a lot of things going on..

Justin c – Awesome vid …. keep the wagon dude, I wish I could find that kind of shape.

Alisha you have – I need this! Sell ​​it to me!

Stuff stuff and more stuff – One of my dream rigs. They are just perfect in my opinion

John smith – No wanna buy your woody station wagon truck from Chevy chase vacation movie. If you think you hate it now, just wait till you drive it.

Luke mcclure – Looking into getting a car and love your channel!

Brad cornelius – Hey Mike-We picked up a creampuff 1990 GW in early January-same color and similar condition to yours (after your updates). We’re leaving tomorrow on the road, we’ll be looking forward to more videos.

Jared allen – I have the cover but the bolts were lost long time ago for my 88. That’s one of the smallest issues.

Grizzly Chuck Back Country Adventures – My old 86 is trashed but still turns heads every where i go i get thumbs up at lights ppl chasing me down to the parking lot lot
i grabbed it on the cheap

Jon bleepin – I think literally every Grand Wagoner hahahaha

OVRLNDX – These jeeps are awesome! congrats brother!

TheWeekendWagon – I have learned that people who love the Grand Wagoner or do not get why other people do. Which one are you?

The story of my $ 2000 jeep grand wagoneer

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