Overland built jeep wrangler straight from the dealership-trailrecon edition

Overland Built Jeep Wrangler Straight from the Dealership-TrailRecon Edition

Now there is the option to purchase a complete Jeep Wrangler purpose built for overlanding right from the dealer. I partnered with Redlands Jeep …

John mcwade – When you say "essentials" what about a gas can, we all know Jeeps are horrible on gas mileage. If you go out on the road or off-roading or camping visiting at gas stations. Going very disappointed you are here or recommend this to your viewers.

Shift intohigh – Very cool !! # 128077; # 128077; # 128526; # 128526; Congrats on this. Man, it’s like Jeep Porn, what I would like to see. Maybe But maybe the Redlands CDJR website.

Timothy moore – Can we order one way we want it?

John 928 – If I have the top one installed?

360 SCRAPS – Where are the XJ VIDS !! 🙁

Where’s bobby – Nice set up. Wish you luck!

Ro baas – So, your Icon setup … voids what part (s) of the warranty?

Theodore herskovits – Just found your page last night, it is an awesome page with your information. I also saw that pronounced at Navy Vet. Thank you for you service. Both my wife and I are Navy Vets, and just bought our first Jeep (2017 JK 2 Door). I wish we were still living in Arizona, I would love to run with your group.

Joseph Letosky – $ 74,425 for anyone curious.

Larry ware – Congrats on the collaboration with the Jeep dealer. That’s awesome. It would be cool if that deal went nationwide. You should have them Marco camp wok you guys are always using ……. lol.

MGTOW Arly – If I buy this jeep can I get a rocket launcher installed on your own? I kind of want it for that feature. It’s coming in handy for the coming feminist apocalypse.

A nice deep darkish green forest would be a stunning color for that jeep.

Mike hatcher – Very nice off-road capable jeep. Congratulations on the first model build.

C niyogi – Consider the project that you like to look at !!! Please advise how do I get in touch with you???

Austin oginski – Powerwagon build?

Ryan lynde – I feel like this guy is about flexing his gladiator lol

Nik Ochea – Pretty cool but lets be real it’s just a jeep with your logo on it!

Eddiedriven – I can only imagine the mark up on fact things.

Brian paolucci – Love it!

Jeffrey interiano – May I have that for free please? Thanks.

John smith – Has anyone thought about a PTO mounted air compressor / generator on Jeep JT Rubicon?

David 99 – Man that’s awesome, though I believe $ 5,000 should be donated per. For what it cost, why not right.

Tom d – It would be awesome to see a trail with your JK leading the way and a bunch of these jeeps along with

Vasilis Theocharis – Great channel Brad’s amazing destinations, love the energy of your enthusiasm on every trip and Marko’s awesome cooking smells reach where I am # 128540; Switzerland Have fun guys and enjoy your beautiful rigs, cheers.

Michael g – Can you please check out OBD JScan its an app that I think everyone who follows you would really like and appreciate. I just found it and i think everyone who watches your channel would really like the info. Trying to help the community save some money. Por favor

Be ritual Taos.Bahra – Oven

Rip off – Awesome .. Truck..

Rick tervol – A cool dude keep on jeepin love your ride

Dominic Manaligod – Brad, were you stationed in Okinawa? We were stationed there 97-01. I was at Camp Lester & was at BMET at that time.

Paul browning – Sweet Jeep Congratulations on having your own Wrangler edition, Brad. That’s pretty unique, right?

GGFCHMMAL – Do you include an auxiliary battery?

Lunamaria – I’m on my way to a new home country. I’m in my life. 95 Land Cruiser but I’m sick of old every day. . His go-to is always Toyota so he wants to 4Runner .. However, I Want a Jeep Wrangler (or Gladiator) so think it would be a perfect buy (for my) lol .. he preferred lol .. North America wide?

The adventure continues – Wow, that’s cool to have your badge on a Jeep. Congratulations.

Scott moore – Ohh Brad. Just going to say this, please be careful here. Social media has a way of sucking you into a marketing site. They seem to fall under the pretext of sharing an adventure, sharing, learning site, it turns into a marketing selling Site! Slippery slope Brad, Good luck. Scott

Uber Jim in DC – You need to make a soft top with a Gobi rack. I’m at least one of the West Coaster that knows, Jeeps are meant to go topless!!!

Glenn greenleaf – Will the rack?

Sarinf serg – Hello Brad, congratulations on your own TrailRecon edition of Jeep Rubicon !! Fantasy looks !!
Please believe me when I say this, 2 weeks ago I was talking to my wife, we love your adventures, when we get some money we would like to travel to Great Britain and San Diego to hire you Rubicon just like the one You just did !
Your success is very much deserved, y’all adventures are amazing and we enjoy seeing you and Marko.
We are proud to be part of the Trail Recon team. Ciao

Frank huber – Very nice, but I think I’ll stick with my old car. You just can’t find anything like my classic wheels anymore. Pure class Sophophication. Prestige And just like yours, mine is also worthy of being the parent of a new one So named after the Rolls Can’Ardley. That’s right. It rolls down one hill and can hardly make it up the next. But aw heck, I might be tempted to go to a good home if I got a serious offer…

Colorado4x4 – Unreal.

Give spencer – I have a rubicon and I took the rock guards and installed steps. Do you know a good website to sell them?

Osni almeida – Congratulations !!!!! God bless you.

Shaun _ gaming – Showing the sick channel support keep up the work

636 OC – Is the icon lift package still with Jeeps manufacturer’s warranty? If you have tested Mopar’s 2.5 "package and does it qualify for your standards?!

Arndt Lost-Expeditions – Wow! Team Rubicon! (Looking for sarge or gobi in a wrangler or gladiator … deciding who is the best platform for my overlanding …)

Cross bow – No profit means make sure no money left over

C_INSAYN – Very cool collaboration Brad! And even better, the support for the Rubicon disaster response team. Very very cool!
I did not see anything about regearing if that is even necessary? Also, is anything done to the Jeep in any way regarding the warranty?
It’s an obvious question to ask.

J t – You are a veteran Thank you for your service!

Jon gonzales – That’s one awesome looking jeep

Kimmar osborne – Ocean blue!

636 OC – Angry!

Crosby diviner – "Good for some people, wish the dealer".

Beautiful turner – Wow, congratulations, love your overlanding videos…..

Royce crow – Brad was excited for the opportunity. Going less excited about smitty’s on this rig. Looked at so many times when people need the most.

Road tripping frank – Instead of a clearcoat, have an edition covered with bedliners so that you have that pinstripe edition

Derek simmons – Curious, why the roof bars vs. the pioneer rack?

Barry – For the price of …… Drumroll please!

Jimmy nicholson – They are qualified for RV loans. That way the notes are more affordable.

Robert Gonzalez – Way to go and congrats your own trailrecon edition!!

Michael goodknight – Love it!

Rob the elder – I am forced to unsubscribe from your channel. It’s just another business for your sponsors and Jeep. Good luck hope you make lots of money.

Alan whitehouse – So this is just an add!

Caleb hall – Extremely impressed with how he grew your brand. Congratulations I hope in the future to be able to build a manual. Looking forward to see where you are coming from. I always enjoy your content.

Kalbs89 – What ever happened to the saying "Jeeps are built, not bought"? I think important if you go off-road, you should know your Jeep and the equipment.

Kraig kreitler – Doc, that’s amazing! I want a white gold sting-gray one. Always fi!

Phil ward – Gobi color

Anthony of the feather – Mmmmmm: | ……… VERY COOOL: or ……… How do you know about the color of your dreams? What will look like very nice / very coooool: or … ….. Peace on Earth 🙂 ……

Chad wagner – The price is pretty good really! Very nice and congrats Brad! Looking forward to the Gladiator!!

There is an overland channel from each region of the country. Jeep should be a sponsor of a cross country (continent?) Wheeling adventure with them.

Jacob Villaret – Price!???

Danny rc – I love your channel so much and always like it from Canada BC and I love my 2018 Wrangler jl

Mclehed77mtb – Nice hob on the rig
As far as color I would have a flat military green

Danny DeLaRosa – Congratulations you have done well for yourself it’s a very nice ride. I hope to see you with a cummins diesel engine.

Angelo Orozco – Price???

David hunter – Anyone find the price? I follow the link and you have to inquire.

KENNY j – It’s pretty much a jeep starter

David bock – Brad! Seriously? How cool of an opportunity is this! Heck, it’s worth buying for a day of wheeling with you. Make it a 2 day class! "Learn Your Rig." Maybe some ideas for next round? Wired up for Antenna & I want to do it just after you (me) take delivery! Dream: Blue Diesel Gladiator with Bronze Method Wheels … ARGH! Red Metal Trail badge made for you and you’ll get to sneak some hidden easter eggs into these rigs. Outstanding project-you’ve got to be just psyched. Props to Redlands too. Strong partnerships are rare these days.

Candice 909 – Yesss Redlands Auto Plaza oud of Jeep Needs!!!

Omegabms – This would be wicked in black

Jay jay – Why be elusive with the price? Brass-tax-what is the price? "Call or email for a quote."

Arthur chaffin – What’s the price tag?

Fan boy – Congratulations Brad. The Jeep looks great. Going wondering why you need the turbo and not the 3.6?

WeaponsADvish – Overlanding = expensive camping

Frank ansley – It looks great I hope you sell a lot of them!

Rogue overland – Brother congrats!

Darren arnett – Congrats, excited to see you on the trail. I have a 2door 2.0 turbo # 128513; Rubicon

Sagebrother – Fabulous looks … well done and congrats!

Remove branches – I’m excited for you Brad, CONGRATS !!! I’m glad a follower for a few years now. I’m glad to be able to see the progress of this channel. Hoo-yah go navy!

Informed citizen – No winch???

Andrew Turner – It’s so cool.

Jessi taylor – I would love to have that, I just wish I had the money.

Alan wear – I will make someone happy overlander. Considerably an idea for those TR editions. Put your leather on the Trail Recon logo imbedded. I bet they could do that for ya.

Peter Tull – I’m bad ass Brad! Cool project.

Talez from the dashcam – Morbid Curiosity ,,, How much? About 65K?

Sean brown – Holy.Crap! Brad congrats!!

Charles Baldwin – The only thing I can think of would be an air compressor. Also one of these in Punkn would be awesome. Mojito would be awesome too.

Chris brennan – Very cool looking Jeep. Great set up.

James downing – Wow! I’m so cool! Take my money lol.

Billy sanchez – Damit after i already bought my first jeep this comes out! oven

Raul Andujar – Congratulations !!! Glad you are getting this opportunity. You totally deserve it. Keep up the good work. We’ll keep watching!!!

Jml-mn – I’d like to have a good night and have a good shovel … great vehicle, great cause, and great video !!! Thanks!

Nicholas dickinson – You should post prices so you dont have people bugging them

Wheeling moab – Brad that is so awesome !! Congratulations my friend !!

Bill osborn – Congrats Brad! You rep off the road and sd with class.

It would be great if it was an option package that could be added to any Gold Gladiator Wrangler on the lot.

Oce bee – Price?

Jay padulchick – I like that you added the mymedic kit. I have 2 and love them!

Ricky mercendetti – Bring back the Islander last time Jeep did it was 2010. Really want to see what a 2020 Islander would look like!

Jay hull – That’s amazing great job I agree that you should move to a badge over a sticker.

Robert Meraz – What rims are those !! Those are sick

Salazar cross – Congrats on the Jeep build! It’s so much like you’re lol which is cool .. I just feel they could have done a better job on the badge that says trail recon

Bobby s – Needs air compressor for safe ARB.

Kevin beaulne – Great video! Great initiative! Congratulations Brad and Team!!!!

Bob wozniak – So what is this bad boy selling for?

Blulight 11 – Outstanding "MC"!

Trucky mctruckface – Awesome ready to go to a good home! Someone will have a head start for their adventures. Well done brad!

William johnson – Awesome Jeep !!!! I would love to buy it, but we would like to pay for the house instead. Guess the old yj will have to do now! She did let me buy a new rod and reel for fishing trout, er, For her To trout fish with !!!!!! 😉

rqBond3 – You know, for a Navy guy, your pretty damn AWESOME! CONGRATS ON THIS TrailRecon Edition!!!!!!

Psalm11823 – Could you mention what brand / type fire extinguisher you have chosen? Thx!

Nacho valenti – Very good project and congratulations for the success Brad. That JL Rubicon looks great, really nice. Thanks for sharing.

Patrick murphy – I think you should design a special edition wrap, not the one on your own? Perhaps a map of America !! Well done

Stephan hatch – It’s great. Goal post the list Price please.

EHUDPOWER – Good idea, I just wanted to be a better person, I could not do it. I’m hoping im wrong!!

M3 M3 – Time to upgrade the JK

UNLIMITED ADVENTURE OVERLAND – Lets do a marco macro edition with a stove lol

Roger wheeler – Everything looks great but I would have gone with the ikamper. It would be better to set up and better aerodynamic’s. It just looks nice and clean.


Roger roehr – Air compressors, I have made a air up and down hose like you show in one episode and really like it

505 XJ – Oven

Toddajajewski – This is beyond awesome Brad looking for a crossroads!

Victor gallardo – I would love a rubicon gladiator overlander in the same set up as the first trailrecon edition, i need a truck with payload when needed to work over the overlander capability to play. Nice work and looking for a gladiator trailrecon edition for sale!

Indigo panta – Awesome! # 128077; Congratulations! Air compressor?

Justin bedard – Stock diff covers? Time to make a TR stamped aftermarket cover.

Heart back – Very nice Jeep !! I just bought a Rubicon 2 weeks ago…

How are the Milestar tires in mud / dirt. I am in the midwest and am looking for a set of 35s

Johnnyhawgleg – I would love to buy a ready Jeep. Going right in my budget right now Possibly slowly build my 14 Sahara up to the rig I want. Great video, and love the hard work you put into them. Thank you! I waited for the next one.

Camaroboi13 – Wow you were right down the street from me … hope you stopped at the Breakfast Shack for an awesome meal over there. Either that or Saverines for some great lunch!

Tj adams – Awesome work, and great to hear you’re supporting Team Rubicon. My company has a lot with them, and I’ve done some missions to the Philippians and other places with them. Absolutely great cause and great people at TR.

Joe pro – Really cool !!! Thanks for the video.

Zachary fike – Awesome stuff brad

Mcgvr 10 – How about doing a 2 door overland version. I really like the Jeep Color Bikini JL out for now. Would love to see a Jeep edition in collaboration with both you and Marco.

Greg mays – Looks like a perfect turnkey setup to me! Built from experience on a solid Jeep foundation. Awesome job !

Bloody widow – That’s badass brother, def fits this market perfectly. Congrats on the collab

Brice swan – Congrats on getting your own Jeep edition !! What a cool opportunity to get !! Awesome looks, can not wait to see the next one you build. I would love to see you in the kitchen. Congrats again brother!!

Adam fowles – Congrats, but with some of the aftermarket parts will not it mess up the warranty? And no brake

Jay p – Congrats on the collaboration. I personally really like the mopar bumpers personally. I think JCR has bumpers that have better style and durability IMO.

Will cowell – What an awesome overland vehicle platform you have created, well done! That will be a lucky owner

Vinny g – That’s such an awesome jeep !!!!! I would love one, when are you doing the giveaway for 5 of them ??? haha XD Only thing I think it was a little "TEAM RUBICON" badge somewhere on it. Pretty much perfect. The way you put it together! Very cool!

Larry briggs – Hey Brad, nice job. 9th thing I thought you might want to push for a future TR models is a big block Hemi. Those 2.0 turbos have a short lifespan. I’m heard of many going out before 100k. Super nice rig, I Think I’ll take 2.

Maxdady01 – Congrats! That’s awesome!

Greg ellingson – I’m awesome Brad! congrats!

Bunker troll 81 – Awsome rig. Congratz on your own, love your clip

John mantey – Bravo Zulu, Brad! Such a great accomplishment for you and all your hard work that TrailRecon is today.

Lloydster45 – Nice job, that’s awesome! Congratulations !

Steve poland – Absolutely great idea and well setup Jeep. Only need to add a 15lb Power Tank. Brad you need to come up with a fundraiser 4 times a year where subscribers have a chance to do a 2 or 3 day trail ride with you. I used a Lot of your ideas in building mine. Now I need to find some awesome trails to explore.

Robert Beyer – This is a pretty awesome thing to get involved with. Your hard work and dedication has paid off. My only suggestion- you’re going to have your name attached to these vehicles, you need to be involved with every build from start to finish. I have seen many of these collaborations, either because the company or the company itself, or the dealer, or the dealer, or the dealer, or the dealer, or the dealer, will be able to work on their independent. a new sales manager To come along and kill the whole project. So … do you and your brand? Good luck!

193001 kiplssd – You definitely nailed it! I would not change a thing!

Steven reeves – Really only $ 1000 How do you deal with the dealership? (Tax deduction)

Ryan rkj – Very nice build. I hope it finds it’s way into the garage of someone who will use it and love it.

Mount beerbower – That’s nice and my color too

Free dj – I’d really like to get one. But it would also be a family because it only got it in the crash test it’s not for me 🙁

IGE’s family – Awesome jeep # 128077;

John grytbakk – Awesome.

Sweet tony – Brad is really excited this time. Per him.

Agent k. – How much is the difference between 3.6 and 2.0?

ItAintJustPaint – That’s super cool!!!

Pete b – Brad you need to do to Aussie version. Ditch the camper and put a fox wing with a couple of swags on stretchers. Nothing beats a night in a swag.

Ralf hiller – 6 speed manual Version! 37 "tires

David McKinnon – Congratulations Brad! This is a great place to work.

Han kaufman – Desert only

John kraft – Where is the diesel? FIAT better off on the 3.0 liter
2020 / 2021model year

Dahveed284 – How do these mods affect the warranty? I do not live in CA, so I bought it, would still have a warranty through Jeep?

Looks like a great setup. For someone with a desire to get overlanding, this would be a quick way to do that. Probably cheaper than buying a Ruby and paying someone else.

Red barry – Huge congrats to you and the dealership, this is a pretty big undertaking … and most places improving touch with a 10 foot pole. I can only imagine that you have created a successful launch!!!

Stone side – Brad! Military really happy for you! Awesome in the awesomeness project # 128077; # 127995; # 128077; # 127995; # 128077; # 127995; Congratulations!

Richie baptist – Wow !!! Was watching this channel for a long time and trying to get away from it?!!!!

Sgthotrod1 – Would you like to see how you would set up a 2-door soft top for overland?

Theindianahurricane – I’m disappointed, where’s the coffee maker, master chief???
Nice jeep

Tim lloyd – ORANGE! With some polished wheels # 128525;

Sktona – Wow, this is definitely a life highlight. Congrats on having your own edition. Very cool.

Max payne – I want that one. Maybe in a copper, bronze, gold brown.

Ppalla – That’s totally awesome Brad! We need a TrailRecon Australia edition! Come downunder & go wheeling with us. Set up with ronny dahl.

Potshot – Impressive, to buy kitted out from the floor is ideal. Well done, Brad. Any R / H drive exports? Just dreaming ***

Duncan ferguson – Shame is not available in the UK! All they’re interested in here.

Christian snapp – Thank you for service Brad! Never knew you were a bodymen in the navy, all though I had a feeling I was right! Lol, anyway enjoy the vids, actually actually next to Redlands! So improving your EMT shopping experience Hopefully Compared never have to

Mojorisen x – Brad, the new Host of "Pimp My Ride", Jeep edition … Nice job, congrats…

Scott moore – Wow!

301steady – I bought my Wrangler from Redlands last month and good thing; because, they only had two Orange Wranglers and now they have none. I’m going to wait to wear out my tires; but it was my choice, I’d like to start With 37 inch tires, like the ones in the Scott Robinson show room. I’m going to focus on paying it off first; but, after that, it’s on!

Nancycamacho88 – Congrats this awesome

Wathnak gold – I would ask how much?

Garth hayward – Great idea, this will certainly sell quickly. Brad only thing I would add in order of priority. (I’m sure you’ve considered these) Either an air compressor or a dual battery setup. To me that would complete the build. Great work well done.

Neverendingweekend – @TrailRecon brad, very cool. congrats.

Dennis grand – What brilliant idea, 4 wheel drivers working with a dealer to produce a real off road truck instead of pretenders.

Gnarlyskid – Nice brad, extremely cool!

Hooligan times – If I needed her phone mount I could not afford my Gladiator!

Steve hernandez – The only thing I think should be added is an air compressor. Other than that great foundation

Wxguy – Looks great. Future model … some sort of comms.

Camtheman – Going to local Redlands, super rad what y’all got going on. Goal fan # 129304; # 127997;

Jewlizardjane – Whats the specs on the tires

Topgun 86 – Hey Brad, nice turn key build, but what was the price, I know, very expensive! I’m a Navy Veteran as well, aircraft mechanic on the USS Saratoga CV-60….!

Scott ledford – Black, Yellow, and Red

Jewlizardjane – Rock solid build

Scott ledford – Love it dude.

PhatboyHD88 – Oh sure Brad now tell me I can buy it # 129315; YOU ARE KILLING ME! Lmao you really know how to hurt a guy # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128077;

Kerry garrison – You lost me at the 2.0

Alexandru Gherghescu – Cool build! Can I get it shipped to Romania?

Overland built jeep wrangler straight from the dealership-trailrecon edition

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