2018 Jeep wrangler: offroad in a rich way #why s05e02

2018 Jeep Wrangler: Offroad in a Rich Way #Why s05e02

The new Wrangler 2018 was started in Ukraine and we came to find out…

Vitaly sayapin – 37:05 Hyundai Tucson 2.7 V6 is not what 😉

OnlyBestMusic – Goal bespectacled foot and mouth disease from St. Petersburg called music shit and for the same money that costs alpine
Sep 2.2 kw great music

Ivan Struzhak – V6 transversely and 4×4. Laugh)))

Mac honey – Solid car

Oleksii marchenko – I..

Edward the wonder – Surprised that the windshield hinged. Carried interesting to use it.?
As for me this is just a tradition from the military. Shipping option cars. It would be an option, who would order it?
Maybe it’s cheaper in production…

Zac zzz – When will the Rubicon test drive be

Cherepok rome – Kdss on Toyota # 128578;

Gag mig – No need to go far: Lexus RX350. 6 cylinders, transverse.

Katerina c – Good afternoon show the 4-door test drive. Wrangler

Toporishchev konstantin – The Volvo S80 had an inline six across and the Cizeta-Moroder V16T had two inline twin eights across.
Water is a conditionally incompressible medium and therefore the subwoofer is not suitable for operation. :)))

Miriki ltd – I live in Rostock (Germany), bought
Imagine this miracle in January, thing
Between the new Rubik, the new Pradik, the new Grand
Native American, New Gl, Helik….
Pradik dropped because of the salons only
Diesel, and to order from the United States hemorrhagic
And consumption of more than 18 liters, and 100ka
I had …. I have an Indian too
Already was, 2005th year, 3.7, and the new
Consumption is also about 18%, and compares the appearance with the same Wrangler … ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( (((((((((
New GLS is very cool and comfortable,
Economy, goal judged like shit here, and U
I already have the old GL 2010, and the new Rafik Fourth 2018 …. I wanted something interesting … New Gelik in full
I will not draw financially, I do not like film, it is a sin to glue a film on a new car, which will begin to repaint in 2-3 years), there are a few of them on the roads
Catches your eye, so I thing
Network show-offs)))))))
In the city …. Comfort is gorgeous at my 194 cm, in 7 months I made 25,000 km, of which one-time mileage Rostock-Belgrade-Thessaloniki-Igumennitsa-Bari-
Naples-Rim-Zurich-Rostock = 8000 km in 12 days, 5 days rested on Halkidiki, 2 on Corfu, the rest on the road, very satisfied … Sahara, I did not fail anywhere, I traveled through the mountains, gullies And the sands of the beaches of Greece.
Comfortable and the music is FIRE!!
You go through the cities and the Aria with Manovar from the sabbufer to the brain makes people …
Now the problems-a weak varnish
Warranty, and a 7-year warranty on varnish),
Without swamps always frequently
(you can order, BUT along with new thresholds), covered the bottom with protection-800 euros with a guarantee of 5 years, more than 5,000 euros more,
There are no more problems … At 140 you drive perfectly everywhere, 150 only on the freeway, 160 you start with a strong crosswind, in turns
Even very cool enters fine,
There are no banks, the consumption in the city is max-12, the freeway-10…
Cool car, and show-off-velka

Dmitry d – Waterproof….
Waterproof … buy a submarine
Checkered infuriates,
How well the manager’s speech is set, and how to vary the checkered speech with the notes of cattle

Dmitry d – The manager is handsome, checkered behaves like a bassoon

Alexey Gamzyuk – The conversation is somehow not glued. Leading as an opera during interrogation, the miserable. how do they trust him to sell such brutal cars? Watch the Club Service channel, this is who should talk about the Jeep Wrangler. The car is very interesting, but in general I consider the issue not counted

Danil oktyabrsky – Manager and presenter of shame. They do not know cars with a transverse V6. All American Japan is built this way and more. Not very professional

Dim v – Cross v6 quite a lot

Dmitry Khatab – Tidy ford mondeo

Mikhail Adekov – Sorry surveyor asshole fucked

Os2tube – Great video
Firstly, as the owner of 2018 Unlimited JK Altitude 3.6, I can say that the guys do not push the bullshit but really discuss
And secondly, the presenter and seller are fully compatible with each other
Improving a pity that Wengler just costs so much in Ukraine, because this is truly a folk car

Dmitry Zerovich – The car is unique, very versatile … how do i want it, but c..a expensive)

Sergei Lysenko – Informative, interesting, varied reviews, thanks! But they say not "for", but "about".

Danil malovichko – Stop interrupting !!!!!!! The person does not have time to finish important things. And this happens in every "how much"

Simon winnik – Please do an analysis of the pricing of cars, I would like to understand how to understand for 28 thousand dollars in the USA turns into a car for 51 thousand dollars in Ukraine. From the mass machine there to the car for the "rich" here…

Timofei Kanaev – It is the first time of the engine, it is already there, if it does not change the memory of 242 razdatka

w b – Lead is disgusting

Sergey Sh – With three locks. In my opinion, he is the main competitor of the jeep, and not Gelik and Toyota long outdated

Boris gryazin – Three differential differential locks, besides the listed ones, are as far as I know from the Ram Power Wagon. This is of course a different class of car, but the layout is exactly the same. Front and rear bridges and everything on the frame. Engine 5.8 or 6.2 liter V8 Hemi

Tat – Thank you!

Igor Polonsky – It’s disgusting how he licks … luxury, bl…

Kanstantsin nizhnikau – The car is cool and old-school, it will be cool to drive off-road, it’s another thing that costs horse money. She would have a price of 40 thousand euros in picking standards-it would be cool

Kostyantin gavrilyuk – I love Wrangler, but the presenter is a borzota district, but still not prepared. Did the work in the mentovik for an hour (characteristic notes)? Manager is much nicer to listen to.

Andriy gutnyk – But there is one But! First time watching this video, there is absolutely no desire to subscribe to the channel! Dear creators, teach this nonsense, leading, elementary communication!

Andrey Didenko – The machine for the schoolchildren, in the states it costs $ 25,000, in the states it is riddled with students, the local degenerate … I bought the insole for the ruble, I sold it for three, the huckster style……

Gleb glebov – What engine resource? Atmosphere 3.6 under a mill. Benz 92!

Slava aleks – Which collective farm.

Vladimir Lobov – V6 is full of transverse, for example on a Honda Pilot.

Kindergarten grinder – It seems like the new aluminum body, but it’s not for sure

Yurii hordiienko – In the USA its price is 32-40 thousand, which is not at all 50-60 as in Ukraine. sad…

Anton Vlasenko – Infuriates that the leader is constant interrupting the conversation of managers, you need to learn to listen

Max ivanov – When will the test be???

Vladislav Krasnozhonenko – As usual, sellers sucks know the material

CoastalRollers_trips – Seller for Red Fang Respect !!! 🙂

Jankhot zakaev – Great

Volodymyr yu – Pasha, the car is cool, but with its height on the driver’s seat with a comfortable fit. And we have a good bump

Sergiy Chygrin – Very stretched video. I regret the time spent.

Serega – The first was GAZ !

Igor I – Excellent, but they did show bridge in front, they just said. I saw a different review, in front-cv joints

Dard vader – Leading, illiterate selyuk

A-Z Z-A – Attacking even unpleasant to watch the host

OrHan Hasanov – Guys, where is the promised test? ???!

Alexander Shadrin – To the war for $ 70,000)))

Anatoly lem – I want a test of drags !!!)

Smm maria s. – About auto

Andrei Makarov – Review class…!!!
There is not even a special accent !!!)))
Well done guys…!!!
Verily we are one people….!!!

Tambov comrade – This stupid in a checkered shirt, it does not know anything about the subject and its stupid questions knocks down both the manager and those who are now watching the videos! Drive him out of the car!

Alexander – Arriving a pity the seller, some fucking man is reaching it

Dmitry Pertsovsky – And where is the test?))

Jorik cosmos – Leading turkey

Dexter morgan an real – Pajero sport more

Serezha fan – InfoCar .. what are you doing ??? What Sugar People are interested in the new RUBICON !!! Please do a test drive RUBICON

Konstantin Ivanov – How I like this car! But the price, … Practical value exported to zero. For $ 75k the Rubicon is a funky toy for a very narrow circle of consumers (for 60 Karl!). 2 times cheaper in the usa…

Guy guy – Pasha, to test, to have a long way to behaving with a manager

MorsAtricolorEst – For some reason, they did not tell the difference between the US wrangler and the European one. Recently viewed auctions on the state sectional front bumper wranglers. The side parts are removed that close the wheels. and the foglights are both on the central part of The bumper. As for me, it looks.
Even the front arches need to be mud flaps, since a gap between the door and the rear of the front arches throws mud at the door for one or two. There will be enough in the city, and there will be splashes right up to the Glasses. And imagine that if you also remove the doors.
It is also interesting how it fits into the materials used. Since then, I really really want to get the body in the olive bushes … It makes sense to blow the sandpaper right away and not to steam…

Andrey Kovtun – Well, when will you have a test drive?

Maksym yermak – The car is super! Leading-vile, audacious and not pleasant to watch.

Alex Sukstansky – Luteyshe lost with Ukrainian prices.

Vlad Alexander – Quality sucks

Subscribe in touch – Why arrogance and frequent interruptions?! You ask yourself a question and you let the viewer listen to the answer? The manner of communication and the style of behavior on the camera annoyingly annoying!

GULIAN MEDIA – It is worth asking about the catalyst, on which the dry grass gathers and burns. It turns out this is a real jeep problem

Akim Osmanov – Leading muddy guy

Raatbek Ismanov – I watched you watched a half hour video. The review was very clear, thanks!

Go lova – In the states, the price is very different https://www.jeep.com/wrangler.html

Fox safari – Confused in testimony.

Igor Kipya – The manager is very capable, well done !

Anton Gorodetsky – That lies, then the wrangler. But the review is good

Owski – The consultant wanted to break through the deuce

Alexander s – I’m still understanding, it’s possible to drive all-wheel drive all year round, like a Pajero?

Alexander s – Beautiful car, the best !!! Only now that the JEEP sales manager does not know the history of this brand, and who is it supplied to the Soviet Union!

Mamahuh u – When the jokes present, and then explains his jokes. Yes, this is the level

Oookms34 – Everything is bad … An unven script and a torn picture….

Oookms34 – The operator is drunk ….. winds and winds….

Igor Kite – V6 transversely stands at the Mazda series

Jeck gecko – Interesting to take early, it is better to wait until the next model comes out (and they eat out 100 pounds) and then take it. If the front unlockable stub is the same (its electronics) as the JK, then the amercozles are jeepgaw;)

T1mmka – I would like to say a few words about the car: the price in the world is so small. , bumpers, etc.) greetings from St. John’s Patrick’s Church Petersburg 🙂

Smolny yura – Glass lies in the gas69

Snea’s – Woke up and some kind of garbage goes … what for tries….

Vladimir Klimenok – If Jeep leaves Diesel after 2020, then outside of America it will lose interest in itself..

Dmitry Klochko – About all-wheel drive, some kind of mess?

Dmitry astakhov – Legend, legendary, and again "legend." The Yankees are able to trade, this can not be taken away. If you took the level of quality, reliability and technical excellence to Japanese, then let’s dump the dough in advertising! And here we Have the legendary nowhere to go Harley-Davidson and Jeep. I have nothing against these brands, but I think they are greatly overvalued-5,200,000 rubles for which?

Dmitry astakhov – Jimnik, thanks to him, among other things, I was in line for a car, which, I hope, can be pulled on credit. But who is this video shot? For the academician? Indistinct movement around the house and confusion. Going clear Why this is a mystery-for womm?

Mih mih – Very cool shot, interesting format! Well done guys!!!
How from Moscow. Subscribe!

Vlad house – And you can only get to grips with something like that, like that in the cruiser, and then the stack

Simple guy – How Ukrainians do good reviews. Hello to you from the Urals)

Simple guy – Great review! Frankly, Ukrainian, Russian, Russian, Russian.

Andriy gagalyuk – And so hotlosat say RED

Vasin pupin – But for the head space is more in Jimmy!!

Valery grek – The manager is very tactful and capable people. It’s such a pleasure to work with .

Pavel kravchenko – It’s all clear and detailed, but with the Mild Hybrid?

Yura13ua – The host ,, worms ,, probably! If you ask a question without waiting, it asks the next one! Not good, not very kind.

i stavropol – Buzz boys but not enough money

Igor Klimov – One leading chatter!!!

Igor Nikiforov – Bronto has 3 locks)

CARPE DIEM – I will buy a long Jeep Wrangler. Well here is 100%!!!

Arthur beer – https://youtu.be/c8QfRmJUNYc

Yurii dotsen – Not hidden ads Jimi)

Ivan – 40:00 what did he say there?! = \

Arthur beer – https://youtu.be/PIowwR9Mh-c

Vladimir Alekseev – What is she so cattle? Kick The guys from the Caucasus are even calming. What a nickname….

Dancing – Nauseous manager, does not own information, swaggeringly nods as if they were the one who made these machines and heals and heals. To drive such Managers to sell seeds, I want to take a car from a normal person.

Vitaliy remez – Hat and not a review.

T13kz – With a test drive would be more interesting. Well, the manager of the material to teach and learn. and horizons expand and expand.

Evgenij rakhno – To be honest, a pedestrian can easily hide behind a windshield pillar more a mirror, so it can be dumb in places

Evgenij rakhno – Classic joke about wrangler- "acceleration to hundreds: yes"

Maxim malafєєv – The price is about 30 thousand, and the ruby ​​is there 45 to 50 .. since ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, For the "luxury.". for the price of a "ordinary", a kind of a beat and a bunch of dirty clothes … so more and more people will be "popularized in Ukraine"…

Vasily Terkin – How to earn money honestly in Ukraine?

Thekostoss – American UAZ)

Novel – I like the jeep, but bought a 4runner for better saloon. I meet a lot of women and girls driving at Rubicon and a safari. Good luck

Baurzhan sadvakassov – Good sales! https://youtu.be/olG7wQPaQjo

Stop filmed – Look at JEEP, see UAZ

Eduard lazutin – A lot of information is not exactly correct! But this is possible that it is specifically about the Ukrainian market! Auto 4H only on 2.0 turbo (1 turbine) on 3.6 only part time! Well, and much more….

Brightly zhura – Good manager and legendary car! Otrimav neymovіrne zadovolennya vid look.

Vova kudiba – Pasha Manager-the food of all praise

The scale – Driving shit

Arthur surmukhametov – Thanks for the review

Roman novel – That’s for sure, or any day you have a vag or another German crossover, or even a sedan, then the wrangler for a look at these cars with admiration.

Andrew – Cool review brutal because!

Dmitro golomoziy – The Jeep.com site is there for you. In Ukraine, the stinks of trophies are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Arkadi rudolf – On-board tool lies in the armrest cover.

Dima Korzhenko – https://youtu.be/3proBr7Wyh8 a very good review of this car.

Ing – I would buy for the last money for life..

Beneficiary Juan – How old why not in the army?

Gennady maryukhin – In general, the snickered jeep. I Understand, the snickered jeep. That history, heritage, name and all that, but Wrangler for insane money-a fad for the well-off.

Vadim kusyuk – The game spoke about the suspension move! Everyone knows that turning off the stabilizers of a stroke so big in the arch is not hiding! And it was all Wranglers!

Alexey Fedin – Wengler

V R R N – JEEP FOREVER II OIIIIIIIO # 128665; ❤ # 128665; # 128077;

Egor Vladimirovich Kshnyakin – And you can transfer

Leonid Chaban – The splendor of the grace behind looking.
Humor and information bagato and everything in topic, Everything is more beautiful and more beautiful,

Eduard petrov – What is the phrase "for the poor"?! It’s not nice to hear from you InfoCar !

Timetraveler – Great video! Continue in the same spirit!!!

#shrodinger cat – #InfoCar: be affectionate review # fordeverest….

Ghty gun – The manager looks very similar to the football player Dawn, Sasha Karavaev. It looks like a physiognomy, just removes the beard)
But in general, good, knows his job.

Andrii gor – I think defending competitor will be shvidsha defend n_zh dzhimnik.

Valery Yerilov – Legendary Boxing Machine.

Alex Kakdamov – Bullshit of course, not a car, at least for the city and the highway. Was in 1994, bought in 2000, ride 4 months, spat and sold. True, until that time they were spectacular, often at the traffic lights? Soldier exhaled.

Anton Artiukh – Do not shoot on GoPro 🙁 .

Sasha honey – People with less height will stretch their legs here.

Sasha honey – For those who say that jimny dear

Stek88 – Messovsky 3 liter diesel on dick immediately

Artem family – That’s right, in this summer at +37, I will really stretch my legs)
And since the car is very valid, sometimes I look at the 5th door with a slight disgust as a cornfield in this performance.

Vladimiras Severdovas – OCHEN zhdu test drive on offroade !!!!! 🙂

Nikolay Kriukov – In general, this manager does not just sweat! 80% of the answers say yes but if you compare to the base then jimny is better

Ferrum rus – Outskirts room!!!

Slava aleks – Pi … Ts, collective farm. Who buys SRT does not know about Wrangler. 2 almost different machines (style). From # 127995; From Canada # 127464; # 127462;.

Vladimir Sklyarenko – ACCOUNT MANAGER

Maxim shiryaev – Acheritel Car. Want and the review is clear

Rostyslav sydorchuk – The insert after "sidish as in an armored car"))) look a little dull here humor is on you! Klas!)

Dmitry Shulga – Good review And a very high qualification manager. Nearly an hour and a half in express survey mode – this must be sustained. Offset!

Kirill Rus – Great review! I look forward to a test drive! Thank you!!!

Someone out there !!! Some kind?? – And Niva as a competitor forgot.

Eugene b – DO NOT THROW !!!))

Exner style – I stopped watching What Why, because they became like an average film. Reduce time I see a new episode of WhatWhy, so I see its duration and just go on. There are many things you can do in the evening in an hour and a half..

Oleg Azaliiev – Need a test)))

Arslan karimov – I have a question for dealers and if I want to order a strong bumpers, they will be like the American version, well, such carous front bumpers?

Arslan karimov – Even a gelentvagen

Roman smetov – Fuck, I just imagine how everything will be fucked up there. Disconnectable stabilizer does not work it does not work it does not cost it

Sergey Morozkin – How can v6 cross laterally? CANCERrature. In the Lexsu RX 300 I got up and in many other cars it costs!!!!

Oleksii oleksii – I understand why they are so expensive?
By the way, for the fans of this model is an excellent movie and Wrangler is there in all its glory

Deejay funster – Land rover defend

Evgeny budniy – I am from Israel and everywhere there are new Rubicons in maximum configurations, very, very many Jimny, few Defenders and no Geliks at all. I have never seen a single Gelik in 13 years !!! In the army, Hamers, Wranglers and Defenders.

Igor Shatokhin – There is only one question on protection against vandals: it, in fact, can be quickly dismantled all over the world, all the bolts in sight. Is there a hood lock there?

Vovan serov – Show the Rubicon in more detail its configuration

Mr. IGOR – When will Alpha be…???!!!

Alexander Dondik – V6 is also transverse-one front-wheel drive cars…

Victor Viktor – One of the really interesting cars.
I’m waiting for the test.

Valery Kalina – Interestingly, but is it warm in winter? Not blowing?

Rodrigo Roa Duterte – RAM Power Wagon has a factory-disconnectable stabilizer.

Mikhail Morokhin – Great review!

Andrii hrynko – Pitannya to Yaroslav: with your tracks, test the acoustics of automobiles ok Mі-Kamikaze? oven

Elkavod – Menagers are fucked up who only loves their faces and dislikes them..
Here Pasha says the pros and cons of different models.

Lexa gold – InfoCar: test drive cars, SIMPLY DELETE YOUR CHANNEL

Sergey Baev – I could not watch after the sentence about B6 I did not see transversely … I consider it unprofessional

Alexander Savkin – Seriously, does anyone believe the LC200 or Jimny or Gelendvagen can oppose something to Wrangler for example here? https://youtu.be/0rHmcVWApSA

Vovka – Cool background music, thanks!!!

Dreyk – – And the engine stands longitudinally or laterally?
– It seems to be longitudinal.
– Well, the V6 will definitely stand laterally!
– How can the V6 stand laterally?!
After such a dialogue, I could not continue to watch the video…

ALEXANDER GRÜN – You can watch JEEP forever. THANKS for the review.

Mykola potyuk – Put hbo?

Alexander Savkin – So everything is simple. Front-wheel drive platform-the engine is always transverse, rear-wheel drive-always longitudinally. There is no other way. Moreover, both v6 and v8 are installed transversely. Yamaha’s V8 was on the XC90. Even inline 6s were transversely placed. In particular, the Volvo S80 2.8 and 3.0 row sixes stood transversely.

Alexander Eparsky – I want this !!!! # 128077; # 127996; GUYS !!! Well done cool videos!!

Alexander Eparsky – I want this !!!!!! oven

Vitally delivered – Clearance not vimiryuvali boarded right up front wheel)

Ivan – Until recently, a military jeep assembly plant has been operating in Israel

Max tyutyunnik – Let’s Peugeot Partner in #What Why

Andrew Musiienko – KUROGANE TYPE 95 is the first SUV for the Japanese army, it was before JEEP.

Mr xxx – Uaz would study, dolbaeb stuck in the 50s can not get out

Stefan – OK, got it.

Artyom bread – The jeep is not like, fucking.

Michael Tarsukov – The 2.2 multi-jet diesel is not a Fiat engine ?

Alexander Bondarenko – The very moment when the Jeep Cherokee 3.2 V6 is installed transversely and he basically did not see such a machine)

Alexander has – Yes, I would not say that it is expensive … and its rather a designer, but 2 liters is certainly not nice, you will have to order an engine for replacement)

2018 Jeep wrangler: offroad in a rich way #why s05e02

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