2019 Toyota 4runner trd pro vs. Jeep wrangler rubicon // face-off

2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro vs Jeep Rubicon Wrocler // Face-Off

James and Thomas take the 2019 Toyota 4 Runner TRD Pro and the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon on an off-road adventure…. …

Igmer barahona – Jeep wins because it has locks

Caleb mcstud – We can agree that the jeeps straight axel lockers is completely superior to yew

Begal harv – One is at the top of the reliability charts. The other; near the bottom. I’ll take the 4 runner, thanks.

Legit bigboibob – I own a new 2019 TRD 4Runner Pro, and it is really good for living in California, and the sticker for it is really cheap and $ 50 down

TCFBRP – Any car is nice when it’s brand new. Re-visit this test after both vehicles have 100k miles on them. The Jeep may not be the same, but the 4 Runner will be more likely to be running like new.

Jack hook – Toyota’s in the mountains always in the slow lane trying to get up on the hill

Hanna – Rubicon crazy loud

Von trap – They need to use a test.

Von trap – The problem with both of these is the price !! Absolutely astonishing how much they charge for these and how much the morons and ignorant will pay for them.

Ria damayanti – I..

America TheBeautiful – Put the same tires on them

Masterchicancergrade3 – Too easy, if you wanna be a fat struggling to get your get away, if you wanna go offroading get the ruby.

Anthony DeLizio – "I do not read American I read English"

Thorn dondlinger – Also the TRD is not much different than my 2016 4Runner
The interior is legit the exact same


Clay maynard – The 4Runner is a lot nicer if you go for the limited trim.

MiltosAuto – Tundra got somewhere near:

Anthony rosa – I would not have a Jeep if it was on fire. It’s a fiat trash. Want a vehicle to last for decades, get the 4 Runner. Want more off road? swap the tires, add a lift kit. want more? My 80yr old Mother loves the 4 Runner because she can not get out of bed and is very comfortable. I would like it to like the Fiat Renegade. 4 Runner is off road tough with real family practicality.

Bendy and mace demarco – Seems like the TRD Pro vs. Grand Cherokee would be more of a match?

Copybooksubset – The dude in the 4runner could not drive to save his life. That runner could have made it up with no problem. # 129318; four


Michael tucker – You guys are hilarious! Great video!

Roberto alvarez – But they are a lack of respect compared to the reality of a lifetime.

Brian mclaughlin – 4 Runner hands down, even with the drive train.

Mike ll. – I would have a 4 runner trd off road and buy a 98 tj inline 6 with the rest of the money..

Luke rainforth – Need better tires on the 4runner

Marco lopez – Only wankers wannabes buy jeep

David schornik – One of the worst cars I have ever driven. It’s a box inside and out, very poor visibility, cramped inside. It drove like a box too, poor handling. Just a weird vehicle. Do not understand why people buy them.

David schornik – The Toyota needs better off-road tires, that’s all.

Pallas athena – Toyota Gang # 128588; # 128588;

Ebony mike – That Jeep looks like it’s since 1999

Brennen has – I love Chitty! One of my favorite movies!

Hollow knight – Chrysler products are garbage

That1 guy – Let’s appreciate the fact that these are not crossover mall crawlers. I have love for both!

Achilles vaesto – You only have to listen to one of the songs.

Galactic pharmaceutical – 4 runner has no edge, gold style

Wayne wicks – Let’s talk about reliability the bet that Toyota goes forever for the Fiat I doubt it will make a hundred thousand trouble free miles lol

Shannon nunn – I would rather have a Cherokee

Sky nguyen – Toyota made in America Jeep made in Mexico ha haaa

Iron man – Big Mac (or Jack in the Box) Big Shake Shake … Big Mac is Jeep lol

Greg buckley – The good ole technical pinch and roll.

Oven – Looking for latch hood jeep Wrangler JL

New product promotion, as long as $ 1.99 (the original price is $ 44.99), only one, the price will rise after the sale.


Faggle shower – Jeep sucks ass

Manfred schmidt – Cool haha ​​intro: D

Cars of pennsylvania – Toyota lost when you said "5 speed"

TheBigManUno – I am surprised, the 4Runner with a 4L V6 struggles to do what Jeep did with a turbo like a 2L inline 4 … with a vehicle like 2/3 the weight. Much as I love’em the 4 Runner feels very lacking for Its price. Definitely at $ 30K vehicle, more than 50 offers.

XCESTO – Consider taking the 4 Runner. I currently drive a 04 sport edition and it is such a fun car to drive. More 4runners are made in Japan where they make sure they constantly inspect the vehicle for upmost quality.

Vince hugs – Toyota everytime Chrysler Jeep..

Cars of pennsylvania – That damn intro lmfao

Shorts + sweet Reviews – I do not need that gun I’m so told by people that I’m the biggest d! Ck they have ever met!

Wait a second … # 128530;

Jonathan losito – 2:28 pm; And this is why the Lincoln Nautilus is much better than the Ford Edge ST. It is faster, luxurious, comfortable, smooth, and its got the same LED lights as the Continental, and Navigator.

Greg lasko – Chrystler vs toyota …… nuf said

What wave whey – Both are over-priced.

Tracy nguyen – I totally buy a toyota over jeep!!!

Felix lopez – If you think that box looks better than the 4 runner you are crazy

Andy ham – 4Runner all day


FEELICKS Calamari – I have never owned a Jeep. But I’mma say right now BMW is better than BMW. -my dumbass friend….

Bid dub-u – Considerably buy the 4 Runner everyday over the Jeep. If I was leasing one, then it might be more or a decision. The 4 Runner will probably last 3-4 times as long as the Jeep.

Sft rc – Two women trying to drive like men

Uk7769 – FFS put EQUIVALENT TIRES on each test if you are going to do a comparison. It’s a fair handicap. Because, Japanese built Toyota 4 Runner Vs. Fiat built Italian jeep trash? buahahaha there is no comparison.

Zhou wang – Are you looking Front Grille for your Toyota 4Runner?

Now 12% Off For Toyota 4Runner Front Upper Mesh Grill

Fit For Toyota 4Runner 2014-2019 SR5 Trail TRD PRO
2019 Toyota 4runner trd pro vs. Jeep wrangler rubicon // face-off

If you are interested.

Links: https: //nintestore.com/collections/4-runner

Michael and – Screw new added electronics. Do not mess with something if it is not broke. Less electronics = less things breaking. 4runner is king. Keep it simple and working.

Mo angel – A buddy of mine has a 2012 Rubicon unlimited. He had lots of repairs done to it, fixed this and that, tranny went out, but he loves it. I do not know why its crazy about it. I’ve told you, It’s a jeep thing, and I love it ".

Vinny booboo – Shooting his own penis. oven

Soul trek ventures – Haha now thats a nonexpecting intro! cool effects! oohh that trd pro looks sweet i’ll take both

Eduardo gomez – The only reason he had problems with the world.

ALRTMedia – You buy a 4runner and keep it for life …. i dont know what you do with a rubicon …?

Jennifer prince – The guy in the Rubicon was excited about climbing the hill (full speed ahead). He’s excited about the fact that he climbed the hill and the runner did not. Well the Runner was already climbing the hill in what appeared to be "4 low" I was to be wrong. He was cruising pretty slow. But when the Rubicon took the hill, he left the Runner in the dust. GOAL the Rubicon took the hill at fill speed. The driver of the Runner took the hill from a stand still Where did the Rubicon take the hill full speed ahead. I’m concerned, puakkk

Just gaming – I like the jeep more

Ivan hoody – I like the red accent along the dashboard in the Jeep

DabbayabbaDo – Jeep is the undisputed off-road king. The Toyota is OK but it’s so ugly-especially the front end-they need to make it look a little less feminine and a little more rugged.

Ezean moses – Wow! This is the best intro to a video I’ve seen this year 2019 … Well done guys!

Thad williams – Smarmy brits half-assing donuts on a snowy slope but then I thumbsupply it when Smarmy Brit 1 told Smarmy Brit 2 ‘is this why there’s always pee on my seat?’. Well played, # 1, well played.

Farmer – Yota for the win. It will be running while the brand is being worked on

Fpineros22 – I’d take the toyota.

Colin clement – My head says 4 runner but my heart says rubicon

Jack hook – I have a great Cherokee 2004 400 thousand miles no problem I got a Rubicon jeep would not take anything for it.i had a Tacoma 93 that broke the lines rusted out 4 or 5 years old then the frame rusted in and broke in half which is Pretty common for them up north.everyone talks toyota reliability i guess has not seen all the recalls on there vehicles in the past few years.

Joltmann07 – The tires are completely different from each other…

Swaggytoast – These chodes are driving around a snowy field and somehow they’re creaming their pants over it..

Sorensic titanium – 4runner is so much cleaner looking imo

Ryan m – If I was going to drive one of these, the Toyota would be my choice. If I was going to offroad more often, the Jeep would be my choice.

Free stance low key – You guys are ridiculous! Lol

From kure – Nice "tech" jeep, let me know how it runs in 15years LOL FOH

Oven – Because I like to give my car a new look. This makes me feel better on the off road. Because every off-road team will bring some wear in my car. In addition to enjoying the speed and safety of your decorate my car. I found a store with good quality. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254179148118 I know if there are any friends who share the same feeling or need it.https: //www.ebay.com/itm/ 254266780670

Wow crawl owens – Sold my TRD off-road because I felt like a soccer mom I have a 03 Rubicon I still drive

Issam nasr – Pinch & Roll # 128514; # 128514;

Homeless_guy445 t. – "I wrote read American I read English" wtf # 128514;

Paul lamont – Jeep all day.

Porsche american – Toyota rules, jeep junk.

Goldstein – Flat = jeep = trash

Mike c – I say that Wrangler, but no side airbags for the backseat is my deal breaker

Kao the numberblocks fan 2019 – This bullshit we have seen this exact 4runner go up snowy hills before, pure idiot driver or intentionally. Stupid comparison.

Davao0506 – Sponsored by jeep

Murphy bob – 4runner sexy though. oven

Momo c. – "I do not read american I read english.

Andy yang – i think the 4 runner is better

Rizky kesumarahman – Fj Cruiser: # 129325;

Jon candelaria – This is the British / more Canadian version of the straight pipes

Tami anderson – Chitty love chitty bang bang

Austin jurish – What from Jeep’s about Jeep’s

Nathan brown – If you really wanted a reliable test you would want the same driver in your vehicle and the same tires. Mostly the tires thougb

Pressendforspanish – Why is the Toy following the Jeep tracks ???? Oh yea, we know why!

Randal sweeting – He turned a 2000 nissan xterra into a 2019 Toyota 4runner lol

Joey benedetto – Ehh the resale value of the Toyota kinda sucks the JEEP on the other hand is good

Samuel the lee – You guys need to compare these two fine vehicles with the Kia Telluride which has a 3.8-liter V-6 which makes 291 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a modern hearing. Jeep or the Toyota, And is making history by becoming dominant. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Gerald ander lee – You mean fiat wrangler????

R8 – Front end of the 4runner looks similar to Evo X’s front end

Michael best – Thumb’s up, just for the intro.

Voltzy70 – This is all you need to know about Jeep, watch the 2019 CRASH TESTS here on youtube and watch them fail catastrophically. Fiat Chrysler Ruined the Jeep brand.

Kev Musicluva – Totally agrees, my 2k13 Sahara is NOT fun on the highway for long periods of time. Aim, appart from that, amazing vehicle. GOAL test it before buying for sure!

Marty allen – So this being a Canadian review, I can automatically add 25% to the review of the Jeep!

Fun under car kids – On the Rubicon Jeep you can take off the front window

Serrano christian – Pair of queers

Big d – Wranglers are actually that great, they are just over rated and over hyped. If a driver tested both of these off road, they would be able to go to the same places, but the 4 Runner is more comfortable, more reliable, etc., Only the 4 Runner wins. Jeep Wrangler is the Isuzu Trouper, it can go anywhere to Jeep can go with Isuzu firm worn down crappy street tires. Only true off-roaders know how incredible the Isuzu Trouper is, sadly it served in production anymore.

Chris nguyen – American autoplant workers should be lynch for being a disgrace to American cars

John nava – Fruit boots

Orlando d – I currently own a 4th gen 4 Runner (2016) and a 2015 wrangler, out of the box 4 Runner is far more superior. My Jeep has made it happen with electric issues. It has only been 46,000 miles. However, my 4 Runner has 4Runner, 4Runner and my 16 4Runner and Jeeps owned by 93 Grand Cherokee, 04 wrangler, and my current 15 wrangler. Believed had better experiences with my older 4Runner also wrinkles nicer and is more comfortable. Jeeps than had had with my wrangler. Never had any issues with any of the 4runners

Steve l – Two vehicles could not be more different, the Toyota has a quality of life, the other has …. a live front axle .
I own both

Themininguys – Yeah put the same tires on it and test again doubt stupid if one has ko2s and the other some

Arlan t. – I like my 4runner v8, 315k miles all original parts except alternator had to replace at 270k miles.

Itsmyleggz – I prefer the big knobs. Easy to adjust, who the hell faces about touch screen. And I hate push start.

Danialphaomega – You are pussies go and drive your Prius

Tacomahnster – If Jeep would improve the reliability of their vehicles I’d buy one in a heartbeat. Love the new gladiators.

Franklin urbaez – Do not compare chrysler car vs toyota

Xwarped83 – Yes, the roof comes off the Jeep, and then that fucker bushing when it rains. Great feature!!

Supertoasty – 0:47 why i clicked.

From kure – YOTA GANG

Aditya pandit – I would get Jeep only because it’s fun to drive an open Jeep. Toyota at giant sunroof and open roof and boring inside.

Gamer asd – Toyota is the best.

Mike sabella – Unsubed to sub again cause the intro

Kyle blackwelder – Sub’d. You guys do great, fun, informative vids, of people want to see. Your able to connect with them, as well as those. Well done guys. Keep on keep on. Me? I’m going to your next vid.

Bigdarshan – Love the review guys …. i mean most of us. So this video really resonates with me

Colorado bike – I would get the 4Runner. Oh wait, I did .. I got the 2019 Limited though. Only the tech I wanted and nothing more, good on the road and good enough for the off road I’ll take it.

Sam saasen – Why would you need to roll down the windows??

Sam saasen – Ahead Silly Fucking If You Choose The Jeep Over The Toyota. unless you are willing to admit you got it for the looks

Harry roger – Toyota all the way-unless you want to keep fixing your jeep.

Nicholas gallimore – You can get the red pro with remote start. Why are there no videos showing this ?? Considering so stupid people.

Robert volz – Jeep again, GARBAGE CANS that horribly failed!!!

Marcus jarrell – I do not know how they are wearing sunglasses. That would burn out my eyes

TMichelle Smith – This was a GREAT video !!! I loved it! Love my jeep! 3

Ishta – It is sad the 4runners of not have manuals anymore. I wanted to upgrade my 98 which I had since 2002, and I did not know they dropped the manual. Now you have to truck instead. Too bad because I really like the 4runner

Youtube Comments – When they got in the Jeep. I almost felt like they were gonna make out.

Bernomat Berno Adrien – Nice intro # 129392; # 129392 # 128516; # 128516;

Condy – Am i only one wondering why they are not wearing jackets or gold sweaters anything lol.

Vanfamco – Let’s continue this competition for 20 years and we will be better. We all know who will be new.

Kyle greene – I would get the 4runner only because because it will outlast 5 jeeps. Chrysler Sucks at Making Reliable Cars

Donate – Not mentioned, with an English accent …. "a Jeep, these parts fail, while a 4runner

Stanley Kania – Toyota Resell Value says it all .. Jeep Wrangler can’t get a good crash test..

Carlos Berrios – I wish when they decide to do these types of comparisons they would be able to do the same. Make a big difference especially when going into the snow with street tires.

Chris hackopian – That’s a Fiat. Not a jeep.

Enrique espino – Gustarian me one subtitles in Spanish 🙁

August b – Lost me at fake hood scoop. Stayed for the wrangler

And kevin – Imagine the ranger raptor going through the snow like it’s in baja! Haha

Rheyland simon – PINCH AND ROLL

Timba tee – JL Wrangler = 1 * crash rating..

Loopsrainforest – Are the wrangler still death traps?

I must give – I’m a Toyota lover but Jeep kicked the Toyota’s ass!!!

Pnisflytrap1 – Jeeps are for highschool girls. You guys don’t know how to drive. And that is a joke to say "off road"?

Siddhartha anand – Lol yeah chiti chiti bang bang

D’arcy jousset – So I’m laughing about the window switch thing. It says toss them there because the doors come off. If the doors come off then only from the door windows. Why would you need to stay here? Why not leave the stack?.

JOSHaka OGER – Idk both are like ..mehhh # 129300;

Crediblecommenter – Wow lots of jokes

KAWI NINJA – These guys are not wearing any jackets wtf

Moradian allele – Toyota …. Always a follower not a leader

Right wing safety squad – The fatal flaw of the 4 Runner is that the steering wheel is too far away and does not telescope almost far enough. I do not want to extend my legacy anymore. It’s also a bit too girthy. The seats are not as comfortable as the Wrangler Shame, it’s mechanically a fantastic and beautiful truck.

And the reason it did not make it up to the head of the head.

Film cars model – 0:47 To be continue

FB Kensar HD – ..
That normal toyota key works and doesn’t break often ☺️.

Jeremiah goodwin – So that Ray gun turned Xterra to a 4runner? Impressive

Maxmillion fisher – Jeep beats Toyota in 4X4. Let me say one name … LAND CRUISER.

Iteshnayak80 – 4runner: Soldier
Wrangler: MMA fighter

Shannon ramsey – Intro was great, but asking for Queen, I lost it.

Mathew weiss – Just picked up a 2008 4 Runner SR5 and this video made me realize that I’m going to explain why.

IA Hernandez – What a blade 4runner driver. Shame

Chris guzman – Enter # 128514; # 129315; # 128514; # 129315;

Pokyttruu ruynn – Def try out the gladiator once it comes out!

Samuel Joseph – Considering taking the 4Runner over the jeep

Crazy knife – Just based on the I disliking and not watching. Hate when boy boys try and trash other great vehicles.

Chris ramsey – New Jeep is ugly af. Sloped back windshield, crappy interior, all that plastic and even higher pricetag. NO THANKS!

Saiyan shahid – They are just making Toyota look bad but it’s not working huh # 128520;

John c – Anyone in this comment section actually off road? If so do you use that extra tech or do you go by feel and sound? Seems like Jeep is adding tech for people who should not be off roading.

Yue lu – Wrangler back seats just horrible, completely killed me.

Mikuelable – This can do a bigger thing

Dani p – Wrangler >>>> 4runner

Allen gigika – Toyota> Jeep

KG – Hahaha those intros are always hilarious

Thony r – Off road vehicles should be tested with the same tires.

Wolverine123 – I would take the 4 runner anyday

Marks music – So did anyone else notice that the toy cars were a tj and a extera

Phillip stuart – Say something about resale value
Gold can a jeep go 300,000 or 400,000 miles
But there is something about jeep
My wife has the trd

Albert hutchison – If there were other SUV choices this family would definitely have it sealed. Just because it’s a body on a frame does not mean the rest of it is worth anything. Prior to getting my Current Premium Trail I was a die hard 4-Runner fan. That’s no longer the case…

Lukelem – Reliability of Toyota is unmatched. If you want a 4×4 Fiat, the Wrangler is for you … You might even get a few thousand miles out of it!

Jetdr – For the most of what will be driving the road, the TRD is the way to go, that being said, I have owned a Jeep and they have almost no competition off road. Yes there is a lot of money to do so.

Krazy gangster – Fiat though..

Boberino 3000 – I purchased a 2018 4 Runner TRD Off Road last June (my first "non-American" brand). I added a 3 "with Bilstein hardware, fuel wheels, and tires so it’s not 100% stock. The truck is loaded with AUViles for Lights and winches, the display / display apps are from the early 2000’s, iOS / Android capability is This is the age of the LED bulb, and it is a good idea to use the light bulb.I would like to think about it because I could not afford it.I would pay $ 60K + for something with the above mentioned mods and more. listen to Toyota.

Tyrone law – You know Toyota is the best when Australian, Europe, Middle East, Canada, South American, and African all uses Toyota only. American, we like to think things are made in america is great but honestly a lot of things made in america is junk.

Norm bert – Toyotas are bullettproof … Jeeps are Fun

Moroni breitbart – Jeep McDonalds Burger. 4Runner; chopped ribeye cooked med rare with fresh bread and veggies etc. Comparing the two is quite funny.

VexCasm – You lost my attention when you started "trail riding" in Rubicon’s footprint …. Sort of defeats the point of competition when you let the Rubicon "pave the way" for your treadline. Sigh

H g – Indicating even want to watch the rest.

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