Here’s why the jeep is the best selling wrangler ever!

Here’s Why The Jeep Jeep Is The Best Selling Wrangler Ever!

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Kronos880 – I really do not think you know what your talking about. Do you dougie? i think u want to go back to see chad in nantucket

Have – "jeep purist" lol you mean assholes.

Jon johnson – What size lift and sweater do you have? They look awesome!

90volts – I use it to keep cash and turnpike cards for super easy access when coming to toll booths! slip on a couple of bills in and out of my pockets.

Chase Johnson Reef Tanks – Why the JK is the best selling jeep. So constant bitches and complains about the Jeep.

Paul harmer – 97 4 banger shakes rattles and rolls love the damn thing

No where man! – New to the scene, which jeep should I buy?


Eduardo duarte – Keep trying to feed Jeep BS !! Why do you guys like those things? They suck off-roading…
Considerably not American by Fiat.
Improving not reliable!!

Dean grant – These webbed pockets are perfect, and they are designed for you-they hold the wiring harness you unclip them so they don’t drag on when you take the doors off.

Gary sigritz – You do know your Jeep, but you miss the point. You DO NOT ENTER ON THE DRIVERS SIDE. The passenger seat is designed to advance to the front. My grandson is 6’5 "and has no trouble getting in.

Warlock 6 – The only thing I hated about my JK was the engine. The 3.8L was a crappy engine to put in anything, and yes Chrysler even put it in their minivan lineup dating back to the 90’s. It was the 3.8L which was in the minivan In the mid-90’s which was also notorious for burning oil and blowing up. Just search "chrysler 3.8L engine problems" and see all of the problems they had. I would have said that the JK was fixed when they switched to 3.6L.

Outbackeddie – The jeep might have a slight edge off the road but that’s about it. If you want a long time, a long time, smooth rides on the highway, tows 7,500 lbs. more more, can easily haul 6 people plus some luggage, noticed enough Gas Mileage, looks good, and can still go off road, you do not want a jeep. You want a tahoe.

TravisHamiltonTattoos – I think 4 doors look awful unless they’re lifted, they need the height to look less like a station wagon.

Kratom jeep – Wether you drive at 4dr gold at 2dr. The only thing that will ever matter is that you love it. Ignore the haters, enjoy your jeep

Matt h – JK stands for "just kidding"

Ben – The yj and tj easier to build because you can cheaper

Odorous smegma – Tj bru!

Yue zhao – Now I know why I bought a jeep. Lol

Good luck – It still kicks ass

D d – The IJ is the worst Wrangler. We used to call them "Wronglers". When I finally sold my 83 CJ7 in the mid 90’s I left Jeep behind. When I was looking to get back into a Jeep. The TJ just didn’t come I have a 2012 Sport, and eventually traded in a 2016 Rubicon. I’m pretty happy with it. Think this will be my last new Jeep, though. Once I’m finished building my Ruby I want to save and get an old late 40s / early 50’s Jeepster for cruising with my girl on summer weekends.

Ron johnson 2 – Great video I had the pleasure of riding the Maze District of Canyonlands NP has a few years back with some friends. They have a new Wrangler Rubicon 4 door, they are a great vehicle, but they are 6′-4 "tall, if you are a passenger and you are in your front seat. Are you in the middle of the road, and you will be in danger when you are 5′-5 "or I. taking you to drive or riding up front, I recommend taking your own vehicle, as I guarantee you will not like it. We are planning on going again this year, but I’m driving my own vehicle this time.

Kalbs89 – They need to go back to the 4.0

DiscoverSunshine – The reason the cubby corner is so small and only small enough for a penny

Bakar Jikia – I have a JK two door sport, I love the modern interior, its everyday drivability and I love sitting in it and driving it, It is also very potent off road. But I just look at it, it looks like a black box. Long-sleeved jacket and long hood combo is gone, the rear part is the classic wrangler look. Hardtop is ugly as hell. Hood, doors, fenders, everything is damn flat without anything to make it look the TJ had an exciting look, with The bump on the hood, the side profile, with A-pillar morphing into a line that went all the way to the front of the hood of the tub, and the B-pillar part on the door was also tilted backwards with an arc regarding The overall cool side profile. And it looked slick, not flat does, but the side profile makes me look away. I had a moss green Sahara with So interior, green seats. With the top off it looked like a damn exotic supercar, you Just could not look away

STEVE! – Watch in 1.5x speed, thank me later. Great video though!

Live loud – Jk jeeps suck. See why…

2000 ViperRT / 10 – My 16 JKU Hard Rock is an incredible offroad vehicle stock! my 2006 TJ was fun goal liveability.

Ralph – Why do you … talk … so … fucken .slow?

Steve g – What brand is size wheels ?

Ben – The willys jeep is still the most badass jeep of all time

Stanley Kania – When I was in the market for 2004 I looked at the Wrangler and went with the Toyota Tacoma instead .. I know I made the right choice .. 200,000 miles and then sold on eBay in an hour for $ 7500 .. Toyota Choice for me Would be a RAV4 hybrid, 40+ MPG .. but I have paid off $ 51k Ford Lariat Crewcab now, 15.4 mpg EcoBoost..

Stanley Kania – 1 star crash rating

3rdjersey – I am watching and listening to this guy, I notice that it is very negative and complains about where things are located. I’m curious if he’s doing it?

Mike campbell – Garbage this looks like a toyota

Devin cross – Nice jeep how’s the reliability ?

Black mario – What do you call this color?

g v – No one hates the JK it’s the JKU that people hate for some reason. It just lets jeeps more jeeps so more power to me ”

Scott Kinderdine – I love my 16 jk rubicon.

Joey c – Oven

Katy donawether – All jeep products are junk never get one unless you like to spend your time in the shop

Nathan holmes – WHAT WHEELS ARE THOSE?!?!?!

Ty o’banan – I really love my goal JKUR I think all generations of wranglers have their pros and cons. I do not know what to do with the "old school jeepers" which are really unfortunate since the JK and JL are highly capable vehicles. I really like that I can not wait for you on the road / camping Saturday with plenty of cargo space. The JK fits my needs perfectly but you’ll never hear me trash talking the older generations. .they’re great too

Stinger – The 17 model has the best stereo sounding ever in it. It does not need speakers in the doors. Lol

Shawn brodrick – Long shift throws? Try a NP435 w / 6: 1 1st gear … it’s a jeep not a miata

Fine battling – What song is that, beginning at the 7:19 mark?

Chewie bacca – Jeep TJ was the last Wrangler built.
TJ stands for "The Jeep". JK stands for "JunK", and JL stands for "Cost Up, Quality Down".

5star – The 4 door Wrangler filled the slot XJ used to fill.

Hannes van schalkwyk – So, does anyone have any ideas on how to buy JK? She’s very stubborn.

Jason i love oz – Great vid But I’ll keep my 74 cj 6. Mind you I live in Australia its hot baby …. hot jam

Jimmy john – Gotta love the "Oh Shoot" bar. Nothing like getting a full face of air bag

Randy harry – That is somthing new to me because I’m going to buy one of those jeep rudicon .

Stock_jeep_life – Same door handle as a jeep liberty.

Coreytena2 – Going looking into buying my first jeep and I love the look of yours. What height lift and tires does yours have?

David nichols – Top 6 speed 2 inch lift 33s 12000 lb winch

Chris smits – Fiat junk ….. that’s the thing with a door

Ken duym – Curious what 2 way radio system are you using?

Shyon emami – Did you guys get back after the wheels and lift? Wondering if the JK sport can handle bigger tires with the standard diff.

Chris niceswanger – You’re supposed to get thru the passenger side. it slides up even further.

Mario lopez – Never considered the Jeep as my next vehicle. It has grown on me.
Thanks for the detailed history and description of the Jeep.

BM086 – What are the front & rear bumpers?

Matthew betz – Wheel and take combo ??? Loving it!

Bill bird – Mine is almost exactly like this one. Automatic Trans and a soft top on mine. I love it and love it and I love it. I get compliments all the time, it looks and feels great while summer driving. You can drive with confidence in The snow while you are driving. BTW my back seats have been folded for three years with no issue. Good review tommy.

Red bearded one – The JL’s hideous body lines with the knobby hinges everywhere. The cartoon like knights on the control and shifter lead me to buy.

The last minute cook – Thank you for this great video! I’m new to Jeep and this was so helpful! Love the history Debra 🙂

Clayton wines – Well we liked to forget that the JK was long overdue for 2014, so they were making a Jeep so it was more of a lol. They made the jeep as long as any other jeep.

Huff tate – Where did you get that bumper / light on the front of your jeep

John bucholtz – Tiny you say .. get get get, get ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .. deliver excellent all around traction, excellent wet traction and very quiet on the hwy. A custom built 10 cf security box is accessible through the gate. (I’m 6 2). Panels are dogged when we need to supply 70 lb shepherd While on the road. Love the rag top and flip sunroof. All in all, its very comfortable, roomy and a gas to drive! Bought it new, still Love it, no complaints .. # 128525;

Mark remillard – A true Jeepers would like to have true Jeepers likes True Jeeps

Adrian artavia villalobos – What is size JK using that you presented??

I’lleatyou – Please stop saying funky

Mike parlin – I was going to buy an older Jeep, and went with a similarly priced 4×4 F150 instead. I am a HUGE fan of the Cherokee and the Toyota 4 Runner, and new Jeeps SUVs have had terrible reliability issue.

Van khawlhring – Are those 33in tires?

Countryman – "It has a lift and bigger tires and a metal bumper!" You really know what talking about. Sounds like you read the booklet and it

Desert_storm76h03 – Im gonna get me a 4 door

Jeffrey bennis – I own a 2010 with the 3.8, it does not burn any oil

Mac #FEOffensive Macflatearth – Not bad kid!
I gave you a thumbs up.

Tsms69 – JK 2 Door, Manual. The ultimate jeep.

Fisto21 kit – I love jeeps. I owned two TJ and JK (2 doors).

See it – If the JK had the 4.0l engine it would be the best

Eugene williams – Not fuel efficient? My ’96 XJ 5spd manual still gets 20mpg in mixed driving, 175.00 miles and counting!

Jr gonz – Oven

Kelvin davis – Great video, thanks.

Dizzy gonzales – Wranglers have been designed with TOP OFF. So Rain, Dust are Reality for the interior. That’s why you have NET, and shallow curved Cubby’s. Look at the interior design with a power washer in your hand, and tell me it’s not WELL designed! ANy other modern vehicle would be ruined if washed out with a Powerwasher. You cant review this vehicle.

Tyler padgett – 1.5 Million units yet somehow still more more expensive than they should be. I ended up picking up a wk2 GC with almost every option and the Hemi for less money.

Enzo prosciutto – The str8 might be old but it was reliable.

Richard Williams – A two door Wrangler is not enough to get away from it all, too much to get over the back seat, or too much to survive an occasional bump-not to mention off roading. Wranglers are for real men, who are fit and gutsy. Wimps and whiners!

Big jim flying – Back in the late 70’s I had a CJ7 with a 258 slant 6, manual, high arch springs, Monroe Magnum shocks and "Ground Hog" tires. Had a lot of fun and misadventures in the machine. There may have been some chemical influences involved In those adventures. oven

Notxarb21 – Excellent review tommy!

Cainori – The tires are also very important-https: //

Conqwiztadore22 – Its so cuteeee. I just wish it was more fuel efficient

Dune yxz – Nice review

Sergio lopez – Does that have jeep 3.21 or 3.73 gears?

Northern woodsman elite – Loved the bumpers what are they?

Stevespecs – Much respect for jeeps, but I love my 4 Runner 15 years old strong still like new

Damon derrick – In reality, Jeep Wranglers have become so popular because they are simply the last man standing. Suzuki pulled out of the American market with the Samurai and killed via "updates" the completely underrated yet capable Sidekick. Domestic and Toyota 1/2 ton trucks and Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ, or even JK (Suzuki gold, Toyota …) for fun. and more people need to feel that their vehicle "represents" their particular self-acquired personality to keep the newer and expensive selling Wranglers.

Liolp808 – I really want one, but I can not afford the expenses of owning one. Oh well, thanks for the video.

Thestarlitetraining – Jeep-No Thanks! Owned 2 and both terrible American made junk! On my third 4RUNNER and they run circles around those cheap made jeeps!

BoomerE30 – Your videos are great man!

Larry – .. Because there are more posers and showers.

Ryan l – Here is the truth …. Fiat is living off Jeeps name. Jeep has ditched everything that made it a jeep. Straight 6 gone now you have crazy blow blow on the air. Driveshaft that must be changed back to old if you lift jeep Style. Loaded down with unneeded electronic crap and flat out oversized. Its designed for people who think they want a jeep.

Robbie parayno – I hate jeeps


Vikingjedi – JK stands for just kidding

rob_RT – How much lift and what size tires on this jeep?

John phillips jr – After driving CJ7’s and TJ / LJ’s my girlfriends JK seems too car like.

Coach jt – Tommy vinegar strokes at 9:00

Okie rider – Oh no. My stuff bounces around the post netting. * Smh *. Tommy, stick to owning and review four-door sedans like hatchbacks and Priuses. However, I do not agree with you in the netting being a bit too big. Jeep, It was meant for smaller people [children] to sit in.

Curt friedsam – Jeeps are like Harley’s they started out with

Firebir11 – Jeep is driven by women now, 4 doors

Ewmism – Shocking engine, no diesel option for crossing water.

Ace C.S. – Just gotta say, I have heard you in the wrong place. They were on the grid. The TJ was the only one to have them out on the fenders before the JL. If anything had it wrong to JK it was the TJ.

Diesel on radio – Is your teeth on your back side??

Gooby123 – I love the JK. I just love all Jeeps tho. I have a two door late model JK in the end. I need something reliable that I can do some light roading in the weekends and I will not be having anytime!

Colorado4x4 – Heck yea !!! How do you like those?????

Jeffrey drools – Your constant whining is what purist does not like about JK owners. The Jeep is a Jeep. It has its flaws and straights. JK owners, Jeep to Jeep, and Jeep to make it. Soccer Moms are awesome, they are awesome, they are Awesome, trail riders are awesome, as long as you love your Jeep.

Big bossman – Most people take a jeep

Cashmety – So, last month, when I bought a 2008 JK Rubicon in near mint condition, with $ 52,620 for $ 13,000.00, it was not a good deal? Runs like show room new! I guess I’ll trade it for JL Rubicon. JOKING! Love my JK.My fave, of all cars I’ve never owned! My jeep starter!

Dave dutcher – The JL blows the JK out of the water in every way !!!

Thomas maresh – I think you hit it so much-it’s BECAUSE it sold so well. The JK had enough changes that was more desirable than Jeep anymore. The "fraternity" aspect has become a shadow of its glory.

K9 The Ace – What size lift is that?

John lopes – Tommy you really have a knack for this, thoroughly enjoyed this one. The delivery is perfect.

Jake the snake – I tasted the music

Jun wang – Most Jeep purists do not realize: if not for these "soccer moms" buying the unsaintly 4-dr Wranglers, there will be no Wrangler production.

Taylor strong – You can hold a can of Copenhagen I think they did it for good girls

Gerry k – Excellent jeep history / review.

Nicole curry – Love ❤️ My Wranglers JKS

Big john – I have a jeep but looking for a wheel drive for mountains, trails etc. Question anyone, how many miles do you get in a jeeps engine? (Average)

Michael dood – Maybe it’s the best selling Wrangler because the JK was the longest in production wrangler? More time to sell more.

John silver – I HATE the large black full plastic fenders. More the 40K price tag.

Joshuacushing – Half hearted attempt at a Doug Demuro style review. Decent review though

Nikolay Bakalov – Thanks for this review Tommy! Now I know this is not the model for me. I’ll keep my Cherokee XJ 🙂

Snowcat – "Modern safety standard" … 1 star rating is laughing in the background…

Efs83dws – About got a 2003 TJ and love it. No problems with 126,000 miles. Love it. I would love one of the JL’s.

Noah park – Lol the ad is all about the new supra gr

William schroeder – Nice job tommy!

Undefined name – When you move the facilities forward they are also better. Also bought a truck on a truck..

Geoffreyjones2000 – Jeep has the ability to make dana 44s, 4 to 1 gearing, diesel 4 banger the base line. They sell lower on their reputation.

Arthur ramalho – I love the manual transmission…

702Truee – Solid, overpriced underpowered V6

Bashnish lunktar – I also have tj with 4 bangings i fit crown molding all day weekend it look you know nice

Google user – The 3.6 in my JL has been so fast.
And the Dana 44s are flawless as usual.
Jeeps, they have been catering to THEIR needs to increase sales.
The price is much higher than i want to pay i want to keep it at least.
My old JK had not been there but it would have better.

Jim bob – I have had a jeep, I have had a 07, wrangler and was not impressed at all, you can not work on yourself, its fine for folks who never had an older model, my 04 LJ with the in line 6 was a better way Feeling jeep more than 88 xj and am completely happy

Pauliesev6 – You forgot to give it to DougScore….

Pakojonze lr – What’s your tire / wheel set? I loved my jeep to look alike

Jacobdavis334 – A 2door Jeep is similar to a single cab truck. Carrying only means to carry 2 people

Jr explain – The JK is a better stock for the TJ or even the LJ. Sure the 4.0l is bulletproof but has a fair share of issues over the years. The 3.8l was underpowered for the size of the JK but it’s a relatively reliable power plant. The 3.6l is also very much used by Ram Trucks. Nowadays, there are many differences in the way things are done in each area. Any argument that favors the TJ over the JK in anecdotal if able to stock.

Jackal’s outdoor channel – I’ve always loved the CJ throu the JK but the biggest pain is the lack of a 3.8 or 4.2 diesel … I would not buy a diesel … The entire Dodge / Ram SUV…

Theprfesssor – 61 CJ5 for life…….


Would not mind a JL though

John crutchfield – I was bought at ’99 TJ last week. 4 cyl, 5-speed. Great runs only paid $ 3k for it.
Loving the jeep challenge.

Walter null – Jeep needs to make a new modern inline six engine hell I’d be happy with taking a shot at the i-5 configuration like Chevy tried with the 3.7.

Ryan mcwilliams – Maybe it’s because they’re jeep?

2015_ Rubicnn – I think it’s funny how old school jeepers think Jeep should have a 2 door, have a manual, and inline 6 cylinder engine. I have 75 CJ5 with a 304 V8, and added an AMC 727 transmission. I also own a 15 JK Rubicon With … JK by far are the best made.

Devin decremer – But that’s because every idiot who thinks it’s cool to own a Jeep Wrangler went out, bought it, wrecked it, then.

Cool pizzo – The JL is way more modern! Ain perceived at Uconnect in the JK!

Dierpap – The Jeep makes a great off-road vehicle. They started the SUV and can go almost anywhere. They have one weakness: load capacity. At least the older models can’t carry a lot of weight. That’s why Land Rover and Toyotas sell over The community. I hope Jeep sets their carrying capacity in the future.

Jesse ansell – I’ve owned two JKs, and I’ve driven the Pentastar in the Grand Cherokee, 300, Ram 1500, and the Pacifica. It is simply an excellent engine in all of them. In 45k miles, on my first JK, the only issue was the oil pressure sensor which was covered under warranty. I have no qualms about driving this thing anywhere.

Steve & kayla – I have a 2018 white top matching and fenders. 6300 miles for sale. I miss having a truck. Asking 38 how

David lineberry – JK> JL

Depression – FIAT


Ed01 – Killer review Tommy. Love your videos.

T-Bird 91 – Discussing these things with bad steering gearboxes and bad welds? No thanks.

Pete davis – Great tommy vid

David cross – 4 doors come with a canvas bag that clips vertically. Leaves you want your space.

Hern brown – Stop boozing for a while dude, jeeze

Cambellschunky704 – Before I knock the glasses off your face, hipster-it’s not a jeep. it does not date back to 1941 and you do not identify a new versing.

Tacticalol ninja – I may have my wish I could fit in the trunk with my seat up if done right. I think it’s even More than before 🙂 You said your work for your Jeep and think outside the box a little. I need to do sometime that might help some people. Awaited this long in order to get started with all the upgrades I want. It ends. For all the great jeep videos lately have really enjoyed them!

Michael phipps – Great job tommy # 128077; # 128077;

Ahoohi – I have the resale value of my Jk. The only thing that is possible is that it has locked differentials. I had 3 jeeps so far, one if I ever buy another one’s gonna have locked diffs. Mainly because i would like to drive over other vehicles.

William zhao – What wheels are these? Thank y’all

Wi gs – At least Jeep stayed true to their roots. I got into 4wheelin ‘with a K5 Blazer R.I.P. I will only buy a second vehicle I pay off my Tacoma.

Michael – I’ve only had a 99 ‘Cherokee and I loved it…..

Calvin h. – I love it when they do not know what they are. It’s a jeep. Not a sports car, pickup truck, or a family car with a trunk wide enough for all their luggage. It’s exactly what it’s been for years, a two-door Jol with no room for anything besides the passengers. lol and like saying it has a minivan engine. Facts are the most powerful engine ever. lol I guess I just don’t get it.

Calvin h. – I remember when I was a kid, there was a paper that had the old jeeps in them for sale for $ 299. I always wanted my dad.

Electrohacker – Silly lgbt vehicle

Alex gray – Great tommy video.

Omg – Why say the JK is too big compared to the TJ? JK has literally a smaller wheelbase. It is smaller, not bigger.

Darius hop – FCA

David taylor – You forgot to give it to Tommy Score!
Great review!

Mr green – I love jeeps and I love the 4 door keep Rubicon it can do 99% of what a

Carlos Tamez – What wheels are those??

Kevin durham – Great job, Tommy. Your videos are always good, yet always improving. Thanks for the level of effort.

Mark remillard – Can you compare an XJ to those new Cherokees nowadays? I’m sorry I’ve turned into an opinion **** In the past few years but I’m very keen on Jeep lover they offend me

Ijbci – I had a 2010 sport 2door with 33’s. Nothing aftermarket It was a complete slug, but I loved it. The new JL’s ride soooo much better

Mark remillard – 4 door XJ are awesome and beautiful I’m talking about Wranglers I’m not sure about who is calling Jeeps

V8AmericanMuscleCar – I like older Jeep Jeep is Jeep! I like them all!

Jeepdog jl – I have owned 8 Jeeps. 2 cj5 2 xj 1 zj 1 wj and 2 jk. I loved all my jeeps especially the jk’s. I’m not going to be a junkie and I’m going to buy my third jk 2dr soft top Speed ​​Manual Rubicon.

Shane martin – Dude, you could not give it a quick vacuum before filming?

General george S. patton jr. – Jeep suspected to be good, after being shown their products are simply garbage. Stupid people buying their shit

Wally fronzaglio – I’ll bet they do away with the dreded someday

Philippe riopel – The best selling ??? Do we have other choices ??? Seriously! I’m missing by far my FJ-40.No plastic, no electronics and not overpriced just to keep the builders happy.No way! Still love your tough channel!

Initial Wii – Because of the 4 door model

Mario f – Excellent review, Tommy.

Sonny d. – Crystal granite … sweet!!!!

Scott babbitt – The power mirrors control on the dash is clever considering the doors come off or you may have a soft top. That way you still go to the mirror when you go topless

Smith wesson – Did you know that the Wrangler has the lowest crash test rating by iihs

Cali818 – Complying About the Controls on the Door …..?

Ding174 – Let’s see … fiat bought Chrysler in 2014 … so … two terrible car companies do not equal good one … no thanks … I’ll stick with my fj which will trade for it’s msrp and it’s To 2010. I remember you with the dumb Subaru roller test.

Frank martinez – If u drive to wrangler and ur reading, please, jeep wave

Charlie porch – I love the way jeeps look.
Unreliable too.
Engine is under powered.
Not a well built machine.

I bought a 2019 Tundra Pro.
Consider gas hog. But it is reliable and has power.
Why involved the big three build?

Your presentation was well done. Cheers.

Brian garner – Because it’s REALLY GOOD at what it’s designed for. Even though it will be used by the second owner.

Here's why the jeep is the best selling wrangler ever!

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