Jeep wrangler 2019 | safety bag rating? Oven

Jeep Wrangler 2019 | Safety bag rating? oven

Jeep Wrangler 2019 | Safety bag rating? Subscribe to YouTube Autos Full: ( EURO NCAP CREDITS: …


J.sm33 – American coaches are not subscribed in general for being safe. So we know

C j – Well they are very sad the truth a shame that feather male

Avarajame – I will be conceived. for the city I have other vehicles.

John hena – Disappointed

Por favor

ANUAR SADATH ORTGA BELLY – Please hagqan the video of the ford edge st 2019

Zero league – This Toyota Land Cruiser, Range Rover, has made this Jeep Wrangler, but it does not excuse that Mitsubishi Montero Sport, etc. All of these 4×4 SUVs Jeep solo for l’appraised him in an area is a 4×4 … (Another perfect Example is Suzuki Jimny, too sure that the Jeep has a great price, drawing 3 stars), neither has pick-ups.
Now with these issues, FCA will push to improve the security of the Wrangler of the EuroNCAP.
PD: If you’re not sure about the European Jeep, why don’t you think about the Jeep that you’ve seen in Latin America, where’s the price?.

Leonardo rojas – When hacking the jeep wrangler 2019 and why worrying about the rating why are you all.

Alias ​​avila – Greetings from panama!!!
With the thought that between me and the most important ones.

EDISSON COCA – Damn that I hope to be a North American self in Japanese, German or Korean know that the great majority of foreign cars his bags in safety.

Isack tigrito – Friend of cars full. It is true that you are Mr. Sergio oliveira????

Julio Schifferli Escobar – And that voice is cold what?
Interested me to think that;
"Latin America is a town in the USA"

Julio Schifferli Escobar – Are you here? Interesting data our do think that;

"Latin America is a town on the United States"

Juan L. Benavides A. – And very expensive

Juan L. Benavides A. – Very dangerous trucketa

Juan L. Benavides A. – Very beautiful trucketa

Jacobaro Jacobaro – And if you are in Europe, you would like to see the details of Renault and Chevrolatas also for Latin America # 128514; # 128514;

Danny gomez – If you are for the moment imagine for latinos: v

Jhonatan matches – Not all that shines are gold

Jorge palacio – Excellent information for those in Latin America

Noe fabric shell – Not at all because of what you see, do not deform the body but if you need to increase bad air pockets, correct the ISOFIX socks, to give a good braking system. For your price the miss a lot

July – Congratulations, excellent information. Should carry out the program with the qualification of Latin Ncap and Euro Ncap of the most sold cars in Colombia.

Yesid mena velasquez – Very well explained. congratulation

Rafael Ernesto Rodriguez Carrasco – This is the trump return

Cesar berbecer – The flea arrives for you; I would like you to make the most of these videos, which are the most popular brand sells in Colombia # 128077;.

Diwe was – To the fame that keeps the price up, it should be more safe .. my opinion
Full auto congratulations and the best channel

Danny hidalgo – In the United States the law is more important with respect to the security. From fact there are are that important improve your safety in the USA.

MAICOL ET – Uff that description with Jeep thought it would be better

Brayan molina – Hello

Verbal – Hello



Jeep wrangler 2019 | safety bag rating? Oven

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