2019 Jeep wrangler production

2019 Jeep Wrangler Production

2019 Jeep Wrangler Production. Toledo Assembly Complex-North Plant, Toledo, Ohio.

Proulx guy – That sure grill looks like it’s bolted on solid lmfao

Angry thakur – My dream car .. love from India # 127470; # 127475; # 128536;

Anthony 35 – Wow !!! Thanks!

Adhe saputra – Keren Dan Laki Banget..

C m – They are an assist for the lift. Man who has got a thick face lift errday.

Althaf vadakkumala – Free geep

SHIFTY 416 – So these are all the molds, I’m hoping not to have a goal. Lol

Ashok fairy – Hummer

Robert Mamleev – There are no words. Jeep is just classy. Love at first sight.

Padin icon – Same face … no change

Flame on x – Love my jk love this video

Alexandre Rooster – Top, very cool the production line.

Andy clifford – @ 7:40 aaaaand the glass cracked.

Mohseq-sh – Hat one # 128148;

Bill bayne – The JL is probably the best vehicle on the road. It can not be more than a truck or a truck. I can be extremely biased. I love my JL, my fourth Rubicon.

LOV0800 – Need a diesel version

Ab wakid – Semoga bentar lgi bisa beli

IO ー ジ ッ IO IO RIO – イ ッ コ イ イ イ イ!

Ali khammash – Shi

Guessed shameer – പർ്പർ vehicle

Profit go – My dream

Michael horner – It can be yours for only $ 49,999.99. Made by Mr. Roboto himself !

Jaini john – Super vehicle no budget

Abdul kharim ismeal – No more jobs for us

Willian abibi medeiros – What a pity that here in Brazil is very expensive a jeep …. but it is a consumer dream….

Steven michel – Robots of the hard work. Humans work a rag

RE MLG – Pls give me a job there # 128546; ..I’m graduate in mechanical engg..

The mostpha abid – Nice factory I wish that I have a Jeep they really work hards

Taylor – Well thank you Henry Ford

Rajesh kumar – Plz one plant established in india

Mark schwendau – I have now owned 5, driven 1 other, and racked up about 500,000 miles since 1988. Two of them I drove over 175,000 miles before trading them. All her manual transmissions … 4, 5 and 6 Speeds.

Arthur lion – Alright, taking a white one, 4 door, 4×4 and with a hard top.

Justin vasquez – Do the factory employees get a discount jeep price? I feel they deserve it.

Jayson has – Great Workers I do not like. It’s amazing cars and trucks are put together. But Jeeps are awesome # 1 baby. Great Union Workers # 128077;

The bad guys – For all skool Jeep lovers …. I thought it would be amazing if the doors came in two pieces … here me out … The old school wranglers will look like the old school wranglers. That way you have to take the Whole door frame. Just a good thought I had to go ahead and steal it folks lol

Noob gamer – Why do they not work clothes? Not even steel toe boots. You would never see this in a German factory

Trevor smith – 3:44 why the wrangler costs $ 65,000 SRP becuase Jeep is paying someone $ 50 / hr to put a sticker on the car lol

Trevor smith – Overpriced metal garbage

Imane nfr – This is amazing, I want one # 128557;

Adhe saputra – Keren…
Laki banget nor mobil

Manual c – I wonder if they fixed the water leak

Sir Nicholas D – At 4:07 am not those hoodies? Guess they glue them on early

Robinorz – Crush test score 1 star out of 5.

Phung means the ears – Every school here likes it

Mikefly562 – I love Jeeps so much … this is so awesome watching this!

DRAGON OF FIRE – Purpose if the bells of posi trakc

DRAGON OF FIRE – My jeep 2009 competes the satellites. When disassembling the differential in the rest of pre-load.

T0nythecarguy Aguilar – This makes me even more proud to work on jeeps

Darkh0st – All that automation, increased use of plastics, and these companies are still charging more and more every year. Can you get one of these for less than $ 45K?

Hamilton 2wheeler – Very cool to see how my jeep was built

Liberty jeopardy – They should be wearing uniforms and gloves, the Toyota line makes this look like children at play.

Rick mccoy – Nice to see the Womb Wrangler …. where my 2019 Rubicon was conceived and born: D

Oven – The car craft can also

Jose Gonzalez – Oven

AstronomyToday – Now it is possible to watch the assembly of a new vehicle.

G’damn that must be Megawatts of power to run all that machinery and robotics; an entire turbine generator at a power plant for one place … at least lol.

Land rover – All those robots building 1 star crash ratings…

Woiry1 – Beautiful car

Realbloppy – Where do they install the new car smell???

REJUL RAJ K – It’s really amazing, completely robotic.

Aikitkd – Great video gotta love that modern technology

Proulx guy – Poor build quality at luxury pricing

Harold namen – The dream

Off-road recon – Very cool video.

Wilmarie reyes – The amount of women working in this jeep factory >>> # 128525;

Stanley Kania – 1 star crash testing rating

Salam saleem – Oven

Canadian summer – Which color do you like most please comment here.

Israel vargas – : -0

I miss you – The very sophisticated car

Also – All the employees there drive 4 Runners.

Daniel Aguilar – Why do they sell cars for so much? They should go for about 12,000

Abdul salam – Offroad or no

Mark micklich – Seeing all those women Jeeps assembling must be making a lot of guys stand at attention. The ultimate male fantasy.

Airman – I have seen a 3.6 wrangler (a current production engine) with a cracked block, low compression on 1,3,6 cylinders, engine had 8k miles never been abused, flooded or modified !!! Go figure

Yousif alhrazi – Waw # 128077;

Michael king – I’m surprised that the whole assembly line is not automated..

John k – Humans fix them when they short after

Charles clement – Good to see Black and Whites working together to do something. There’s no need for racism, it’s a very stressful thing to be a racist. Just imaging the things you could not have that hateful time. Let’s hope race relations get better not worse. Us all.The robots do not give a F $ (% about the color of the workers.They just do their jobs.Lets hope people start to do the same too.What a wonderful world it would be .. Amen.

Toddler Schultz and Kaysar – If people can not build them..people can not buy them..

Nick p – Will never buy a Jeep Wrangler or any Jeep … just a fan of Jeep vehicles..

Busan ssangyong – Want

Doug jacobs – With all the robots you’d think the wrangler would be vheaper than it is

Rudi had denied – Mobile impian 4

Kevin voeks – Making a HEEP. Go buy a toyota

Yudi ruswandi – Like tecnologi

Great music good feel – Cool but it’s made in America, that’s the reason the jeeps suck

Klarenz field – Woah pretty # 128525;

CDC Container Maker – Worm as fabricated an auto must be, I think, one of the experiences but geniuses that could have put.

Gerul support – Wow … Nice guys # 128077;

Jock – And how about the Frame? I miss to see the production!!!???

Darwis bolilio – I dream buy this car

Jesse fritz – I might have to leave my WK2 and get one of these.

Mohamed hatem – Wonderful ❤

LEAGLE Eye’s Wentz – Yep Fiber Glass lets see how this turns out!

Fernando aguilar – Impressive

Pedro maldonado – The transmissions at serve

Lm put on the tv – Hi’s dream.

Titus pullo – KYSKYNET

Glenna-jo gelnett – Beautiful jeep’s!!!

Give – I love jeep

I am tosh – Now let’s mod it…

Yaser olabi – Really ..it is a great industry. ..I love it … Syria globalvillage

Iulian Jan74 – The last 4×4 standing.
I am in Europe. Nissan Patrol long gone.
Mitsubishi Pajero long gone.
Toyota Land Cruiser Long gone.Still here is a smartphone instead of a rough 4×4.
Land Rover Defender TD5 gone.
Now we have a lot of things to do and we have a lot of things to do with the NCAP conditions, forgetting that "4×4 are maded off the road, but …, cause" we save the planet. "Tree everything is solved.
Wrangler rubicon still alive .
Do not like to go on the other side of the world, do not spend your time in the world and be comfy..

Municipal sports – I hope some day I will have one of those wonderful Jeep: 3 always been my dream

Jayson santiago – Only 4 × 4 convertible I hope it does not hurt. Because it is modernizing too much and it tastes the rustic of the sawdust

1totheright – I never understand why manufacturing employers never supply uniforms for workers. You would think as much as possible..

Meysam mamizadeh – In 2:25 i can see a man in his head light.

Rinku varghese – Drem

Geoff stephens – 4:45 Are those dudes twins?

Watban n-k – I love # 128154; Super safari

Jeff w – Show me the machines that put all the faulty frame and track bar welds!!

00 1 – Good

Greg lawson – Where recalls are conceived.

Behzad fasih – May God bless the manufacturers

Jason palmer – Opening scenes a little unnerving to watch after the terminator movies


#shrodinger cat – Wow !!!!!!! I want to work at this factory and collect my favorite jeep!!!!!!!!!

Tyler seyer – Jeep wrangler.

Kyle t – I was surprised to be a Rubicon being built in the same 4:11 .

SKMC69 – And they still leak water as bad or worse than ever before.

Doitlikeidoit – I can not believe they do not show how they are on the drivetrain.

Jonathan bolagner – Some workers do not use PPE safety is not overriding priority at Jeep!!!

1foreverr – Junk in each and every part

Juan asanelli – The jeep died in the 90s … this solo has the number no his mystic nor her spirit

Juan Bautista Castillo Méndez – Thanks JEEP

LakuFoek DM – Another plastic 4X4……

Perry reasch – I like the old school jeeps

Shawn travels the world – This gonna be the next factory that the Italians take away and move to Mexico.

Midrangetorque – Cool Attacking SW impressed by all of the robotics !! The fact that God gives people the brains to design such machines, then gives people the brains to program them. It just blows me away!

Kluk ztopolovky – And soon they will be making robots just the way autoworkers look

Pennsylvania state – American cars is everything bad quality 🙁

Jorge baptist – Excellent work

Arming riversJeep is the best

Armada gaming – No wonder the new jeeps are just falling apart and having problems, just looking at who is building their union thugs who were wearing uniforms and could care less about their job. Miss a few bolts or screws? attacking all right they just took it back. No biggie.

1211 spinner – Loved it … Also a proud owner of 2 jeeps … # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077;

Ducati drew – The 2019 looks fantastic!

Mike wheatler – The haters have obviously never experienced one of these things off road. Keep it going while I enjoy the beautiful places Rubicon takes me.

Rm – I am getting to Jeep Sahara # 128665;

Grizzly – Watching jeeps be born

Gaber alkhali – Nice

Magic trick88 – I saw a single blue ocean jeep # 128542;

Brian grant – Hats off to all the engineers and workers!

Brian grant – It is amazing the technology. These robots are amazing

Kam – Noody wearing gloves!!??

Faculty – I love jeep

Keliikoa brah – I wish they would wave back to me in my ZJ, I have a jeep too! 🙁

Yeldar khemesh – How about lending me one of those for 1 week….

Amadi graphy – How long is this process? Anyone know?

Dexter morgan an real – Super very nice

Goth mog – Junk Fiat made. Fix it again Tony

Canton olufsen – One of the most unreliable cars-just blank every inch

Carlos Mendoza – Why they don’t get uniform to work?

John springate – I sold my brand new 2 liter petrol back to my Jeep dealer at 800 miles, and returned to my 2001, 60,000 miles TJ.
Why? Because I’m really looking at the wave and lane wander on highways, which I found exhausting after only 70 or so miles of fast driving in traffic.
I go to the top of the page.
No such problem ever with my old TJ!

Aaron chandler – I love my JL sport! wheres the 2 doors, i.e. the real jeeps?

Charles clement – Now we can appreciate what a FCA puts in a Jeeps when we drive them home.

Mrnton – Why germans make better car for me is absolute kaos

Scarlet universe – (look kool) but it’s still a cheap copy ‘from old j wrangler))! Is it an effeminate version.))))) (Arrivederci ragazzi) (# 128522;)

Candy s – In 2015 I purchased a 2015 Willy Wrangler .. I love it for a 2018 Sahara JL .. owned loving it # 128076; # 127997;

Wilson ventura – To think that is factory in 1967 the we have in Cordoba Argentina IKA, we manufacture the jeep and the estanciera, but we always carry the evil with the Yanki so we go.

Yanli zhang – All workers do not wear the same

Frank doster – They need uniforms makes for better work environment.

Kourosh Great 2500 Year. iran7000 year – USA # 127482; # 127480; # 127482; # 127480; # 128170; # 127482; # 127480; # 128170; Class # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; # 128076; Class # 128077; # 128077; # 128077;

Jorge garcia – What future the awaits has fca…..

Massimo gallotti – …IF MY TO TUTA; UNIFORMI TUTTE UGUALI … ⚠️⚠️⚠️

William and – I want to be the guy to drive it or drive it. Wow the mechanic robotics stuff


Jun Ye Jun also – Things can not be better. I come to like jeep and the United States more!

Reymel her cross – For me the best jeep in the world

Focus on poornas – Xterra is better

Felipe brito – Very nice! Now make a diesel version.

Cavan jordan – I thought it was a whole bunch of people going "woohoo" before realizing it was the machines

Sallah uddin – Is the jeep reliable?

John smithherson – They go together like lego peices.

Manpreet singh – So great jeep

Sil bombardi – Is it british or american car?

Advanced fighting center – Lovely big love from Newcastle England

Zzm d – Cijena

Zzm d – Koje su mu dimenzije Sirona, Duzina, Medjuosovinso Rastojanje, Redukcija, Masina, Transmitted….

Rajnoma – It’s so great to see us workers in an auto plant. Terrific job, guys! So glad to see you! May you have a wonderful 2019!

Patrick kelley – Love my 1973 Lj 20 Suzuki. Little jeep

I run ichiro – You are going to go back to school.の の の の の?

Rosenberg in jerusalem – The best

Jeep dude – 1/5 stars safety, no rear airbags, poor protection on chest and legs in front of crash, over 440 complains at the NHTSA for bad welds and bad steering, people really frustrated wanting to give back … the most unsafe car in the Street is now due to poor manufacturing and quality. It is a shame this concept is not made by Toyota, Honda, Subaru, etc. How they are selling the 4 doors from $ 32k to $ 50k its unbelievable. This one is as basic as It can be, should be selling for $ 20k- $ 24k if anything. I will wait for 2020 Ford Bronco or maybe the 2025 JL (maybe FCA by then gets it right by trial and error).

Ismael brosas – Looking good the only problem is American made..you know what I mean..Reliability and Safety.

Jimmy fix it – Wow! These things are pretty much guaranteed to be paid for, they are even prime the underside!!

Tiberianexcalibur – I see it too many times in this plant.
1.Do not wear a uniform suit, you have a lady wearing a loose jacket.
2.The way the wheels are mounted unsafe.
3.Running the 1st Lug nuts in such a way that risks crossthreading and discharging operations to fix the problem. Why do they need 2 people at ($ 25 hr?) Installing lug nuts on the same wheel?
4. Already a paint defects before people were buffing out the spots. Lots of overspray too from the machines.
5.how much manual installations creates a lot of room for quality error. Some manufacturers have machines that insert the entire powertrain, suspension, and an assembly guiding it.

If I was a quality control manager, I would be overhauling this whole lot with PIR meetings. Look at the difference compared to other foreign car makers.
What a joke of the auto industry but hey Chrysler does not care.

Skuilaks derp – How would I like to buy it

1977 rags – Wish the dashboard was that easy taking out..look good just by watching this thinking vehicles should be less expensive

Kylie taylor – So cool

Captain Rudy 4021 – I wonder how much trouble is created if someone has a restroom or medical emergency?

Sak arbik – Jeep no. first …! Say no more.

Vlad cccp – This is a fiat now, they have stopped making real jeeps. I’m not a jeep hater I drive 98 xj

Owilde64 – I need one of the robots (9:10) for removing my hardtop lol

ABDULAZIZ Alrifi – I enjoyed the show .. But not the price

* – J for junk

It’s it! Just keep pumping out those automated rust buckets for your greedy

BIGB 1963 – No safety glasses No gloves This is a third world production line. The work force looks like they’re doing something. American manufacturing not expensive compared to German production lines. No wonder the quality is not good.

SEVER – Super car !!! Dream poet.

Bo fan – 1 star for safety will change this car ????

Believe in yourself – Jeep cars are like toys nowadays. You can disassemble the whole thing without a screwdriver.

Kifo – Summary of the comments section:
-Talking about the weld recall
-Pretending but death is only a Jeep issue
-Talking about their Made in Mexico Chevy is more American than made in Ohio Jeep because Chrysler merged with Fiat
-Complaining about the price
-Saying this is not a real Jeep because it has four doors / air condition / a dash / bucket seats / power windows / fuel economy / an automatic transmission / anything invented after 1945

2019 Jeep wrangler production

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