Is the jeep wrangler a good driver? We rented a jeep wrangler to find out

Is the Jeep Wrangler a Good Daily Driver? We Rented A Jeep Wrangler To Find Out

The Jeep Wrangler is known for you, but I wanted to know if it would be a good …

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Neb the barbarian – So if I got a jeep with the roll up windows it would be a way to convert me to automatic?

T shaf – Go Hoosiers 🙂

Matthew sullivan – Our family is on it’s fourth Jeep, now the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. And yes, we go off road and use it when we are driving our motorhome. Just makes driving much more fun for Colorado and Utah. But one remember, it is a True SUV, multipurpose vehicle; and a jeep shouldnt. Thanks for the review!

Brian mages – Nice review guys. My biggest concern would be the bad review Consumer Reports gave it. It was rated 35 out of 100 which makes it one of the best rated vehicles out there. Their biggest complaints are road noise, stiff ride, fuel economy and poor reliability…..

Michael williamson – Just bought a 2020 Jeep Wrangler

Wayne nicko – I try the Wrangler JL unlimited sahara and its just Waw no problem for daily drive

Ivan Benavides – About thinking about a Jeep. This video was very helpful. Thank you

Ahmad kaddoura – Nice video .. what’s your opinion on high speed noise ?

Cstmrsking – Good Info, Quick and straight to it. Good format.

Aliot s – Short, sweet, and informative.

Crzymuthafacker – Possibly probably getting one this weekend. Fingers crossed # 129310;

Living coast 2 coast – Can you go with all 4 wheels down?

Joezephyr – Great review thank you.

John lyon – Appreciate this review. I’m getting anxious to upgrade our Jeep Patriot toad to a Jeep Wrangler. Test drives are in the future of the race, but it sounds like.

As an aside, I thought to myself, "That looks like LOT like Indiana!" I grew up in Montgomery County, so I was trying to solve some places I’ve been around Crawfordsville….!

Thanks again.

David – Hello was just curious if everything is ok not seen any video for a while. Hope all is well take care.

Josh mann – I love the size of it but focused contemplating a two door wrangler. I want something more rugged. I love the wrangler is having electric seats. Overrated if you ask me. I hear the rear seat can be taken out better. These better wranglers look Better than two doors.

Mickey mouse – Cool video! Thank you!!

To the – # 128522; all is well, just got back from Indiana about a week ago. We miss the videos.

Kurt h. – I liked it. I gave it a thumbs up # 128515;

To the – Hi, I hope you are in a while.

Hotelboz – Aloha Nice review. Where have you been ?

Richard during – We have 2 door Sahara Wrangler for our toad. Just get under 1 mpg less towing it. ~ 9 vs 10.

Krasnaludek – Short answer: Depends on your commute. Would I sit in California traffic & commute 45 miles each way with JL-hell no. I would commute daily 15 miles each way-sure. My commute went to a short trip, just the Jeep is great, but I get 15 mpg on 35s.

Sanshez – Considerably cool AF. But no, it’s not a good daily driver. I leased one for my wife on 12/24/2016. Insurance is astronomical on this vehicle. It has the worst crash ratings of any vehicle. Mileage is about 15.5 -16.5 Long term average. After 28 months critical noticing the transmission is slipping. Increasing gonna change out the fluid transmission with some amsoil. Overall not good for commute

Taka yama – Forget the Kenny Jeep, you and Sabrina from excellent reviews !! Well, I do not like that hard to adjust, and that loud rear wiper! Jeep would read this review and fix the same things. Otherwise it seems like it’s a great driver for Many people, especially up north. If I lived in snow country, I’d definitely want 4×4.

Sungwook park – Hi I really want to buy 2019 Jeep JLU sports gold sahara but i heard so many complaints about issues such as steering weels, welding and wires etc … jeep has been my dream car since i moved to us. I do not know much about Cars but I really want to own one. Should i get one? Or not?
What do u think about all the issues? Should i wait for another year?
Thank you 🙂

Adam ton – All good points I agree with your points of view. I felt the office space is good enough for a road trip.

Zoomcat54 – We have 2 door Sahara Wrangler for our toad. We love everything except the mileage. This thing is a GAS HOG!

Gerry franklin – Great job with your video. I will be checking out your podcast.

Kelvin and Marilyn Travels – We have the four door, and we love it.

DONMAZ7 – Simply, if you love it, you will not complain about it. It’s a jeep thing u will never understand.

Steve st martin – It’s not a daily driver in my opinion. It’s the best tow vehicle I love my JK and will not be without one. You guys would be well served with a jeep. I have the say-in-play braking system so it’s expensive but it’s the best for a gas coach.

Southern adventures – Enjoyed your vid. We love a jeep!

Alex agoraphobia – I got to say I grew up in Bellmawr where are you guys from Philly.??

NoProGoPronto – I LOVED my 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport. I never thought of it and never felt any shame about it. I had 10 years ago and only gave it up when the transmission went. I will be using another day. "Discussed to Jeep Thing." My Jeepers know what talking about # 128077; # 127997; # 128515

Travel Small Live Big – You are supposed to get dirty jeeps! The hardtop was definitely cool-looking pretty easy (I miss my VW convertible bug …)!

Penny lee – I always love a Jeep Wrangler see yah and Bell too happy Easter

Hippie pidasian – Does this mean that we can see a Jeep in your future? My limited experience with a Jeep definitely showing how tight a turning radius they have. I can not imagine many vehicles being able to turn into a small space. Great review.

David Knapp – We had an 09 4-dr ride on the 2-dr you will have the same position hauling as the rear of the 4-dr. We found the 4-dr ride to be a smoother, but the Dr model. If we get a 2-dr JL model, it would be a great deal for us in the backyard.!

C’mon, let’s go….! – I have a 2017 unlimited jeep I love my jeep

RV Habit – Sabrina you look so good in that Jeep. It fits you so well. The jeep girl to the core. Even driving 75 it’s all you.
Ok Kenny I think I told you everything told me.

RV Enthusiast – I know it’s destination, but I think you really loved it. I know Lou (RV Habit) and I love our Wrangler Limited editions.

Jody mitchell – Nice!!!

The mcmillan express – We had a Jeep before we went full time. We do miss alot, great compact that gets you from point A to Z! However we have a travel trailer now that’s perfect for us. Great review guys # 128077;

Paula johnson – This is my dream vehicle but I think the 4 door. Great video!

David – Hello guys I like the jeeps I think there is a lot of things to do for a motorhome, I have been looking for a jerps myself, that a bmw z 4. For motorhome. Have a great day.

Roy davis – I have considered a Jeep as a towed vehicle. Off-roading is fine but only makes up a small portion of our driving. The 4 door’s wheelbase is about 21.5 inches long and that could help the ride.

David brickey – Look like a good Buy # 128077; # 128526;

Roaming remodelers – Great review! I think this Jeep is exactly what you need for our next trip to Moab !!

Robin england – Always wanted one, but the knowledge that Fiat makes them makes me nervous!

Chickery’s travels – I think what you said about the ride is pretty common with Jeeps. I think it is a trade-off. The other issues are quite minor. If I had to tow a vehicle, it would be on my short list of choices.

Bearfoot adventures – Thank you I love going back and watching your first video it’s kind of funny how nervous you were about taking rv out first time

Bearfoot adventures – Forget to subscribe to my channel too

Lakelizard – Sounds great. But I always like to see what Consumer Reports has to say. Reliability is very important to me. Good luck.

Sue mendez – We love our Jeep Cherokee but I wanted the Wrangler!

Bearfoot adventures – I could see you guys riding the desert of Arizona top off

Jeeps & rvs – Good review I use the 4 door Wrangler JL Rubicon version for our TOAD. Just got the towing package installed. Love it!

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Is the jeep wrangler a good driver? We rented a jeep wrangler to find out

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