Is the brand new 2020 jeep wrangler willys more than just an appearance package?

Is the Brand New 2020 Jeep Wrangler Willys More Than Just An Appearance Package?

Description: This 2020 Jeep Wrangler Willys JL brings the old name back to the latest generation. Check out this walk around to see what’s …

John smithherson – Consider a wish for a gladiator at a price and not over priced trims.

LOST IN TRANSIT – Jeep missed a big opportunity with the Willys model.
It’s a cry from their awesome Willys JK concept they did. It’s really really disappointing for jeep fans.

Darin gries – I really want a 2-door but the ride Rubicon sucks but I still want.

2J_MacRae_Z – I have a jku willys in anvil gray # 128526; # 128076;

Akeem and cars – "Tualiha V6" # 128514; # 128514;

Bret ryan – a good package

Gil manalad – What colors will be available?

None already – I miss the Route 20 ## series that Mopar did. They used to come back to Denver and all of us CURRENT CUSTOMERS could come out and drive the new vehicles and see what new themselves. Not a fan of the Willys ~ just an appearance group On the Sport + w / limited slip of what I can see. It does not do justice!

Florida ranger – WILL IS NOT WILL EES. I do not know when it starts, but I leave it up to you. Please go back to the early promotional films and see for yourself the correct pronunciation. You can find those movies here on YouTube. Thank you.

Hgtydjdjdgh67889 – Why did this model get MT tires and the Rubicon got ATs?

Eric Putman – Like it!!!

Babylonian anibal – Nice I own the 2015 version if that Jeep, mine is the baja yellow, I’ve been taking it off in Indiana badlands and Arizona Tucson and it did pretty good! I think it’s a great package. Bought it new and still going strong! No issues with it what so ever! Very reliable # 128075; # 128526; # 128077;

R m – All the Wranglers should just go with the LED headlights .

Ryan l – Overpriced

James young – Please forward this to the Jeep Corporation or Jim Morris whoever is or whoever is the president of the company. Back to top purple pearlcoat in 2020 and bring back the JK model

James young – I also do not like the model I hope they bring the JK model back Jael just takes away the Jeep look

James young – I did not know the 2020s were just yet I just talked to Jeep Corporation a dealership and they said they were coming out of it in 2020 and it’s going to come back to the extreme purple pearlcoat for the Jeep lineup in 2020 and also The power of The Jeeps is not the Rubicon and the Sahara if you got any more money or if you have a lot of money. Tell them about the purple pearlcoat

Shift intohigh – Are you at Chelsea Proving grounds? Righteous Mopar racket in the background. 1st 2020 Wrangler intel I have seen. Pricing out 2020 stuff. Thanks will include this in my research. # 128077; # 128077;

Ryan wai – How to get this model from the website?

Bdd1469 – "The most retro throwback" ???? WTF are you smoking, and where can I get some? Led lights? Grill insert? Touch screen? Been a jeep fan, owner, and builder for 50 years. The ONLY thing about that turd.

James hall – They should be used instead of stickers. anyone can get some stickers and make it base model jeep a special edition

William Heinsinger – My Favorite Package on the Wrangler # 128513; # 128077;

Rich farfugnuven – Did anyone see the bug on the rock rail? Ya, I tried to wipe my phone ….. time to quit drinking…..

Halv – Does it have the Rubicon suspension? The JK Willys did. With limited slip, diff gear ratios, tires, rock sliders, and ruby ​​suspension, I’d say it’s more than an appearance package.

Sam walker – Seems like a lot of fluff and no meat for $ 2500

Jack stewart the 3rd – AND IT IS !!!! I remember the JK Willy’s and I loved it and I was pretty sad when they got rid of it! What a great comeback and not a Jeep fan

Will messer – Where are the half doors

Lunamaria – Meh

Justin – This is the coolest base-ish model I’ve ever seen!

Ryan tatum – I have the 2016 and one thing mine that they did not mention is the rubicon shocks. Wonder if this one has that?

Wings-44 – Sounded so disappointed when it was the pentastar

Toddler Schultz and Kaysar – Good video .gllad to see the willys back in the line up..

Paul 70stastic – I’m not so big on LED headlights but the Jeep has a good look at it. Jeeps that had the "blackout" coating to minimize aerial visibility to enemy aircraft.

Glenn kennedy – I’m dreaming of a mini jeep ….. as in the Jimny.

Rob the elder – Cheap jeep. But it’s just a cheap jeep. Sorry

Joezephyr – Fabulous! The TFL team returns to their Jeep roots! I recently bought a 2 door JL due to the TFL team. When will Tommy trade in his 2 door JK for a 2 door JL?

Marian james – Not a fan of the base LSD clutch. should have used worsen LSD style instead.

Lee carter – If it is a front locker with that limited front end (then it would be more likely that the standard locking rear end would be an open front) then it would be a good option to buy it out. on rubicon .

Nemeanion – I like those black rubicon rims.

Skodz gaming – I like it

Francisco Roussenq – The JK Willys Wheeler was nicer! This JL Willys looks like sport

Bob wampler – Looks good to me # 128077; # 128077;

Phillip craggs – Drop the LED lights and put in a rear locker. that would make more sense.

Kevin delk – It’s sad Fiat took over in 2014. Never will buy a jeep now.

Mattonthewater – Speaking pronounced "Willis"

Mod – I know Chelsea, Michigan Mike’s Deli and Jiffy Mix. Nice little town. If you like golfing there is Pierce Lake Golf Course.

R b – I just sold my 15 Willy’s for a 19 Colorado ZR2 best move I ever made.

W w – Informative Well done as always Tommy. You seem to cover a lot of things on my mind before I can ask. 🙂 Different tires question, answered. What makes this jeep special? Appearance package. Question answered. The old school has been made to Buy FICA products, it would have been able to do the heavy duty off road adventures. Thus a 2 door Rubicon JL with all the whistles and bells would be where I would go. This "Willys" package is not enough for me. See why you like this particular one. From a visual stand point.

JohnnyRebKy – Very nice # 128077; # 127996; But I expect to pay that much money just to have "Willy’s" painted on the side. (or pay that much without it either). Visiting keep my used F150 and riding a 4 wheeler or good horse Off road # 128077; # 127996; hard hard hard hard hard hard 4x 4x 4x 4x 4x 4x 4x 4x Best Best.

Heath stallcup – Love it.
Do yall know if the half doors are still an option for these?

Chris baumann – Can you confirm half metal doors, for 2020?

Richard west – Nice looking Jeep. The Willy’s Back Memories # 128522;.

The sinner jim whitney – Willys is pronounced like ‘Willis’. Shocked to hear this from this channel, haha! That vehicle is in no way worthy of that nameplate, just an appearance package on an AUTOMATIC sweet sixteen present. Jeeps suck now what a shame.

Gregor miller – Lookin ‘good willis…

Danny morals – Rear locker depending on bad to add # 129300;

Gutte herr – I love my 2018 JK Willys.

Larry taylor – My son has 2019 willys edition in the unlimited nice jeep!

Bill – Confused just keep my 2014 Willys JK.

Gibby Jones – Willys jeeps had manual transmissions. new jeeps and women have one thing in common –
They both like cosmetics.

Ironwolff69 – Good video

Douglas bell – So, this version has the same ground clearing and the same fender’s height as the sport trim right?

Brian mclaughlin – Not a Willy by any stretch of the imagination.

Proulx guy – Jeep should be so great in their Jeep’s that diesel Jeep owner’s can benefit from turbo lag and receive 3 great back from Fiat down the road lmao

Jay p – The sliders look nice.

Jay p – They are so crazy.

Joseph whiskey beale – Rather not having the LED light group.

Winging – Jeep with the 2.0 turbo gold Pentastar V6, but I want to see with RAM’s eTorque. (Wonder where they’d put the battery.)

Nicholas proctor – Is it running the Rubicon 33’s w / o a lift?

Lsanti – That!?! No forest green or desert only available

Marmerle – I think it’s pronounced WILL-IS and not WILL-EES. Am i wrong?

Lee Woiteshek – Is there going to be a forward looking camera in any of the 2020 packages?

Robert Snyder – Willees? Willees? For shame, I thought you were Jeep guys!

Matt davies – If a lot for what you describe as a grill / wheels and some stickers? Rub Rub Rub Rub Rub Rub Bad Bad

Carolus magnus – You’re paying $ 2500 for a Willys sticker.

Taka1 – What the heck! Jim Morrison from the Doors is now the head of Jeep !!! ???? Jeezus Bazinga! This is awesome!!!

Newton wastinton – Without the front and rear lockers……….

Thomas Hospodar – I owned a 2016 Willy’s edition, IMO was the best value in the JK line-up. I wish they had a back slip which they very shortly did in the 2018 run of the JK Willys built along the side JL That would make it even more Able and not step on the Rubicon’s top tier status.

Calec boxes – Price?

Sonny baldwin – Does it have a Dana 44 in the rear?

Gordon willoughby – Jeep’s limited slip option is just not worthy enough. I get it, Jeep thinks it’s protecting the Rubicon’s sales but it’s the bean counters and marketing guys????

I want to think about a potential Willys buyer upgrades to a Rubicon to get a locker. I do not think they’ll opt for a Sport and go buy some OEM take-off wheels / tires from a Rubicon and save $ 1,200.

Lenstar1 – Hi, it’s me

Richard – It’ll never be a willys. We have had one when young and literally beat the hell out of it. Teenage girl is still life running great. That was in the 80s wish to be smart enough to keeo it.

Already – Considering the axle ratio? How much total price? Consider the size of the tires? I thought it was pronounced willis??

George Suchenstein – It’s a legend born in WW2 still going strong today. But mud tires and no lockers is crazy. Needs lockers. Take it to Moab with no lockers.

Neil bullock – Glad to see Tommy back talking about jeeps. What happened to the white JLU yall bought? Was looking forward to new jeep vids plz

John kraft – Just purchase the rubicon.

Bobbo morgan – WRONG! Jim Morrison is the lead singer for the Doors # 128513; # 128514; # 128515 # 128516; # 128522; # 128518;

Hand skinr – Love the Willys! What’s the axle ratio with the manual and the auto?

John wesley – I love the design of the jeep but I would never buy one because the quality, dependability and reliability is not there.

Is the brand new 2020 jeep wrangler willys more than just an appearance package?

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