Jeep wrangler mods for the daily driver

Jeep Wrangler Mods for the Daily Driver

I personally think compliments the daily drive-ability Jeeps. Some of …

Walter holem – Is it worth it to buy a rubicon if improving gonna modify anyway? Sport Gold Sport is cheaper..

MoneyPit Jku – What’s the deal with Pedal Commander? I was just about this one and saw this video. The seat heater mod is a must. This is a feature every Wrangler should come with. Lockers A V8 and heated seats. Stock lol

Kevin carmical – Tell me more about this antenna on the back. ­čÖé

TimeToSesh – Hey, what are you doing to your jeep? I really like it!

Ok lindsay – Jeep and just ordered the grips!!

Trail bandit – I really like it because I really like it because it helps me get my Jeep as a daily driver. I just have to be a little cautious in mud but so far. I bought a Specter

Trail bandit – For the elderly, I personally really like the Daystar Dash with your phone because it adds more storage space and gives you a nice way to keep your phone

Alexander x – So much to do with my ’08, so little money

Daniel Delgado – I could be wrong but the alien sun shade is awesome not sure if that’s what you have. But yeah i got a soft top and an alien sun shade it makes it more enjoyable to ride the sun.

Gu├░mundur Arnar Gu├░mundsson – Seat heaters are essential on long trips with a lot of stops, if you start getting tired of driving, it will be much better for you. as the heat will travel to your back.

Benny bobanger – Wranglers are terrible daily drivers, have you ever been in a Mercedes or luxury car?

Veeness – I wish I had grab handles when I tried to help a friend. She’s a big friend and almost ripped out my oh shit handle. It is now waggles.

Garage couple – Great bud video

JeepJeep234 – Best one I ever did was My Grab Bars. On the driver’s side I have a ram for my phone attached to the grab bar and a USB / fast load for my phone to load while in the cradle. I’m using Google maps or Bluetoothing To the radio.

Jaime_fang – My 11 mpg if lucky lucky make it a great driver

Dylan taylor – 7:05 "sandbags, gravel, dirt, bodies!" # 128514; # 128514;

Kenneth oliver – Did the hood struts a long time ago $ 24 on Ebay yes works great, also changed all interior lights

Geof spear – I have a patented quick release system for Jeep Hardtops please check it out and Share. Thanks!

FreddyJ120 – More one on the seat heaters! My wife loves’ em and I use them all the time when my JKU is topless # 128077; # 127995; # 127995; # 128077; # 127995;

Eric Madill – Love the character you gave to the video. Was not expecting to be this entertained!

Josh lefefe – How big are the tires on your jeep?

AK Henry – "Hide a step" my lady loves hers … check it out.

RICKY SPANISH – Can I I stall a jk gas cap on a jk??

Petluv214 – Grab handles, magnetic cell phone holder, front and rear covers for lights, spare tire cover, and wheel locks

Chris ruck – Can consider get idrive in Canada. Only the pedal commander. $ 400 +

Katie de’mar – Your personality makes your videos so interesting!

Katie de’mar – Your personality makes your videos so interesting!

Katie de’mar – Your personality makes your videos so interesting!

Katie de’mar – Your personality makes your videos so interesting!

TheJ1zzardOfOz – Smittybilt G.E.A.R Seat Covers

Kev Musicluva – Seat heaters # 129304; Canadian winters, 35 below, you’ll thank god for these seats;)

Jackson dailey – What year and model is your jeep?

Irish ken jeep – My best mod is to not drive the jeep as a daily driver 2 great on cl e250 van jeep weekend driver brand new money pit

Kellen givens – Are you the boy from up?

Cupit spencer – I need 17-inch beadlocks but not sure where to get the best deal yet. Wish I could find discontinued so they were cheap or used ones would be ok.

RealOT tripleOG – How often do you find yourself using 4wd? If I want to get a Jeep, but focus on the point for a 4wd where I live..

Keaton0801 – I think it’s cheaper to add the seat heaters on, becuase I think the cold weather package from the factory is like a $ 350 add on to the MSRP if I’m not mistaken.

Keaton0801 – 7:04 that last one, not even gonna ask why you would be in your jeep.

Jordan willett – Your Jeep looks awesome! I just did a video on my top Jeep mods but mine is nothing like yours haha

Hugh rhodes – Do you have any other problems where they hit the thumbs up, and YouTube seems to be un-thumbs it?

Evasius – "ÔŚĆ | | | | | | | | | | |" "

Tom odland – Indicating tell the guys and women, but I love my seat warmer! I live in Minnesota. It’s why!

AD1 – The JK is horrible daily driver if you have a highway commute. If you want big noisy tires.

MO-Jeep’n – Still have the hood bump lights? If so, still happy with them? Front bumper for ditch lights?

Anthony p – How high is your lift and how many inches are your tires, thanks

Claude gilbert – What is the most is rear door extander .

Steve alesi – Would you recommend the iDrive for just automatics, or manuals, too?

Buck flowers – Hey JKGG got a question about an offer for a Jeep product. Can you shoot me email so we can talk.

Watsonland adventures – "I just spit a whole bunch" found your love loving !!! On my 3rd wrangler now. Just purchased a 2012 sport unlimited!!

Brody sawyer – FYI: There is an open recall on that fire extinguisher style.

Robert santos – I do not know what to do, I do not think about it. But my best mod has to be my cold air intake, I saw an increase in fuel mileage and response. My second Had to be my subwoofers. Sorry, an audio file Geek. Lol Thanks man # 128526; # 128077; # 127996; # 128074; # 128099;

Ricardo santamaria – Haha heading up to tell the wife about the seat heaters! Guilty blame it on you lol nice video

Voda XTR – I know if the JL seats (much more comfy) will fit in a JK. That would make any JK feel soooo much better.

Jackhilex1 – You changed your fenders. What brand are those?

Fatty mcfart – How much do you like?

S4v4g3 86 – What tires are you running?

Tyler durden – All the throttle input is BS dude it’s just taking away how aggressive attacking pushing your gas pedal!

Billy t – Hey, can you pick your brain for a second? I have just bought a 2013 jk 2dr sport. I only have a budget for one or other top grade (295 / 70-17) or rear locker My terrain is mostly trails or dusty gold Muddy or snow / ice (remember I can only do one) my gravel roads to work?

Sara cooper – Thank you coupon code still on struts, looks nicer than alternatives. Canada, will create my own.

Omar carrillos – Two thumbs down for seat heaters. Door / straps extension brackets change world on my jeep (thanks to your video). Grab bars work great.

Patrick loves – Sick!

Danny pace – I want some seat warmers sooo bad. I love to ride with my doors off but freeze my butt off at 65.

Judahs garage – Nice I subbed! I just bought the cheapest Jeep tj in the country and it’s building it! Check it out on my channel

YBMRKJ D – Would you ever consider getting a JL rubicon?

Lfe casper – What kind of front fender flares do you have on your jeep?

Craig & Denise Irving – I would subscribe to your website if you have them. 1752 Spyglass Rd. Petaluma CA 94954

Christian tobin – 5:19 Subbed because of that remark

Fogstain – BTW, you just want another set of the door strap extenders.

Fogstain – Keep up the vids man. Good work.

Bjornormus – I just got back into the Jeep family and made a list of mods. Thank you for your work!

Gentry fisher – What fenders are those?

Off road italy –

Anthony harper – Do you have a link for the drive? ?

Joe wilkerson – Really did the grab handles and get them right away. So where are they and how much? Please respond to Thanks! Oh, I’m 78 and wife is 67 so we really need these.

Wolfpak765 – Are they getting wet when they get wet? My jeep gets totally soaked at least 3 times a year.

Life on march – Great video

Jason allen – Good video ­čÖé

Jason allen – Amazon $ 93 DOT headlights are my best investment so far.

MC – What do you have for a front drive shaft?

Ian burke – Just did the Jscan tune yesterday JKs now it knows the proper tire size !!! By far the best mod …. Heated seats- I bought my second jk

Steven nardello – Hopefully it’s almost time for your idrive compare video. Patiently waiting for the discount code.

Isaac zunts – Damm nice jeep how many inches it’s lifted to fit those 40 ”?

Dusty dunn – My Bartec seat cover and weathertech floor mates. Make getting my hair easier and easier they are nice looking. The mollie seat covers also helps with storage solutions…

Microsoft pro – Wow lots of cool mods but I can not get it

The sarge – Mine would be first grab the grab handles followed by the 67 designs mounting options for my off-road vector JKE dock

Jim taylor – The IDrive was the best I did to my Jeep. My JKU has suddenly become a rocket ship. I’m running Ultimate Dana 60’s on 40’s with 5.38 gears and no engine mods. I absolutely love driving my Jeep with the IDrive set that puppy to U9 and she will scream off the line or at 60 mph.

Rebecca smith – I like your video! Thanks friend

JeepJeffy04 – Free shout out to CMM, their grab handles are awesome and you can add attachments for GoPro mounts and mirrors for when you have your doors off !!! BUY THEM! I love them!

Killill guesses – What size tires do you have?

Joel hebert – Ben you got that jeep looking shiny!!

Dario carrasco – Love the channel! You earn a sub from me
Question from a new JK owner: I’ve got a piece of JK equivalent, retrofit, aftermarket option?

Mario winery – Can you talk about shocks? Incoming Falcon Shocks 3.3 Thanks!

Rubicon unlimited – Swapping out those janky headlights is something I would highly recommend for a daily driver!

SevenSlotSociety – I watched this even though you could "mod" in the title. #TrueLove

Jonmac3569 – Remote start to $ 100 on Amazon

Big t – Great idea as always bro!

Dylan davis – Yup just recently bought the strap extensions because of you! And my kids so much better

Richard Calarino – The heated seats would not go away in my neck of the woods; West palm beach florida!

Aosey22 – What fender are you running? These look different from the mce’s in your older videos.

The bearded jeeper – I need one of those throttle controllers great video!

J pope – The hood struts are awesome. I’m one of you short sh * ts you referred to. Also love my 67 designs magnetic holder for my iPod.

Chad r – Another solid video sir. Thanks for posting and eagerly await the iDrive competition.

Lou smith – I have all those mods except hood struts. I have the factory seat warmers, they are great. My favorite is the JL hood latches.

Elian hasanaga – Do you ever go offroad?

Eric DeLong – My smart door stops are awesome. Wife loves that do not swing doors anymore!

David slute – Led headlights

Diesel wine – This is a tough decision. My goal is my Dead Pedal. I know this is very different but it is awesome !!! Other favs are: JW Speaker head / fog lights, Surprise Grip grab straps & Drake off road shift knobs. Can’t wait for IDrive video comparison Keep the vids Comin ‘brah # 129305; # 127997; # 129305; # 127997; # 129305; # 127997; # 129305; # 127997; # 129305; # 127997;

Palvarez64 – Hi Ben, I really like all your videos .. but can you improve the sound … can a mic closer the clip-on? … thank you for your great job…

Redknight75 – My favorite is my brandinmotion.

APPA the JKU – My favorite mod is one that I got the idea for from you, which is the JL hood latches. They made a huge difference in the hood and flutter look 1000 times better than the factory JK hood latches.

Jealous – I love my pedal order dude lol

Kyle white – I just added heated leather seats in my ZJ and it was really bad to install. I agree they are a great upgrade.

Jk southwest – So great, I have most of these mods as well! It’s funny how some of the cheapest and easiest mods have become my favorite on the Jeep.

Corner Collecting With Superneo123 – Just got the same grab bars installed, they work great. Next up some floor mats and some kind of step or rock rail / step to help the wife and kids up in. I am looking at the barricade rock rails, any suggestions? Thanks

Red rock crawlers – How would the throttle controller compare to say a FlashPaq program? I used a program to get my speed back to normal and gave me a small power boost but pretty minimal.

Ainoshayme – Purchased the Idrive and the Mollie. Defiantly a few of my favorite mods I have installed so far.

Purpose those mods installed my other favorite mods are 0gauge big 3 wiring upgrade, battery odessey, 1500w inverter, alpicool mini fridge c20 and 700watt microwave.

Perfect for beach cruises or going through washed out roads in the mountains. Or even snack time during breaks while working at the clock. Stock alternator can defiantly handle AEV Procal to hold high idle makes microwaving possible.

Vidsbygonzo – How do u like the diabolical rack? Can not use the rear seat recline?

TrueNomadSkies – They have the same right-hand bag, and they are great for my recovery gear. Also really like the grab handles. I’m 5’11 so I didn’t really have problems getting in but my boyfriends.

Anywhere overlander – Bro … seat heaters … yup … now from camping in the snow…

Owilde64 – Headlight upgrade was tops. Grab handles were huge. But one of my personal favs was my Armor Trek, (Now Bartact) Seat covers. They look amazing and come with shades of additional storage. Thanks for another fun video Ben.

Fw schnaar – The "Cool" things come to Market … I agree with you that I was the Pedal Commander, and when it came out … Was to Me … Awesome (at 250+) I’ll keep mine for a while … But I’m really looking forward to your review "New" Throttle Control device! oven

Darren duke – I would like to say the idrive is my favorite mod. Roush Mustang 5.0 is a must for the jeep was a giant snail. The idrive definitely makes a world of difference with a heavy duty modded Jeep on 37’s.

Dragon51 – My Yj the 10 speed bike hand throttle. I can skip the clutch.

Dragon51 – Southern Arizona needs seat cooler!

Brandon white – Only missing the hood and warmers, have all the rest!

Major weakness – Is it worth it for a 3.8?

ErwynnWill UmaliBehrens – Awesome rig !!! Where did you get your fenders?

thePhysics meister – Honestly I do not care much for my seat warmers since I live in California

Finn green – No tupperware

Jeffry presutti – I love the I drive run it mostly in ac mode next mod is the TD2.

Daniel Mccoy – Lift kits are a given, so going to go with grip handles & running boards / steps.

Remsterx – After using Jscan and resizing for my 35s, my jeep doesn’t get it anymore, and it goes into eco mode. Can not wait until my gears get in it will be just better. My mpg which has not been returned from 10.9 to 11.6 And still climbing.

Chaseon4wheels – Rear seat reversing kit

4×4 CO – Ohhhh looking forward to the iDrive vs competitor review. I’d be in that low $ 120 if its good.

Ultra_White JK – JK calls a nice set of headlights is a must. But for a daily driver, you need to know a lot of things. My JKU is here and I just recently installed it sooner.

Mr. Sideburns – I am a new Jeep owner and I have purchased a room for sale, floor matts, upgraded tail lights, interior lighting and a stubby antenna. So far, the LED’s inside and the roll bar storage bag I would recomend it as a must have.

Maxey – JW Speaker headlights are by far.

Jimmy kimball – I love my dead pedal and grab handles. Cheap, simple and effective mods everyone should do.

Hardy tom – Is there such a thing as a taco holder for the dash? Criticalism like that.

Dak berardelli – Never know you could do a mod. My gf would love that. thx for the info.

Aaron badboyflexxer – Strength
That Cheat Throttle Controller, Spend $$ on the Idrive. Will love to save the extra cash. Thanks buddy

Tyler m – One of the best mods for a creature is removed from my cigarette lighter and installed. I also installed the console for the kids.
Cheap ebay thing not garbage


Ray walkerdine – I would like to replace the headlights. It is not a decent LEDs, but the visibility is worth it. I installed the JW Speaker headlights because they are plug and play, and still allow to operate, which is mandatory in Canada. Also, no Flickering, like some of the cheaper LEDs

Nick winder – Heck yeah! Thanks for switching the videos up. Lots of channels indicating that. Believed had to unsubscribe to many in the past, they tend to forget that

Big surf – Where did you get the maglite mount? do you like it??

Jason f – Grab bars !!!!

Mike hoffman – Seat warmers.

Rafael padilla – You forgot to mention that the handles are also great love handles lol

Jose Ortiz – If the engine goes on, any chance of swapping in something bigger?

Lori hagerty – I really enjoyed that video, the first mod I bought and I totally love them. I have a 2016 JK. I will definitely be wearing hoodies and JL hood latches. Thanks for the great videos, looking forward to the next one!

David l – Great video after those axle vids, cheers!

Paul hudson – Favorite mod is a tank of gas

Debra Kinney – The hood looks and looks great! I live in Alaska, so my favorite is an insulated headliner kit from Hothead Headliners. Keeps things warmer and quieter.

Bush hog81 – Just tell them on the heated seats. Happy wife happy life!

Joey sawyer – My grab bars are mine lol.


Stephen willis – Good video # 128077; got a 96 D D D D plan plan plan plan plan plan plan # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128077;?

Carole ertel – Great sound-like video toasty buns too # 129303;

Chris w – Before I bought my JK I had an LJ. One day my grabbed the stock roll grab bar grab handle and went to fling himself in. The handle ripped off and he landed on his ass. The grab handles were the first thing I installed on the New JK. This old man does not need a broken hip.

Ransom butler – I have been looking at putting on a Smittybilt Stinger on my JK, any opinion on the company?

ApexPredator_JKU – The abundance of FB Marketplace and used Jeep share groups are flooded with them.

John mills – Well look at your F ** self.

DaddySaysNo – My favorite for my daily camping is the back office rack / shelf for the JKU. Nothing like having that extra shelf that just sits above the cargo door. Really helps keep the back organized and adds security with the top off. I grabbed the "OPAR" a few years ago and it’s still going strong!!!

Emily hayton – I loveeeeeee seat warmers # 128525;

Martin hall – My best mod and cheaper one, is a momentary switch for the abs / esp to completely kill it off! I live in Canada and we have a lot of snow this winter…

Jeremy rhodes – Only mod I can think of the JK and get a TJ.

Stu schultz – I love the I Drive …. so awesome. And I would have to say the grab handles. But the most important thing besides the I drive is headlights !!!!!!!! Get good AMERICAN made headlights…

Brad callander – Just getting ready to start my JL build what is your rear bumper. Thanks for all your help

Daniel Miller – Hurry up with that new throttle controller if it’s good I’m buying one if I won’t get the I-Drive!!!!

Ryan l – Why not just flip the windshield makes it easy to work

Steve vanlandingham – Ha I bought the hood struts this summer but never put them on. I’m here this month. I guess I have a quick weekend project now.

Dan hunger – Those are some great up

Jeepopoulos – Love see the kids for everyday!!

Marc11b – I run a Pedal Commander and. Do not need bells and whistles with that product. Crawl Mode, Off, Sport and Sport +. I run it on sport.

Michael pedersen – Hurry up with the I drive comparison.

Noticon – I think the coolest and cheapest mod that I have done to the Jeep is Jeep Uniq hand held radio mount and mic holder.

Tapia joel – My favorite mod for my 14 jku 6 speed is my apple for stereo play # 129335; four

Joed596 – Ben, the GraBars are definitely my favorite mod so far. . . next to my "angry eyes" grill, that is! lol> ­čśë Thanks so much for your videos and thumbs up as always, Norfolk Joe

Ben nelson – Great list and great video, now get back to the axles # 128077; # 128077;

JEEP GENERATION – I have a JLU on our daily driver. We have the grab handles, but like you said, it is more for hanging on while driving around. The JLU cam with some grab handles in the area where you ride your most heavy duty ones. Might Need to get those for our JK. Keep up the good work!

Tommy wainst – I love the hood struts. Got them shortly after you made that video.

Saintnick71 – Door extenders are such a great product for us.

Saintnick71 – Lets actually hear why you hate the Pedal Commander.

IMDOROTEOJR – Ben, how many miles does your jeep have?

MiguelGGM – I love the door extenders help me in the Jeep, my dad taught me that.

Jesse barnes – Love the vids I want to swap my fenders on my 2017?

Jeep wrangler mods for the daily driver

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