3 Easy upgrades for the jeep wrangler anyone can do!

3 Easy Upgrades for the Jeep Wrangler Anyone Can Do!

Check out these three easy upgrades that I ordered from JC Whitney and the step by step video instructions for installing them on the AutoEdit 2013 Jeep …

Andrew Rietmann – What inch lift is that on your jeep?

Juan contreras – Hey jasson you save my life with the recline seat kit, thanks.

His su – Hey I bought some euro IPCW taillights can not fix true signal can you help ??? Just learning

Mack arnott – 3 easy upgrades, assuming you have JK not a TJ 🙁

Jeff stewart – Sorry, but that grab handle is going to tear your face off if you get into a front wreck..

Jeffrey maidment – What tires and rims and size of lift kit do you have on your jeep in the video

Valeri Sollitto – "I’m a camera guy, batteries everywhere"

Matthew millner – Be nice if the GraBars came in different color options

Eddie irvine – Yo9u posted do not have tail lights websites at all listed?

A.S sports – What fenders do you have on? great vid btw

Sandy larsen – Harken hoister

Geof spear – I have a patented quick release system for Jeep Hardtops please check it out, and Share speartopsystems.com Thanks

Chase chapman – What is the jeep in the intro video?

Lordofnothingham – Philips Head is a good seller.

Gilbert lopez – Good morning nice jeep dreamin of having one

Ethan daulton – Grab bars? More like skull basher 6000

There are 123 – I did the Grabars about 2 months ago and just did the rear seat recline kit today. I sprung a leak while torquing on the same exact bolt. It caught me a little further on the outside of my forearm.

Richard Turk – Your videos have horrible light.

Derek – @AutoEdits, does it matter if the spacers are metal or plastic? Just was looking at Amazon and noticed that they sell them in metal too. Thanks

Oscar winner – Those Chinese tail lights are high reward … you fail inspection. Lucky i didn’t get a ticket for them.

Jennifer executioner-harold – I would love for my 2010 to look like this.

Sam Sam The Cigar Man – Can you install a tuffy security shelf for the office area with the backseat spaced? Or would this not work?

Tae kim – Can I get a name for those Tires and Wheels?

George guo – These are some of the metal handles that will create some safety issues during an accident…

RRR 21 – Looks like someone found the oh shit handles for jeeps.

Losille95 – Why not turn orange LED signal ♂️♂️

Melissa flowers – You remind me of my dad, good tips!

Eduardo pasco – I just got done doing the first two mods in this video. The bolts on my back seats were super hard to take off, but was able to manage it. The backseat is more comfortable, the grab bars are amazing, super helpful. Have not Done the brake lights yet, hopefully soon. But thank you for your video, super easy install. Keep up the good work brother. Your videos are awesome. Thank you again.

There are 123 – Thanks for the video, you made it look easy. I’m going to recline the backseat this weekend.

Mike richardsonson – While researching Jeeps I came across your video Jason and I have watched them all. Finally found a used jeep as a project and started with the grab bars and seat recline, this is going to be fun.!

Nerg – Great videos Like the tail lights.
What type and year of wrangler has a painted roof and fender?
I’m a little confused. Can the wrangler 2019 order with this spec?
Thank you for any information that can be given.


AK83MUSTI – Why is this american still getting tight from the beginning?..

MICHAEL MURFF – Solder me on the JKU Grab Handles and the Rear Seat Recline Kit! Thanks for your videos.

Niko V – No more to say of praticality, BUT I saw a great audio junk over there, rear seats up the music speakers and the bass speaker in the rear. MY QUESTION: in which package can I have a decent sound system off wrangler models ?! I Note that you have a rubicon is expensive for me at the moment 🙁 !!

Stephen alexander – 15: 03-get out with steering wheel from lol! Cool vids man, keep it up.

Indrid cold – I was my old TJ since new. It is now heavily modified from the original factory. I think the engine is the last of the major factory.

David jennex – Hey Jason. Any suggestions for grip bars that rear-seat passengers in a two-seater can be used to get into the back seat? Thx.

Flourish george – Serious question: Can anyone provide details about this jeep? I’m a fan of the look.

Usman khan – What make and model Jeep do you have

Daveinet – I have not spent the money on the recline kit. There is a better way. The biggest problem with the recline kit is that it tips the bench up, so you are still squashed. I’m sure they made the kit this way, because they did not want to modify the seat, BUT, if you go to the mod, do it right, so that it works. I bought men’s washers for less than 10 bucks. This tilted the seat back more than 3 1/2 inches. For the passenger side, I took a dremel tool and notched out the frame in the middle. There is a platform on the other side that needs to be notched as well. For the driver’s side, I’m just a little Bit bored up and down, and it’s a bit bent the frame. This allows the bench to sit flat in its normal position, and the back to be tilted. It feels like a very normal thing..

The other floppy handles are a purpose. While the rigid handle is nice for getting in, it shouldn’t be used when going off road. The purpose of the floppy handles are the Jeep where to roll, you get your hand crushed between the handle And the rock. This is a safety feature. It can seem hokey until you understand why it is there.

Full deserted – This is my dream car !!! I’m so horny with this car

THE READ QUEEN – My Dream Car …. All I can do is dream. I’ll just continue to look at you and picture me in it. Beautiful truck perfection!

10ringhitter – There is a torque to reach on those seat spacers???

Bart carney – What kind of roof rack you have. Is there a video for it?

Nurse pineapple – Definitely need a husband

Much respect the ✊ # 127995; 127 # 127996; 127 # 127999; the just the can .. .. .. just

Johnyq – Tip 8; 32 you could tell how scared it was when you were in a tight fit or when you were in a tight fit or something really tight that i know if the ratchet brakes or slips off im gonna be bleeding

Brooks brown – Can not say im a huge fan of those tail lights …!!

GLENN B. – Very nice, simple things with minimal skills, and max rewards, thanks. Question, what rear bumper with that swing away take mount is that? It looks good. Thanks again.

Pwroth58 – Jason, thanks for showcasing the GrabBars. Saw them in your video, loved them, bought them and just installed them today. High quality, Great recommendation!

Thegammerguy – That metal handle will get you killed in a second man thats a terrible idea

Seminole rick – "This, as you can see is …" … NO .. too dark to see! near useless !!!

Scott Shepard – Great video !!! I am inspired to go do some mods. Driving 2013 Sahara, went and looked at the JL and is priced like a luxury car. I’ll save my money and turn my jeep into what I want it to be since It’s almost paid off. Just disappointed they are charing double now.

Conqwiztadore22 – Now some bullet resistant windows! i love your tank

Sean neely – Can you update the JC Whitney links. They are broken and their site search sucks

Eye one – I love your jeep, that’s my fav truck

KENNY j – Troy McClure from The Simpsons

Action monkey – Where did you get your fenders?

Thomas lage – Does the seat of comfort affect the safety at all? Say, for a child seat?

Nvscanman – Sorry …. but for the most part JC Whitney is the ‘walmart’ of automotive accessories …. some of what they sell.

Popxwar – I couple ugga duggas and arranged set !

J trammell – Great video Thanks for the ideas.

Joed596 – The miss is a lot of videos, the Re-lube. If you do this before, the installation goes very easily. Alternating tightening each bolt towards the end also helps. 🙂 Thumbs up for your Channel, Joe

Mark pope – Your Instagram Link Does Not Work.

Mark pope – How did you get so many views for this video? Looked like 6 times more than any other video of yours, even older ones.

Mark pope – Does Pinto get residuals?

Mark pope – Was it a copper tube breaker bar? LOL Why soft copper? Am I missing something? Wait, you did not know how to use your lifter. No plumber’s crack shots though. Hmmmm

Uther – Great vid, I’m a little late to teh show goal!

Gray ghost – Now, I just have to buy a Jeep…..

Alan taylor – Had an 07 JK and in 08 I stacked washers to accomplish the same thing on the rear seat. 🙂

The EDM Project-SEE The Music Archive – Here is the 4th …- avengers.

Kc ramone – You didnt clean! you didnt clean! aaaaaaaaaah!

Heinz dinter – Thanks for the video. Just dropped the kit into my 2015 JK. My advice is to absolutely use an impact, but it does not matter if you want to learn more about it. With one impact gun and one person it takes 30 minutes without Killing You or dropping a testicle.

Allen herrera – Thanks for this, I’m inspired ….. JEEPLIFE

J pro – Solid mods will do this to my girls jeep

Ivan Rodriguez – HOW THE Ep26 novita is installed in a jeep wrangler TJ06

Devil – 4:59

Rockstar rochelle – OMG these are so easy that even this chic can do it! Ordering my parents and installing these bad boys in my Rubicon # 128170; # 127996; # 129311; # 127995;

Tyler m19 – Boku on the peak?

Mr. X. – Your intro was great..reminds me of troy mcclure

Sylthaya – Also get some wd40 gold and apply that the bolt might help you if you have a cheater bar or an impact wrench

Sylthaya – If anyone is worried about hitting their head on the metal grab handles, I love my smittybilt ones

Aj spears – Just got myself to 2012 unlimited sahara and I’m going to be doing all 3! Great video and looking forward to more, just subbed!

Eric Chatelain – Hi, Where can I buy the rear seat kit for the Wrangler JK. I went on the 4WD website and I can not find it. Thanks.

Coach maguire – Anyone know if the seat will work on a door?

Awesome captain – Lol the nuts are a very big deal … just saying. earn a sub.

Marcus lucero – What brand of grab bars did you get?

Wesley gibbs – Its 1AM and I including even own a Jeep. Why am i here?

Killah5x x – Whats the lift on your jeep?

Believe in yourself – What I do not like about Jeeps, is that they can be easily disassembled by the owner. Can you customize the hat?

Tom lotspeich – You mention something about hitting your head on the rope handles your JK, wait till you hit your head on the Grabars, you’ll wish you had the rope handles. My JK came with the Grabars and I wish it didnt. I bash my head On the face of the sunvisors. Glad I did not buy mine aftermarket.

Ace macritchie – I have the same jeep

Dj mafia – Good

James t – Jason, any idea how to stop the tailgate rattle?

Think harder – Milwaukee impact wrench, priceless to avoid human leakage

Ethan – I was just wondering if you need the third light on the back of your jeep. I see you only have a second view of the world.

Ronald choong – Love the rims on your jeep. What are they?

Vincent spencer – THERE IS! I like the "Simpsons" reference in the beginning

Leo cross – You sounded like Troy McLure from The Simpsons at the begging of the video

Christopher g – Jason, I’m considering a new Wrangler JL, so I’ve been watching a number of videos on Jeeps. I’m in HUGE criticized some of the people doing YouTube videos. (I criticize myself harshly too.) Some guys talk in a sing-songy voice, while others try TOO hard to be funny or entertaining. Others always say THEME for the word "the" or AYE for the word "the" (uh) … they just sound stilted and unnatural. Minutes of material into a 20 minute video of rambling and repetitiveness.

You, the other hand, were just natural and conversational. Your tip of the hat to Troy McClure was a lot of fun. You spoke to the camera (your viewers, actually) just like you were just chatting with a friend. Work thoroughly, Yet concisely. Really NICE work. I do not subscribe to a lot of pages, but I will subscribe to yours.

Bluealien69 – Is ur jeep unlimited

Booman theghost – Damn those tires gotta cost alot!

R3wnd – Link to the tires?

Cobra1Alpha – 3 Easy Upgrades Doesn’t Look So Easy

Michael smith – Those grab handles are pretty trick! And if they’re using the right diameter.

Francis – I love your wheels! Could you tell me the brand and name so I can take a look? Thanks

Jeff wallace – Are these things you can ask for when buying new?

Charles the hammer hammer – Pinto approved!!!!!

Nisser anderogregy – Does anyone know where this guy lives? Looks beautiful

Albie dam – Honestly Isnt using copper too soft to use as a cheater?

Matthew langley – What brand ratchet with the curved handle are you using in the video

Alhuxy – What model is this? Thanks

SIXundSIXTY – Great video thank you.

Lacey dawn – Anyone know where can I get a good price for my Wrangler JKU? Also looking for reasonably priced fun accessories. Thanks! 🙂

A. Latif Albalushi – From where can I get the basketball top

Nick DeChiaro – I was just wondering what size do you have on this? I just bought a 1990 Jeep Wrangler and was looking for a deck. Just wondering what size I should get.

Pope john – Hi..I have a jeep fanatic and I am getting one soon..How is a 2017 Rubicon which has been customized in your view … And I am planning to add a third row … Hoping to hear from you

TacMed 419 – Great ideas … well done.

Phil ward – For the recline seat, it would be better if the backrest just reclined a little more. By tilting the seat of the deceased. The angle between the seat and the backrest is still the same

Kiwi jello – All I want in life is a jeep wrangler, but can not afford it. Maybe someday 🙂

Henry co – Nice po

Greg urquhart – May I ask what kind of roof rack that is where you bought it?

Jessica unpeligro – It’s only a flesh wound.

Thank you for this awesome video and tips! Just added two more upgrades to next weekends jeep project.

Eeps Jeepsy Woman.

Jamesjoyce12 – Real jeeps do not have.

The sleep – Jeep drivers…

Lance koller – Easy upgrades that could be a lot of work lol

Alfonso garcia – "Pinto" was my dog ​​name, passed away a few months ago.

Dawfurby – Also I love that you need to make a minute. Says a lot about the Jeep brand. Outdated and poor quality.

C l stevens – Why is it bad to grab the steering wheel? All of the steering wheels I have grabbed onto are pretty solid.

Liana camarillo – Awesome video

JunFam Channel – Nice video

Svnbit – Grab bars look safe

Nick hodgson – Light bar?????

Whatroads4x4 – This is way better than twerking videos..

Brez 65 – I’ve been watching all your Vids this weekend I really got the Jeep Bug. Yours is very helpful and informational. Planning on ordering my 2018 Rubicon JL in a week..

Miguel grimaldo – What roof rack do you have installed?

Cary richardsonson – What about sunvisor clearance ??? (Sorry if it was already referenced, I had the time to read all 355 comments)

Hector Colonel – Hecor

Ebar2010 – What kind of work table are you using?

Connie annoreno – Can you do the kit if you have a car seat?

Ricardo ruiz – Cool easy upgrades, but I’m surprised you did steam your carpet while you had the seats up. Sir, just admire your attention to detail.

Joeyzac45 – The link is broken, can you rest or update? Thanks !!! Great vine.

Matt hess – +Autoedit which state do you live in?

Gfi garage – Great video and subscribed

J-fee – Just wached the intro and already subbed

Sarg – Love all you videos buddy, just a pair of anzo tail lights for the jeep from jcwhitney. Keep me coming

Colin h. – What does jk mean

Ar1745 – How are the taillights any fog issues?

Michael davis – I like the concept of the new grabbers, but not the safety aspect. Looks like head trauma.
I think you’re in the right hunt with getting better grabbers, I just don’t know if that’s the right shot to take.
Live live to the max!!!
Awesome channel

Gary voigt – If you control your hand you would not have sliced ​​yourself…

Kevin geer – Just finished my first two upgrades ever! -Handles and Back Seat. Those backseat bolts almost did me in. Now save some cash and then tail lights! Thank you!

Wierckx – Rear bumper?

Cats o’hooten – With the rear spacers in three quarters of the rear seat bracket / mount is not in contact with the floor. Those spacers seem to be much better than the rest of the world. They are designed to distribute the weight of the footprint. The fronts are The size of the support.

Bob the builder – Awwww the puppy

Keon r. – Using a cheater bar is great if you want to break your ratchet or bend the handle.

Hilshere1 – Improving hot !! oven

Alejandro Lara – A really human channel, I do not have a Jeep but I like it. Oh and those tail lights look awesome !

Muf koda – These strong grabbers are a must!

Aaron dunning – Is this a current recline or just tilting the whole seat back? My issue with the rear seat is the angle between the seat and back. I need to recline just the back.

RV Habit – Love your videos I installed LED headlights a few months back …. Wow what a difference. Great upgrade ideas.

Oversharegamer – Paying $ 86 for a little metal bars is messed up……….

Hard wax – Gross! Hummer H1 is better

Morgan smith – I think we all know at 8:45 he cuts it and used the impact and cut back to the wrachet

Elli003 – Thanks for the ideas! Blue healer carpet upgrade ?

Curtis hupfer – I installed a set of rear seat spacers in my 2013 JK. One of the most brutal installs I have ever done, how does it work? Would definitely discourage indicating.

Handymen – Nice video

Handymen – Can I have your old handles! oven

Alan taylor – I just stacked up under the seat brackets 8 years ago to accomplish the same thing. 🙂

AND – Great video! Do you think it’s possible to adjust the seats at a two door? Thanks

Gtrs – Good video and good ideas. Nicely done

Vladimir Stefan Popa – Hi! Congrats for the video! Can you please tell me what kind of videos you have in the video? Thank you

Hello brunstorp – Hey thanks u awsome please
Send me the link to the backseats spacers, brunstorp.ola@gmail.com

Roy gomez – Why did you use it?

John pileski – What fenders do you have

Z wayne – Good video bro

Armando rodriguez – Enjoy your videos. Keep on coming.

Rodney hanbaum – Awesome upgrades! Thanks

Javier torrez – Question on the tail lights, I’ve heard about issues upgrading to LED lights making the directional lights blink fast or not at all. Was this an issue for these tail lights, and why or why not? Looking for the same but not want to waste money if I have those issues.

Michael herring – I like it..

Braulio gamboa – Will this fit 2017 Jeep Wrangler unlimited?

Guns and outdoors channel – Great video !!! I just bought the lights, the kit kit, and the grab bars! The site has 10% off which is nice. $ 422.83 for everything! I hope the lights up and begin burning out on us.

Darryl bean – Just saying, it would be neat if you could come up with the old jump straps. Maybe a bin or something. Ciao

Gerimorell – The back seat is not for anyone without experience to do. Many times we mechanically inclined folks do not realize I did this install while I was shooting install without air tools. Also, sometimes they are more important than they are, and they are not the Other 2 installs are truely simple ones, but I get the feeling that you need to keep things going 🙂 still very instructional, take care

Bret elliott – I like that you’re going through the bolts showing you do not need an impact for every install. I do not have money, I do not have money, so good job! Love the videos!!

Edit I driving typing this at 7:58. Then you bring the impact for some fun! That was awesome haha.

Mariothemechanic – Nice because

Norm haslauer – What wheels are those?

Eric Creeps – Time (8:06) R.I.P Headphone Users # 128514;

Skim bros – Can do it to 2017 Sahara the headlights part

DMN – Awesome video great new sub oven

John wutschke – Now you just need a set of Morimoto super7 headlights to match you new tail lights. http://www.morimotohid.com/fog-lights/morimoto-super7-jeep-wrangler-led-headlights.html

Killed milk – Should have you a ranch.

Qbob 202 – You should talk to the stradman

Aniceto pontillas – Is there a hardware that will allow the passenger to fold instead of sliding?

Nathan rucker – Does anyone have the right to grab a seat??

Osthyvel – One question about the small spacer, it looks like it could damage the floor. Before the end of the day, it was possible to get away from it. Good video tho keep it up!

Mitch stallings – Great instructions for the upgrades. A recommendation would be made by you for these items for JC Whitney, you may want to take a second look at the items that JC Whitney has for each of the products. This site would be much easier for those who would like to buy these items to locate them on the JC Whitney website. Just a thought. Thanks again. Dane

Mr bill – Hey mr because of you I was here, I was here, I was just here ZROADZ jk rear spot lights that were on the back of the lights they were awesome! And so easy to install the maker supplies the utmost to the world. same thing, there are so many ways to do it we want to show you here? it’s crazy anyway i just thought i would get it there and do some fly fishin to see if i get a cock
Many thanks for the great selfedit vids

Godzillasballs – Nice upgrades. Thanks for sharing.

Kertis providence – What’s the cost of one of these jeeps?

RandomS2K – The grab bars scare me. Considering a reason the roll bars are padded and everything else is soft plastic.

Greenwoodsan – Merry jeeping.

3 Easy upgrades for the jeep wrangler anyone can do!

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