Iron man, the 5 year old jeep wrangler build-walk around

Iron Man, The 5 Year Jeep Wrangler Build-Walk Around

In this video we take a look at a heavily modified 2013 Jeep Wrangler JKU (Iron Man) at SEMA 2018.The owner has been building up …

Treven odell – Jim in southern california?

Damian dominion – He’s doing straight blowjob!

Mirth SIXTYSIX – Those lights just tie the jeep together man. (at Labowski moment)

W89map crazylifetrip – HOLLY F … THAT JEEP … # 128170; # 128170; # 128170; # 128170; # 128525; U me. is not late to change my mind # 128517; # 128513

Turtle tube – You know I like off-road lights as damn damn

A b – Love these walk around videos … and I do not know

Erik and. – Am I the only one who saw his head "immigration appointment"?

There are 123 – I love these walk arounds Brad, so many ideas….

Toxic6460 – Very nice build i hope to build something like this when i buy my rubicon in a year

Ed – Not a single scratch … Even on the belly. That’s a lot of money for a mall crawler. Just sayin….

Lunamaria – To make the iron man theme i would be impressed ..

Montyjoel – "of course"

Blood nguyen – Very nice

12opk9 – You’re been sold I guess it was time to scratch that JL itch!

Muhanned bump – Dear family, I would like to ask you about the fenders. which type are they "Nemesis"? and from where can I get them?

Martin klaus – Bauer hockey stick shifter …. NICE!!

Chavez medina – So bad but it’s automatic # 128529; # 128530 # 128529; # 128530

Will dobs – Didn’t consider going under the hood. Considerring pretty

Nguyen phuong – Man, I really love this setup for the Jeep. Everything was organized so well. There were so many style setups but this wow me at all. Thanks for share!

Mustafa Durmuş – Nice video brother. Wrangler 2016 ?

Its wuzgood – Crawlafornia is a cooler rig

Anthony baez – What year is this?

Legit games – We just gonna ignore the hockey stick shifter?

MM Overland Adventures – Very sweet rig! Stupid amount of lights? That was funny. becareful the power doesnt get the best of you!

Rj jk – ‘drives an automatic’ rofl

Derek vargason – "I’m sorry but that jeep has never seen a dirt road when I look at this video. Guys shows off some jeeps with a few scars, 99% of people cant paint their jeep after every trip out wheelin

TexanUSMC8089 – It’s your job to have an awesome Jeep. It’s over the top. If it was a piece of crap he was probably looking for a new job. This is not a poor mans Jeep, but it’s a one we see in a magazine or video and Wish for. Great job Thanks for another great video.

Bunch of dhurwey – Nice jeep

Benton miller – I actually like the look of the 4 door version

Nick coker – Ever always preferred Jeep to the four door

Dustin vowinkel – This guy just said unlocking the hubs will stop the driveshaft from rotating BAHAHAHA @ 4:46

Chris m – "Yeah of course"

We google more – Wow that dude is hard core.

Gary holness – At 13:10 in the video, could someone please explain what he means. I’m getting started educating myself about Jeeps as I hope to make my next vehicle (1-1.5 yrs from now). What I think I hear is "ARB Air locker." As I understand ARB makes air compressors that they also mount camping refrigerators. I did a search and it came back with what looks like a differential. I’ll ask the naive question. For what do you use it? Thank you in advance.

Samagan Kalybaiuulu – Cheap assaloomu aleikum can i know jeeps

GTάββα GT-R – To much lights…

Other than that it’s pretty cool!!

Vayek333 – Good luck driving in the snow with all those hahaha LEDs

Dennis fossey – Nice ride, probably only one i would be interested in. Oven

SUNDAY FUNDAY – Definitely not married, no kids…

Zsr2009 – Damn …. Simply BAD-ASS!!!

Jose Mrales – Where can I get those rock sliders

xxxViPeRxxx josh – The only thing I could afford this video, maybe..

Strikerage – That shocks setup is easily $ 12k+…..

One day, I too will win the lottery. Then it will be mine.

TheRealAuga – Damn you guys are super close! I can see the holy Jim trail from my house!

AA A – Awesome build

Choopheraza 92 – The academic song, i like this

Rick mcintosh – Wonder what this cost if he had to price it. I love it.

Ugur zer – Do not talk, show what does

Heredownunder – Great upgrade-I like the bottle opener on the back!

Jack rotter – Whats the gas mileage on this 450hp beast? Asking for a friend … definitely Jeep JK.

Colorado4x4 – This video is inappropriate for YouTube. It should be banned because it’s too bad for the bone.

Scott Stewart – I’m debating and buying Jeep for 25k. What do people do to afford this stuff. My god I make 80k with a cheap mortgage and I can not imagine. This makes me feel boring af

Moshe zusman – Can you list the specific model for the roof rack? And does it have the backbone installed? Can you get away without backbone system / drilling in the top? Thanks! Unfortunately, it is already answered, I apologize!

Controlled chaos – If Taylor ever sells that Jeep I wanna buy it

Ryan born – Why can not we be friends?

Chris mccarthy – Count how many times the guy responds with "Of course"

Joseph castrichini – Look at 4:15 am The only one who sees the cracked shock?

Sanjeev singh tanwar – The bumper in the front is awesome !!!! Its an iron man for sure!

Bo taylor – This is pretty awesome … nice work!

Ricky spanish – Bumper is way to small

Randi friedner – I love this jeep. I just got my JLU Rubicon and I knew what bar Iwanted KC HiLites Gravity LED light bar. That has gone to the top of my wish list. They’re in my garage and waiting for time to install. For all of your great videos!

T – 5 years and looks brand new this dude stays on the pavement.

Blake zimmerman – It’s cool but this is an ego build

Ryan ryan – Lookin back on this vid, you look like "evil brad" w / that goatee XD lol

Poormofo1 – Damn this man jeep makes me want to get rid of my Tacoma..

Chris beerad – His goal is to ride the most of his time

Wely al-m – Awesome # 128526;

Stephen thomson – $$$$$ ?

J Joinery & Carpentry Ltd – Awesome vid! From the UK … wish we had some decent trails here!

Brother kongphan – How many CC. this one ?

Dennis c – Wow! Really great rig, a lot of money on it.

Your ka – I can see JK is better than JL

Feazan ayyaz – I really want to build something like this. I wanna know what year the Jeep Wrangler is the best for modding and such?

Denwary shean – Yes how much,

Root – Hey dude …. whats with the Bauer stick shifter …. u the hockey player?

Richard Politano – Help me build my 2003 hummer h2

Richard Politano – Absolutely awesome jeep.

Vidi djou – Hmm somebody afraid to darkness. But still smooth ride dude. Love it.

Steve lightweight – Yah of course

Ty clark – You want an ole paradogy wanting to buy his first Rubicon very soon. I probably have the most custom Hobie 14 fishing yak on the planet earth set up for night.

This jeep of yours is so awesomely rigged out n love everything you’ve done hands down awesome. Wish I was out in Wyoming again by you as well. Hope I can get a list n other where you buy from n such. Be offering these, need more information. Thanks so much ,,, Ty

Bedjo29 – Like this, … # 128149; # 128150; # 128158; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077;

Themoneymaker0129 – Out of ALL these upgrades, this one is the preferred upgrade. SERIOUSLY?!

Themoneymaker0129 – This should be called "If you hit the lotto jeep build walk around" LOL

Darcy willett – Thqat suspension system is off it’s head !! oven

Michael mathis – Beautiful jeep!

Michael mathis – What is with the TOYO tires? That is pretty much all I see on off road vehicles.

Nepsitercoverland – With all these setup i am shocked when he said the audio and the automatic step are his favorite lol.

Noretailform – Not in the open rock crawler fenders look. oven

AC130 reaper – Looks like 5 mpg

Min privatus – Must be nice to have JK money.

Joey g – How can i get one of those bauer shifters lol

Therushtime – Questions:
1) All differential locks?
2) Can you sleep at the back? I’m 182 cm tall

MrAbsentdriver – All that paint will look better with some scratches. And dings. Carries definitely ready for a beating. Just to perfect,…
Can i buy it used? I would love to thrash it within its life.

Arun kumar – It has half sawed flood light! Can switch on and play cricket when on off road…

Bhagawan shrestha – I love jeep ….

Fan boy – I love how all the add ones complement the build so well. Great video brad.

Michael McFarlane – Very well thought out vehicle. Will be great to see it with the overland mods. Not sure about the crack at 4:14 on the shock.

Pope john – The manual would be better

R3volc – That’s a nice jeep

Christopher perez – This is gonna be the dumbest question here. This is not so much?

Ryan ventura – Wow how lucky those people who can love that kind of it…….

The EDM Project-SEE The Music Archive – We should have used that one! -Vengers.

Jonathan ocab – Where was this recorded?

Mark pope – Clear question why do you not spend money on the mileage carrying the weight of the huge spare and the huge tire carrier? I could think of a lot of creatures.

Mark pope – Consider the color temp on those headlights?

Mark pope – I never installed my LED bar because I thought it would be difficult to think about it. thru a bug orchard I am going to make a custom, removable, curved (vertical not horizontal curve), smoked plexi or anodized aluminum cover less noise and wind Resistance, no worries about all too common stay, flying, gravel on the freeway.

Doublej – It was so cool if you ran into the Lamborghini, Ferrari’s, and such stupid looking cars when the downtown ….

Moparmon – Oh this guy’s share

JustSomeGuy – Can’t take this guy seriously when there is no scratch anywhere on his Jeep. Not even the undercarriage. Classic pose.

Mr. Ismail – WO 128 # 128079; # 127998; # 128079; # 127997; # 128079; # 127997; # 128079; # 127997; # 128079; # 127997; # 128079; # 127997;
Amazing work

Chris daniels – Why not a manual? gravely.

Captain kid – I’m sure that 5-year customization created a good off-road vehicle. But then damn! Jeep comes out with a completely new vehicle, a huge improvement over the older ones.

Desmo nec – Very cool my dude….

Make a drone – Holy jim’s!!!

Erica bouquets – I am so sweet with this jeep sweet! Is the rebel shop based out of california? I want those windows on my jeep. Can i buy them online ?

Rav – How much was that jeep?

Sean lally – I think the biggest problem I’m here to work. I love turning wrenches but I live in a garage. Its not easy being able to do a lift kit, fender flares, electronics etc. without the proper tools or Lift. Labor for this Build would double the price tag of the parts. We are going to be there until my stock tires wear out for now, so we get creative

Davkenrem – That’s gotta be a $ 100k jeep

Eli – I fell in love with Wranglers after I rented this year. Hoping to get one in the future.

PMdrizzles – Only thing they do not talk about the shift knob, how and where can i get one.!

Pete n – I have a cruiser, I like the light system.

Sofia cents – Beautiful jeep

Dominic garzon. – What do u prefer 2 door or 4 door ?

SCOTTMCKAY1982 – Let me know that fed jeep in gta5! 🙂

Psy06 – Nice mall crawler

Anu bhardwaj – How much is this beautiful jeep

Chad may – Too bad im sure it never

Travis radovan – Ruined it when I saw it was an automatic

Blue bullet – I can not get enough of this one, I must have seen this video.


What would anyone buy Beadlocker Rims? ..

They are heavy, they take a lot of money.

They do not even stop the tire being knocked off the kidney from inside.

The best thing to use is the good old $ 15 inner tube. You can change the tire off the bead. You can change the size of the beadlockers, they cost you
Before anyone thinks they will try to spin on the kidney with low pressure then thing again. Drag cars do not have a tire on the wheel.

The reason people are not using tubes.
If you want to understand how great the Inner Tube truly is. Just get a set of wheels and tires and fit Inner Tubes in them and see for yourself.

It seems to be the case of "The Less You Know the More You Pay".

Do not be sucked into "Gimmick" buying just because some foolish guy has done with his money foolishly thinking.

I know you guys with stock rigs that will get you out of their hands.

After all that is what it boils down to the end of the day.

Boomer soner – Took 5 years and working for an off road company. Damn, I’ll never give them my business.

Nukes away – All the survival gear in the world will be closed during the apocalypso.

Lucky tj – Mall crawling for dayyyyyyys

Janez demsar – I did not know bauer made shift knobs!!

Ben jamieson – I’m not sure what to do with this one

TintedWhiteGuy – Not a bad way to spend $ 10,000 dollars …. increase sorry $ 100,000

Lloydrage – Great vid brad

Adam savage – As someone who has spent a lot of years in West Virginia in a 1999 Grand Cherokee without ever having a serious problem …. what in the hell is the point of all these mods? Jeep’s are extremely capable straight from the factory…

Cookies – What are you running in your wallet? Nothing, I’m not running anything in my wallet … for many years to come..

Boss frog – Not enough lights

The rust admin – Please make a video about independent and independent suspension REAR suspension too 🙂

Suchasreallife – 5% stock

Claudio trajtemberg – Only the best of course lol

Sean o – How much does the tire / wheel weigh? Gots your b freakin lot.

Bob Thomas – Wow

Martin klaus – Love the bauer hockey stick shifter!!

Francisco garcia – I only wish they came with or aftermarket 35 gal fuel tank.

Quinton pearson – Hey TrailRecon, what’s your new ax that he has on that jeep? Recon Complete 2.5 12 "Coils on the front and well?

Alltech sun – Trabuco ca

Carbon stevie – Excellent walk around, Love that Jeep !! Seems like a humble guy. Great video brad!

Ovalie fair play – Very nice video. hello from France.

Young tyg – Idk anything about cars

Michael roth – What a cool vehicle. But totaly out of my price range. The alpine radio unit.

x xx – All lamps as a Christmas tree.

Give dubose – 100k?

Stefano capozzi – Awesome jeep must of cost big money i cant get expensive so i’m driving a stock jku at the moment lol and i think thats gonna gonna stay # 128546; # 128546;

Sdguy123 – Great video as usual brother!

Jimmy4x4 Socal – It is enough rock rash to make me believe it off roads it often makes it dirt roads. My jk everything on the scratch from rocks, my rims had scratch from rocks, my bumpers and sliders had a good time. That jeep is lucky it’s not Mine.

Bob fish – Yea the JL is a great jeep you should sell me your beater and get one LOL 🙂

Josh song – Are those Crow LG1 seats the standard size or the wide? I am curious if the wide ones will fit in my JKU.

Note Rubicon Productions – Gotta love the 4 door! JKU FTW !

Andrei German – Badass jeep, total waste of money. Goal bad ass.

David lano – Right below the driver-side taillight it looks like a bottle opener is fastened to the jeep. Is that what it is? Or is it something else? Anyone know?

Nomad charlie – I would love to have that jeep

Tony garcia – I am 47 years old now … I’m always in love with you … This is one of the best jeeps I’ve seen and when I buy a jeep I will walk on that road Iron Jeep you presented. It looks I would only ask one question. With some jeep styles to buy, which model is this I can buy one to start the transformation as well. I hope someone can point me out to the right direction. Thank you for this YouTube post. # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077;

DANTE BELGIAN MALINOIS – Awesome video and truck

Arm drag – When you put the ripp super load on how many miles do you have on stock engine? im concerned about putting one on a thousand to 80 thousand miles wrangler

Chris of oulmeth – The Bauer hockey stick shifter is a nice touch ive never seen before.

Uniroyal mish – That thing must be gutless

Stay start snowflakes – Hey jstraddy

Senior xj – He’s got over $ 100k in parts alone…

Angel garcia – Awesome Jeep! What size lift does it have?

46 rambo – U-ray it’s oooray Ouray, CO my back yard, this jeep might not survive many trails around, it’s not like CA

4everjeeper – Hey Brad I just got the same PS front bumper on your jeep, my question is with this new bumper design does it come with a vac. pump relocation bracket or did not need to be

Anthony dinardo – Is that tyler pelfrey?

Tristan talley – How much does it weigh?

Hand to hand fight – Way too clean to have been off road. Not a scratch on it.

My2017Raptor – God she is sexy!

Tanner milne – Interior dome light is not even LED …. # 128558;

Fx – How much does this cost? the whole deal..?

Mfs visions – Crazy build bro! its really co …… its an automatic? Damn nvm

Uncle grandpah – Love it!!

Moshe zusman – Love the jeep! Question: improving the grip on the bar grip / handle, for the ram mount? The specific ball head is essentially the screw to the handle.!

Obsidian flow – Wow

Zachary schlecht – Do you have a roof rack for a rooftop tent? Interesting road to go, given the website puts it’s load rating at 264 pounds

Getthat zero – Damn what a shock

DIY JEEPER – What kind of lift does he have the rebel off road?

DIY JEEPER – So what kind of lift kit does he have ?

DIY JEEPER – So what kind of lift kit does he have ?

Marco novy – Looks like Cain left Detroit and the Nuke life.

Brian jarreau – This Jeep is SICK AF
How RICH is this dude…
I’m J-E-L-L-O!

Benz500r – Oh man, that’s a really nice jeep. Thank you for writing below.

Hmongwild – No words. Purpose badass rig.

Erik bates – I like the baby blue color.

xXWeltchXx – How much do u guys think this costs easy 200000?

Rubicon unlimited – Just the best of the best!

Kerry m – Favorite upgrade is the head unit or side steps? Those would be my last upgrades. Love the jeep though.

1992 W250 – Protect that rad…

Mike press – Spoken "you ray"

Rt enamel – If it was a budget, it would take 5 years. I dont think it takes 5 years to build that thing

Iron man, the 5 year old jeep wrangler build-walk around

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