Jeep wrangler 2019 | first test / test / review in spanish |

Jeep Wrangler 2019 | First Test / Test / Review in Spanish |

Participations in the 2018 Jeep Camp, celeb in Austria, for traeros this video test of the new Jeep Wrangler. The american toddler by excellence …

Diego Alejandro Vargas Paloma – "A much faster operating system" and the screen fall loading … # 128514;

Alberto dr – I’m a total fan of the Jeep Wrangler …. goal I pay 55 thousand euros for the rubicon and see the sponsor of the speckle thus …. if you pay for the logo and its off-road features.

Luis Armando Melendez Perez – Acer a video of the Russian brand UAZ Gunter

CARLA REYES-NUNEZ – In Call of Duty Big Dicks # 128554;

Ryder ss – Aca in Mexico Solo sells with pentast v6 3.6L u.u

Joshua ten – What do you need?

Kaizer lekronex – If you are a car for men

Nicholas of the – When you say "led type" or "touch type" do not understand very well It should be more accurate in the terms you use because you might get confusing a lot.
And what about the video says Jeep Wrangler 2019 and you saw 2018, then?

Hannibal quispe yauyo – THAT BEAUTIFUL OF AUTO CARAJO

Daniela VIDALES GONZALEZ – Someone can tell me the difference between the sahara, the sport and the rubicon?

Diuco – You could hacks a comparison between the class and the Wrangler. @

Leandro Espinoza Alvarez – Waiting for the new MB 2019

Luis jimenez – The best in all terrain … happy with my JEEP TJ.

Eduardo vera – Enchants me the jeep

Saúl gamboa vargas – The Jeep is a legend, the car for a lifetime 🙂

J. CARGARIANNO – "Puts the day …. But in ugliness"

Josue reyes – When dirty diesel version

Razor productions – Anyway hope that Toyota news the Male 4.5 that is an icon of the rustic 4×4.

Gift v – A jeep without a number in front and a jeep

Wellington sanchez – You are a beautiful girl

Gregorio Fidel figueroa acosta – Hello jaume jl and jk jl and jk

Andres giraldo gomez – Oven

Marco Antonino Nieto – It would be perfect if there was the option of manual box. Great video best wishes.

Alexis – No manual transmission? Safe.

Steal xxx – Precious coach, unquestionable 4×4 sufficiency, and attractive equipment, no doubt, but ….. who has had to understand the position of the coach? I since then, no.

Peri snake – Hello, very good Jaume, have always but you surpass them. I am thinking of getting the 4×4 but give me a dud, for 4×4 that is more recommendable: long or cut battle? I force hi.

Gino g – No matter how much it is for the road to the road

Turzo – Cheating on Suzuki Jimny

Gonzalo – What are the "overland" pack?

Ho lee fok – That’s the taste of chrysler, keeping the classic models in the jeep and challenger

Jesus towers – No siren his beautiful but no longer his hijacked his Fiat van many mechanical problems had to jk and I studied that I change it to a big Cherokee with motorhemi and in the salute also of the workshop lenient do not serve his badly left to exist in 2006 When the last six cylinders online came out.

Alex ivera – Beautiful vehicle

Raul galindo – The best

Mercedes Benz Andrei – Modern and classic You are a pass !!!! Although I am of Mercedes Enchants the look of this tick # 128076;

Jairo hidalgo – Great report Jaume. I really don’t have a lot of grace in my life..

Mercedist – The truth is that it would change with the exchange … the class g

David Evo VI – One of them only tt, that’s old school
Greeting guys

Fernando daniel – This beautiful girl is trucketa. But it must be something expensive

Rodrigo Muñoz – What is the rubicon having a skin? If only pours sahara has them?

Enrique oviedo jungle – At this point, we are going to make the most of our.

Miguel aceceo – Take your man good like

Alex martin – The BMW 330i xdrive with fund please … # 128525;

Pablo argaluza – Are you not approved for Europe for the metal strands and the removable side of the American Rubicon? (and this always marked differences between the Sahara and the Rubicon..

Isaac ds – The functionality of eggs 5:10 …. ajajajaj

Mftgdeserteagle – Suggestion: compare the systems of integral tracing of SUVs more … Quattro, 4Motion, 4Motion, 4Motion, Land Rover, Grip control, … Engine and similar and the same picture of neumatics. It would be interesting!

Jesus moradillo – I have read ” another car to destroy mounds ” you have no idea mouth flip flops. Those who are desperate for the streets and paths, and who have a passion for the possibility of extinguishing the carnival of a country by a car. Report if you tell me the primitive I buy it. If you do not touch me in the new Jimmy

iLopez – See all the news

Alfonso fernandez – 4:03 "Have a new much but fast operating system …" And in the screen an eternal "wait" hahaha

Gerard gonzalez – Soaps if in the finished Rubicon or manual gearbox?

Peter aldan – The box with wheels is amazing, it’s always going to be something. Well the best price and handling in the cart.

Married david – The fiat / alpha motors the sit as ring to the finger

Rolan Roadrunner – Without all terrain with upper case, said that the best that there is. Uconnet system is one of the best and most important of all. Earlier there were too many spartans for details and finishes. Classical Line of all emptied the genius..

Marcelo alejandro ganon – THE SEVEN BARS HIS JEEP, INDISCUTIBLE FROM THE FIRST MODEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlos Honrubia – And where would we charge the batteries of the inflatable hybrid version? In an environment?

Salviortega – It’s a tickle that I liked about my boy or willys. Fantasy test!

Pedro mederos – If very cute but a shit of motor fiat ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

K0k3h – So at least you can read it 4×4 and all the ground with all the letters, not like all the things that includes catching and completing the hack offroad with this…

Carlosxulo2012 – Good test!

Alvaro diaz – Jeep goes by very good way

Joan trma – Hello I would like to know you are going to have some comparative coaching, I have an aster opc and a bridgestone potenza s0001

Volumex – The phenomenal Venetian participation of Fiat has Jeep, coaches of much more quality, which is improved in the field. It encircles, keeping the legendary stagnation that has so many many likes. For the first time I consider it worthy of a mark in Account in Europe.

Valerocks – The hand brake is not the typical jeep.

Mencey tagor – The getting getting offroad.

Samuel Flores Hangman – This Wrangler would have finished in the interior of the world, but would also accept the digitization of the electrification of this all-earth.

Cesar camacho – I do not like the automatic box

MORBID SHINIGAMI – Enjoy Much The video
Greetings from colombia

MCGREGORY13 – In Jurasic Park all over … # 128546;

Me7rold – Of my best reviews of a vehicle, is an orgasm see this Jeep, in my country its price base is in 56 thousand dollars, greetings

Sebastian Felipe Maturana Morals – That diesel engine of this jeep between this one dodge 2500 ram pros and cons someone help me I want to buy one of these

Rødrigo santøro – Wrangler, class G and 911 car icons

The santi – This one buys you 30 people, 4 portofino, and ds x nobody….

David Valerio Arriaga – What do you think about SUV and SUV # 129316;

Hum18 – Good video! 0:30 And the Jimny !! oven

Ivan D.P. – Always will be the checkmark of my life. YJ 4.0 of 6 Crew with 12 years old with who’s put on novel "L". Wonderful device Too bad you pay dearly … the wide Chassis version keeps me crazy # 128525;

Lacan casanueva – Excellent test !! best wishes … esches coaches that I long to buy!!

Geo nauta – Graceful as its interior tan Fiat, is the time to maintain the style of Jeep, fusion

Danna jhasbleidy – Thanks for this video was genius thanks

Cristian master – From the REAL 4x4s that you can face the face of face rover and MB G-Class.

Marko – Excellent analysis.

Caesar H.I.. – Waiting for the new Suzuki Jimmy.

Big anibal – They could have updated the antenna, which names pilla channel + with this. Great video as always!

Adrian garcía blanco – Video of Suzuki Jimny, by the way. A good 4×4 good and much more affordable.

Victor cristobal gonzalo – 0:27 I think we would say Class G

Thegroucho – But i suspect the no?!

Julio Cesar Fajardo – Wrangler forever……….

Alexis M.A. – And we look forward to the new Jimny Sierra, another 4×4 icon. See if you can try it.

Sergi gh – Jeep is a little of Fiat EVERYTHING!.

Jose luis – Follow by molting the mount and the Jeep Wrangler, all pure and hard. Good video like

Vipera ammodytes – Hello, when you present the suzuki jimny that will come out in October !

X4VI – I bought them???????

Thebiker – a haorm hacil review to the new Suzuki jimny greeting!

Jordi Hugas – Very good video and well explained how easy you always !!! I love this jeep, sorry for the prices with the running time !!! Happy summer everyone!!!

Madrid spain – Very beautiful, just like all the ground remains the land cruiser and by the same price.

StinksWell by Jeep by Keeping Your Philosophy Changing at a Bit Its Essence

Vegetableablea – How to sacks the wheel if this camera?

Juan palma sanchez – Half-boned Panta.A Greeting

Norvey sanchez – Simply great for the best cars…

Davis – 11:24 with the new jimny !! 🙂

David 01 – Cloudy cloudy cloudy cloudy!!

Adolfo – If the tram would be the milk. You will also miss milongas as the start-stop … # 128514;

Mike isabra – The best channel !!

FLUVAL EDGE ACUARIO – What cool are we checking marks for clearing woods…

Gonzalo – Is it cool to take the doors? I think not huh…

Gonzalo – Is it cool to take the doors? I think not huh…

Aaron amacars – The best jeep looks like the Mercedes G63 2018

Jeep wrangler 2019 | first test / test / review in spanish |

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