Evaluation new jew wrangler 2019: the monster arrives / vrum brasilia

Evaluation new jew Wrangler 2019: the monster arrives / vrum brasilia

Track monster updates have been updated. We were first in Brazil to direct the New Jeep Wrangler 2019.With a modern design …

Jeff souza – No doubt the best 4×4 in the world!

Leandro kills – THAT’S THE PERFECT 4X4 GOAL IN THE WORLD> That’s the price because it’s here, I wanted to know it, I bet a lot of people have it !!! I have tied in this offroad stop !!! that’s life!!

Vinicius – I think the previous version of this purpose beautiful

Bartolomeu coutinho – The front axle of my Jeep Wrangler 2019 broke with only 4000 miles and no off road use. The FCA can not solve the problem when it comes to safety and security, but it is not a problem. by Citizen Claire Reynolds against the FCA. Spooky The report speaks of risk of death! I discussed with my family and FCA was already aware of the problem.

Giba tequila – Show

Tiago camargo – A 300-year-old man with a good SUV, but comfortable and economical for the family and a Troller for the trail. Diesel, smaller, but light, low maintenance, lower devaluation.

Oak givan – Modern diesel bikes are far less reliable because of pollutant emission laws. Just imagine having a little solf with DPF or EGR in the middle of the woods!

Felipe oliveira – Amazing how you do not remove the hoodas in a jeep of truth … all the videos talking about a motor wheno on vdd what really differentiates him is "naked" showing a jeep of truth

Jorge almeida – Why is it so hard to talk about consumption # 129324; # 129324; # 129324; # 129324;

Vinicius ferreira – Yhur guris folder folder acid folder video good … congratulations

Jefferson felix – Salty price

Leave santhiago – You can buy a troller and you’ll need a lot of money.

Hudson souza – To be but top, just missing out on the engine, there is no one. But this one for the post owner is already a good size…

Juan pinheiro – Very good guy … I only used this machine too much! …
I have since tacuarembo-uruguay

John baptist – Dream that Jeep show Beautiful video I’ll buy one of that logo that had won at Mega # 128526; # 128526; # 128513 # 128513 # 128513 # 128077;

Pierre – Only has a petrol engine?

Samuel cavalcante – Will be going with rain

Marco aurelio would – Nothing like living our USA U $ 30,000.00….

Santol jc – Oven

J’y are you going – Just for those of you shitting money memo is loco of almost three hundred millet in a cart kkkkkkkk

Olive cleriston – This car baby, but drinks a lot. Still but economic that a renegade.

Ilon saints – What is the price? ???

Fabio souza – I love this car .

Dropbiful – Who crazy to pay almost 200 thousand in a car that only makes 6.5 Km / l?

Cida days – This is just a second time to Rubicon

Arnuss jr – Do not intend to JEEP…
The Volvo XC40 T5 R-Design 2019 costs 35 thousand Euros in Portugal and arrives here for R $ 225 thousand reais.

As a Jeep Wrangler 2P Sahara 2019 which costs $ 28,000 (Factory) will get you here for $ 260,000?
Evaluation new jew wrangler 2019: the monster arrives / vrum brasilia

It is very cheap, it is rubicon 4P that leaves the Factory for 40.7 thousand Dollars, should arrive here in the UK for the trifle of 378 thousand reais.
In the case of Rubicon 2P that the sound for 37 thousand Dollars, it should arrive here for 344 thousand reais…
Something is wrong, do not you think?

Cristiano silva – The machine I liked the car # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079;

I’m teles – There is a motorcycle missing version in the good old diesel.

DECIO BRIDGES ARE – AT THAT VALUE OF PRA COMPARING AN AUTOMATIC TRUCK MITISUBISHI AND JEEP COMPASS https://www.webmotors.com/buy/mitsubishi/l200-triton/2-4-16v-turbo-diesel-sport-gls-cd-4p -4×4 -automatic / 4-door / 2018-2019 / 27489415? Pos = a27489415m: np = 1 E https://www.webmotors.com/buy/jeep/compass/2-0-16v-diesel-longitude -4×4-automatic / 4-door / 2018/25289709? Pos = np = 2

Paulo flexes – Buying a car, this gas station, throwing money in the trash

Alex rabbit – Is in the USA for 4 years. hats are expensive, also in the range of 35 to 42 thousand dollars. With that money you like BMW and Mercedes. You have to Suck a lot here in Brazil. Paying and not yet having the engines but The strong ones out there in the USA. Nonsense these prices.

Gerson man – What’s going on that has a jeep has to be a Toyota, so it’s going to be there. Good to go to the market, buy nutella.

PBMC – Excellent price, will rock the market. Comedy Launched just to complete the range of market. But there is always a millionaire willing to throw away 1/4 of a million.

Whiskey hotel – This is a great place on these shit streets

Gabriel kok – For Who Axa Troller 0km 3.2 diesel 4×4 for 140 thousand expensive. There is the gasoline jeep for 270 thousand kkkkk

Eduardo corradi – Amazing but too much of our expensive reality. Mustang price.

Douglas fabretti – Car for who can, not for who wants.
It has a tough black mounts that keeps it that way with that value throws it.

Celso gouvea – Rapazzzz, the way this guy picks up the shift knob looks like your bullshit shaking me all over, this is crazy!

Gabriel Tavares – Have heard of mechanics my friend: "As everyone knows, turboengine has but low idle torque." Of course, nor depends on the size of the turbo, nor depends on the engine ….

Pablo de azevedo – $ 300K out of reality!

Marcus mendes – 300 thousand reais? Audi, Mercedes and BMW Price.

Jose Rafael Barbosa Ribeiro Filho – Much better an old hilux for 40 thousand

Jose Rafael Barbosa Ribeiro Filho – Making 4 km / h joke … joke kkkkkk

João Filho – How much does it cost us? Aquarium assault.

Doug555monster – Nice car, but unrealistic price, even for the Brazilian market…

Brill – That engine would look perfect on Toro # 129300;

Jose Osterno – Car of male.

Marcos lopes – Dear, lacked to show internal space for position: folding seats, measures, gadgets, etc……

Tabajara teixeira – Should have a price but a bit attractive

Matthew Martins Barbosa – Ferrari back jeeps. It really has to be expensive. If you want the best, that’s the reference, or the rest of the time imitating.

Bruno luiz – I prefer to buy a ride and put them off road!

Marcos bows – I do not agree with the prices are abusive.

Arthur Carlos Ribeiro – Without conditions these prices, go to fudge

Ewb vasconcellos – Wrangler Sahara for US $ 38,295.00, in Brazil US $ 72,105.00. Needless to say but nothing. Practically from gotta buy.

Anderson macedo – My dream. Wrangler

FEMEC – Simplexly top but logical for a few # 129315; # 129315; I am aware of a budget and I am close to my budget # 129315; # 129315;

Thiago neris – A dream born, only that remote ulltra

Paulo val – OK, got it

Nunes will – Do you have a look at this, do not forget to pick up, for me to agree here Brazil # 127463; # 127479; # 128125; # 128077; # 127997;.

OLIDIO & ANGELA.our channel. – TMJ, AND NOIS.

Gilberto alves oliveira – Very beautiful, but the price violates too much we have no respect and even criminal politicians that lives up to it. # 128548 # 128548 # 128548

Julio santos – Wanted to see him in the water, the troller goes well in the water.

Marc beto – Dream of consumption! And for the value, for your same sound…

Lego wallisson – This car (in the 4-door version) costs 28 thousand US dollars. Pretend that ($ 1 = $ 1), with $ 280,000 you take a lamborguini V10 0 km from our United States. That’s Brazil, welcome to the fucking country.

Alpha sigma sezon – SUV’s from Shopping trembled!

Ricsens moraes – Unrealistic value.

Dorian are – The jeep in the panel, it’s time kkk, congratulations on the video!

Paulo araujo – Great Jeep, a quiller for a strong trail, a monster. If you want a more mixed car.


Jose Carlos de Mello – For that price, better wait for Land Rover’s new defender!!!!

Fabio vilella – Diesel engine is a good choice for the future, and is being developed for the first time in the future. It has been developed in Europe, including Algiers, Spain, Mexico and the United States in the United States, no more coal diesel, for The translates of the expensive. So you better get used to the idea, in the future.
Looking at the video was show, just missed a little talk about the space for the rear occupants, what’s wrong with the windshield, what’s wrong? Wrangler does!!
Great hug.

Wallace olive tree – Can you buy Must Troller if the guy is too Jeepiro…

Alexandre Bramatti – Unrealistic price, half price buy a troller!

Paulo val – The price is only for can and everything is right…

Valdek waslan olive tree – Jeep Willis on the Channel of Tonella It’s been about Jeep Willis on the Channel of Tonella..
It’s not even spartan.
It’s … educatedly gross.
About prices … talks … but for those who have, worthy the investment!!!

J f – A question if this too? The only for trails

Climb – Automatic exchange # 128529; # 128148;

August souza – Thanks for the video # 128285; # 128077;

Henrick lopes – Sensational urum

André freitas – I just think his price is a little off … you can get a big Cherokee for the same price

Julius caesar !!! – Deserved to have a diesel engine, very expensive for a gasoline vehicle

Board’s garage – Full video, said everything about the car. Show, congratulations, undoubtedly the best automotive channel of today.

Julio Grabwski – One of the best youtube automotive canyons

Gerson andrew mosque days – Of course the price is salty, but the Jeep Wrangler but never sells faith that 4 doors. Who wants a Jeep Wrangler to go for the road? Then, 250 thousand reais are not so salty, parts charge almost 200 thousand in supposed "SUV" Of shopping parking lot, which is nowhere near the resourcefulness and quality of the real Jeep: the Wrangler! Congratulations Vrumm: the very well produced and explanatory!!!

Gecélio Vasconcelos – Top car !! But with this gas engine I don’t do it … I deserved a diesel engine!!

Mauro comé bankiro – How do we get this into the water since it’s gasoline?

Antonio Santos – Nice car! But I am poor! oven

Carlos Roberto – Good beautiful but expensive # 128531;

Sundays christian siqueira chick – Better than the Troller? Are you sure.

Pedro federsoni – Very good this Rubicon with front and rear lock and but disengage the stabilizer bars, engine but economical than the v6, but the diesel version would be better: it’s the price I think is 100 thousand above reality: today with 200 thousand you buy pick up Top of 4×4 diesel line

Antonio Santos – Sensational! Congratulations for the work! oven

Bernardo nicola – Car costs 45,000 US dollars … It’s up to reach 300,000 reais that will be here. Masssss … the reality of our country. Because too top! Waiting one year and buying used will be worth it

Nicacio manoel – Speak of the price of this machine, but of 150 thousand.?

Jorge fernando dos santos – Show✌. You want to know now, I believe next week should arrive at By HAPPY toys….

Felipe nt-d – This car will become a carving only because of of the price here. It is at least 100 thousand reais but expensive than it should. What is the justification for this, is that brand, the name of the model? Ridiculous, but still for being a Car.

Oak jerri – Good morning.There are motorcycles that drive just like cars 4 × 4.definition of torque and power?

Airsoft club rn – Great !!! I’ll already have my book

Marine john – Amazing 4×4! Great video like and hug

Yuri miranda – There will be diesel?

Delei silva – Consuming dream!

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