Best first 5 mods to have your jeep wrangler

Best First 5 Mods To Have On Your Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wranglers are incredibly capable and exceptionally fun vehicles from the factory. Not many cars come with a Jeep …

Scurry – You’re a great presenter

Crimdell – Needs a bimini top.

Honor the MB 2 door! – All these JL people keep saying how great they are, they are fluff seeking luxury people.

But for Jeepers, who will appreciate the rugged, utilitarian, true Jeep, we really want to be a part of the world. Enjoy your JL while I get rid of my ’08 JK X 3.8l mini van pos for a TJ, the Great Jeep generation of them all. We should never have bought this junk but we live and learn. 4.0L I6 from now on. The best Jeeps Have 2 doors, round heads, soft top and 4.0L Jeep On # 127482; # 127480;

Steph kunneke – Consider a different list / order of first upgrades depending on where you live / wheel.
Wheeling in the woods is a lot different then wheeling in Moab.
1) Safety first-equipment recovery / med kit / fire extinguisher.
2) Lift / Tires
3) Bumpers (where else are you gonna mount your big spare?)
4) Winch
5) Gears / Lockers

And if caused a city crawler then you need:
1) Cheapest tallest lift you can find on the smallest axels.
2) 24 "+ rims with low profile tires.
3) High-rise jack mounted on the hood.
4) lots of lights-point them everywhere!
5) shiny exhaust tip bra!

Jason stilgebouer – Tires
2. Lockers
3. Lift
4. Gears
5.Sway Bar Disconnects
6. Winch
7. Lights
8. Strap

Maggie jeepindoodle – Just me. Why not even size spare.

David chilton – I think first mod should be lockers.

Aydan angus – Instead of floor liners just take out the carpet and cut up some rubber truck bed liner.

Jon smith – Your lighting is so bad fucking in the video

Steven smith – So you are here, what is good is that winch? Colorado…

Nick burns – Lift
2. Larger MT tires
3.low gears
4. Lockers
5. Winch

Justine butler – Get a soft top

Gorilla hd – Good video and a respectable list of mods. Here are my top 5 if you are going offroad:

1) Recovery / Safety Gear (First Aid Kit, Extinguisher Fire, HiLift Jack, Winch, D-Rings / Hooks, Recovery Straps / Ropes)
2) Armor (front and rear bumpers, skids and side armor)
3) Communication (CB Radio)
4) Gearing and lockers
5) Lift and Tires


Duffy conlon – Good idea with the water proof head unit

Sharon mcmann-morelli – Do you feel it is too small?

Sharon mcmann-morelli – I just got 2018 left over, 43 miles. Soft top, black and white, it a sport two door. I need to see how I can spice it up!

Redcoat_airsoft – I bought a $ 25 Bluetooth thing that plugs in, 2 USB ports, plus AUX input. Called roav

2J_MacRae_Z – Best 3 first mods is a hellcat swap, 1 tone, and lockers !! oven

TreesOnTheBeach – I’d go inside Line-X instead of floormats, but that’s just my preference. Lot more expensive, of course!

Hampton_381 – Lift, tires, tank of gas, tank of gas, tank of gas. These are the only 5 mods you need.

RΔCHΣL – Sound system
4. Winch
5. Bumper
The |||||||| | | | | | | Gold

HETTER PRIET – 1- A girl or a better home
3- 35 or 37
5- armor all around
6- Winch 12,000
Now food beer n ur good 2 go

Gopi r – Only mod I need: "You will have long blond hair, big green eyes, world class breasts, which will not leave you going all the way up."
– Valentine McKee, Tremors (1990)

RichModernLife – Floor mats and head unit? Lol wtf

Sean r – Winch (agreed)
2.Lockers front and rear and depending on size, at least some chromoly axle shaft
3.4 inch lift or so,
4.33 "minimum runs (recommended on the baby dana 30 and 35)
5. Lights, lights and more lights.

Outh isxq – I want to buy one mn

Garage couple – You should check these out, super cheap and get more compliments than anything else on the vehicle:

Gustavo gerardo – The first thing I did not get my Jeep was a lift kit


Bryce smith – Sway bars winches lift kit new shocks off road tires

Drick trice – Floor matts? Head unit? oven

Lol – Number 1 mod: sell your wrangler, buy anything else.

Greg wallace – 1.Dana 60 axles with diff lockers 5-13 gears, long arm lift
2. 37 "MT tires and bead lock rims
3,351w engine / tranny / wiring harness
4.Bumpers / roll bars / skid plates / wench
5.Replace carpet with bed liner / repaint
6.a very understanding wife

Me the picture taker – Hey, do you have the 2.5 or 4l Jeep?
Im from Germany, and my First Car is a 2.5l 1997 TJ (im 19) i think my first step is to lift my baby up 🙂

Jl t – I agree, lift kits are just for decoration. What lift kit adjusts your ground to the height of all obstacles. To the people that buy a new unlifted jeep … put some flat skid, flat glide, rock sliders and a winch on. Learn to drive off road. Spare your self grievance and $$$$$$ that a lift kit brings. If they did not want to have a lift … No they want superb handling. Lower center of gravity trumps.

Skreedle & haus – Great video brother.

Andrew – Sway bar disconnect. Cheap, easy, and allows a better ride without upgrading suspension

Soundwavex7 – Winch
2. Wheels / Tires
3. Gears / Lockers
4. Full Roll Cage
5.LED Lights

Honorary mentioning: recovery gear, fire extinguisher, lift kit, tool box, spare parts, engine performance, hidden kill switch / alarm car and custom front / rear bumpers.

Connor falb – Shoulda put Wrangler TJ in the title and ko2s are trash. great video tho

Khan braasch – I’ve been looking for a simple video like this! Save me a lot of time when my friends are thinking of buying one. No need to explain so much anymore: D

Tyler DiNatale – i have square, and its a badass i got a 6inch lift on 33inch tires with a ford 8.8 in the rear and soon to be chromoly dana 30 in front so i can put 35 inches tires on it. Its a 1990 is its carb. I’m going to put a fire injector on that I6 soon.

J – I HATE led headlights. Should be illegal in my opinion. Getting blinded by after market headlights makes me furious. Get your LEDs in light bar only. Illuminate the back woods !

Fastdude2002 – 1 lift
2 shots
3 gears
4 lockers
5 winches
6 go wheeling

Noah hulsey – Buddy Take Your Carpet Out Completely Loved It.

David J Kunter – My OCD kicked in as soon as I noticed you did not have a matching spare wheel.

KAM1KAZ1 – Lift
2.wheels / tires
4.front locker

William domey – What year is your Tj it looks great.
1 lift
2 shots
3 gear change
4 winches
5 body armor

Wright william? – They have plug things for music over radio that u plug usb cords into as well

Aaron brooks – I got one for you

Tom n – U still got those lights on the grill???

12957294 – Dana 35 to shit the bed

12957294 – Love the editing xd

Nathan bebinger – 1) Winch
2) 35s with 17 "steel wheels
3) 4 "lift with 1" body lift
4) Highline fenders and hood
5) At the lighting

Steve l – Road side assistance
Big tool box
Shares in a workshop
Spare tire in same size as others

Jose German – What are the best lights for a Jeep Wrangler yj 1995

Talis84 – I’m with you for the most part:
1 lift
2 tires / wheels
3 armor
4 / lights
5 / winch

Jeeping down under – Can you please change the part of the Jeep please

Jeeping down under – Awesome video mate, sick looking tj

Allan wagner – HEADLIGHTS LED
4in LIFT
33 to 35 in TIRES
MEAT EATER # 128556;

Blackberry ac – What are the dimensions of those tires?

Randy sparks – Dude you’re really fuckin hilarious # 128514; # 128077; keep making these

Greendrill12 – Please make an update on the blue TJ

TUNER ARMY – 30th like!

Dragonpsytrance – Lmao at the sound effects

Tyler brennen – Top 5 Wrangler IMO Mods:
1) air bag suspension
2) 20 "aluminum wheels
3) summer tires
4) cherry bomb exhaust
5) stage 3 turbo

Morgan flowers – A jeep wrangler tj 4 cylinder for road vehicle (not for off road) is a good option?

Tex jeeper – Jeep JK owner here! Always loved the TJ’s though. These are all excellent mods for the Jeep Wrangler platform in general. 100% approved

Johnny leighton – I have had a Jeep TJ series like yours since 2004. It’s been nothing but good to me. As for mods, I think you are spot on. LED headlights were not a huge thing in 04 as they are now, but last year I did not know what to do. Keep these videos coming .. they are very informative and entertaining at the same time. You do a great job at this.

Hotrod29 – LOVE the look of that Jeep!!!

Best first 5 mods to have your jeep wrangler

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