2019 Jeep wrangler | first look & walkaround | indian coach

2019 Jeep Wrangler | First Look & Walkaround | Indian coach

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler may look familiar, but it’s all new from the ground up. Every body is different, it’s more spacious, it’s more on the inside, it’s got …

David daimari – Blame the Indian government not jeep.

Rajput thakur – Why do Indians have to pay the price? In usa this is barely equal to 28 lakh rupees

Mukul goel – This is the best off-road car ever made

Kishore murugan – I would go with Mahindra Thar … be..simple!

Muantea mt – 63 lakhs …….. buy the agreement and drink chai with the leftovers

Adventures trip – You can buy Mahindra Thar in that price # 128514;

Yavan jars – Absurdly priced..

KOUSIK ROY – Great host given

Arjun rosadale – The price broke my heart. I know it is due to the tax.

Rockjoy – People complaining about price and rising to fortuner and endeavor to forget that jeep comes with a freaking v6 or v8

Anup atk – This is for all those who complaints about the price. The current price of this vehicle is 29.2 lakh. India extracts 100% import duty, 12% excise duty, 4% excise duty and 3% educational cess (total of 119% tax This makes This 64 lakhs, if this was done in India, the price would be about 45 lakhs (28% gst + 22% compensation Cess = 50% tax for this kind of vehicle) It is not ideal to set up a production plant in India Also, would be arround 75 lakh So we are currently paying 75 lakh for a We pay 50 lakh to government if we buy 30 lakh car. "In the USA, the tax is 5.75%. This Americans spend an equivalent of 30.8 lakh for this Car.-jeep or the tax system?

Surya narayanan – Ex showroom less than 40lakh would have been a great deal

Itesh vadodaria – 65lakhs mein to 4 compass AA jeyengii …. so do not wanna buy it # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

The traveler boy – I love to collect coach books from my childhood

And m – Only Dhoni can buy # 128514;

Aditya rai – Can someone tell me what the song used in the end please.

Pavan krishna – Price ?

G joeye – Keep calm and wait for Suzuki Jimny

Henry Nathan – Damn our tax structure on imports.

Pramod patil – They are selling around 20 lakh priced car at 63.94 in India. Best of luck it is one of a kind.

Jenx kikz – Jeep wants to make an iPhone ka executive print in India … they are targeting the few 1% of Indian population

SACHIN CHAUDHRY AUTOWORLD – High price due to import.

Nagasunder venkatramani – Seemed a very good car, until the price was mentioned. For that kind of cash, get an endeavor or fortune and make it off road worthy.

James delast – Will have to wrangle with that exorbitant price, first.

Raj trivedi – It is seriously overrated.
Overall Jeep cars are overrated and very low value for money.

k rt ik Rajeev – Overprice

Sidhu sidhu – Bhi mother pass jeep wrangler rubicon ha

Rocco singh – I’d rather get my thar changed and put shades of gadgets in it will still be able to save the same specs.

Vishal choudhury – Mahindra selling purple jeep in $ 15,000 12 lakh ruppes and jeep is selling wrangler at 80 lakhs.

Talal nalo – Oven

Parag naik – Kitna deti hai??

V hash – Shocking price not worth the money

Handle and – Best car

Alok gupta – I think that Jeep Company is going the way of General Motors.

Sagar m – Bad pricing but damn … that design though # 128525;

Punarva barthwal – Finally, it’s here. oven

Vinay v – ₹ 63.00,000
No thanks
I’m good !!

Santosh m – A car that costs 28,000 USD, Roughly 21 Lakh Rupees is priced at 60/70 lakhs in India. BUY Make in India Cars only.

Samprith patel – Rip to the price of it

Neeraj jadhav – Given the shitty conditions of Indian roads, the government should give a large tax exemption

Gangtok hulk – Mahindra company should buy Jeep company

Happy Rider Gajanan Patil – Good

Sameer damani – Bhai 63 lakh hand m Audi the lunga

Mohit panwar – Over priced suv

Adwaidh s – ° |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||| °

Rohan deshpande – Is it coming to india ??

Ankur sharma – Oven

Jyotsna sawant – First to comment and watch this video

Sanjay jimmy – First comment

Harkaranvir singh – Love coach

Fierce® – Jeep wrangler …… bb superbbbb

Vatsal parekh – We need a Kia seltos vs mg hector

Rakesh menon – 1st how to

2019 Jeep wrangler | first look & walkaround | indian coach

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