Rubicon trail with jeep wrangler-all terrain retreat!

Rubicon Trail with Jeep Wrangler-A All Terrain Retreat!

Gabo Salazar introduced to Mexico and the world.

AG ALEX ADVERTISING – It has to go to rubicon?

Ryder ss – Do you think that is better with a raptor??

Mauricio alcolea – Hello friend I have Sahara 2019, what can do a trail there? Without the blockade of diferentles ?

Alvaro solarte – This jeep is a monster !

Felipe PD – What is the internet and the loser hahahaha

PUMA-INFINITY – Blocker for the princess hahaha

Packkoh yáñez – Take a walk and you can pass a raptor?

Victor reyes – By that I am lover of the jeep # 128077; # 127996;

MIKE’S FREE – In Colombia it is expensive for this car which costs around 60,000 dollars, (175,000,000) million pesos, but it’s worth it, is an excellent car.

Cesar towers – 5:27 Granddaughter had a hairy ball in the camera? Brush contrasts on the roadside camping, safe dwelling Weyes Hunting eats with their hands and hatching rocks to get to Danna Paola? Don’t be a bastard …. pinch envy of being There, by the way

Andres rojas – It is really disappointing to see the poor performance of wrangler !!

David Alejandro Correa – What is the opinion of the newcomer of the year 2019, is more important than the previous version, no more than me imagined in the Rubicon Trail

Gandhi adam quintana – The one I want to give me the 2.0 Turbo engine, the rates that I spend on the V6, not one of the assumptions that the 2.0 has to be but economic engine?

Vladimir Velázquez Olmos – No mames what envy give me work gabo # 128079; # 128514;

Santiago castiglia – Very good video by the drone er pejo pinche

Sergio dublin – Excellent video Gabo, now if you have this adventure, and I believe I will live this experience so much, my dogs will always follow my videos. We were at the Auto Expo in Los Angeles and lastly we found it. Greetings.

Oscar carrillo – When someone asks me why I have these vehicles without grace … Is a Jeep

Chavelin 606 – While I keep watching your videos in the micro way to work # 128514;

Meily garcia – What a good video gabo

Humberto palaces – Fj cruiser the best

Dr. Thanos – There are already his carts, they are walking to pose mistreating the cars.

Jesus avila – What are the third row of Asians?

Osiel colunga – 1:43 is good loco and wey already

Osiel colunga – 0:34 epic crossover

Beto ram – I need one of these for typical calluses!!!!!!!

OmarTV Z – That perfect mother for the df.

Felipe guerrero – For when the Grand Cherokee Laredo / Limited

Cgz1970 – the very best 4×4-standar truck

JoeCharles LpzRda – That Manolin and Chilinsky, Chip and Capulin, Tan Tin and his carnal Marcelo … Gabo and Fran Ky Monster … !!! xD

Pablo jose poza – I am delighted. Oh go my like. Half of the Rubicon Trail tour is much more modest, grabbed a selfie, but I want you to see it: V = xLj3nYNDQVwt = 238s

Luis alberto orrozco – Great !!! oven

Andres fuentes – If Rif But The Franky Show Bro !!

Alejandra Mejia – Give me the jeep

Sebastian Felipe Maturana Morals – Ram2500 is missing

Max rendon – Jeep automatic transmission muyyyyyyyyyy muyyyy suitcase.

Eduardo ribe – Videos and more information and more information you’ve got good cheers

Felipe valenzuela – Infinite glory to the usa

Luis martinez – Change to Jeep Wrangler Tj 99 Standard, Raised 2.5 inch Wheels 32, for one and the same automatic!

Javier gallegos – Oven

Manual hormazabal – Good Gabo good video is good green leave this way millennium and taste the goal rudely congratulate and thank you for your love. Sure helps to keep things in shape.

Bernardino villanueva – Give you call is cooollll!!!

Adrian elizarraras – Some day there is one, bragging, tragedy and this Nirvana player in this color is watching the video.

Rodolfo Martin – Top gear top

THE GÜERO – 1:30 when you see the girlfriend pack

Cesar morett corona – Gabo the mamaste, what the fuck, chingon muy chingon

Rodrigo Lopez – I remember buzz lightyear … With your "No no no no …. …. Yes?"

David acute – I would like to see a raptor doing this!!!

POOR ROBERT – Minute 2:50 it looks like the famous "I’m Afraid, I’m Afraid" hehehe Gabo has entered with ganitas only after…

I’m cool – If you are interested in porquering the djistos that ibos with franky I show hahaha and his other characteristic "ah egg!"

Eric Moreno Escamilla – Great video excellent work, I’m sure that mistacates me of profession…

David polano – I do not mean you do it, if you always do it haha ​​… the security watching the video.

Alejandro Reyes – It’s not up to you Gabo that chingon work you had # 128076; and what better to pay you for what you like happiness # 127882;

Mercedes Benz Andrei – Beautiful places, space is difficult to get off road. are illegal: ((

Scriban gabo – I was just watching the episode of top gear

Paco banderaz – How shit me this hu worn the heavy blood el culero

Mar reigns – With this song is waiting for the Franky Show and fulfilled: D

Loyal paco – You have earned my respect and admiration Gabo, excellent video.
Greetings from an old follower of yours 🙂

Anonymous colombia – Since that jeep belongs to FCA the year of the position that it deserves in the world of pure 4×4.

Orlando morals – They could undergoing the Sahara edition

Richard mg – Immaculate what wrangler … hopefully some day have the honor of having it in my parking place.

Geovanny gonzález hernandez – Very good empty Lalo # 128079;

Flemish eric – Why do you do well franki show?

Jefer unriza rojas – Already think that my tucson 2012 patina in a puddle

Conrad schmidt – That enviable you crossed following on, greetings from La Paz Bolivia

John barrales – WOOOOOOW !!! WHAT GOOD ADVENTURE! That priest has the opportunity to live and experience those experiences. In good time Gabo there is Toooodo the TEAM by AUTODINAMICO, this is one of the most fun and funny videos I’ve seen….


Malavia israel – How is supposing that i get to gold cadillac asta????

David Gimenez – Simply beautiful!!!!!

Josue padilla – I like it very much the Jeep Wrangler but I swear to it that the diesel engine 2.0 the similar

Reene aguilar – That wey was franky???

Antonio Mendoza – I like the jeeps, but I don’t have it in my personal land.
I drove my motorcycle enduro behind the jeep, where’s the road, where the jeep entered the bike.
Well, if you will live in these places better in horse or even in mule. I would like to practice.

Silver king – "Live in CDMX, all forms put pulomones in serve" hahaha

Rodrigo Noriega Urbina – Gabo throw yourself to a class of handling in terrain difficult for people to have sometime to have .. Cooper advise the as sea

Mateo jimenez – The UAZ hunter is what I took

Ricardo row ramirez – Oral chingon in yield of gasoline 4.7 milligrams per gallon that equals has 2 kilometers per liter.

Kingdom preacher – Please have a video of toyota and toyota rush

Luis pedro – Gabo of please make susuki jimny that is next to dirty!

Ivan m – That’s where the top gear will go in the 4×4 pickup program??

Esteban contreras – Please price in the start sheet.

Jorge alba – You dated frankymono

Peter aldan – It is unfortunate to know that so many idiots that pay almost a million pesos by author to his car. Go hollow heads.

Arturo diddier – Woao; that excellent video. Wide life at the reyna

Oscar Chavez – Gabo !! Where are you going to call this girl? Regards! And rubicon his geniuses!

Michael hurt – Snooze Snooze Snooze … me from Moe’s bar!

Moses castle – The best dvd was Puerto Penasco jeep

Jean pool – You bmw also passes xd


Stuart apple tree – Yeaaaahhhh

German flourish – Jeep the toyota ?

Great gift – This jeep almost 800 thousand pesos, does the same thing as my buggy

Luis carlos laguna – That he ventured you feel !!!!! Very well !!!!

Great gift – That you were with Frankie Rivers. I say with franky

EGYPTI HADES – Suzuki Jimny 2019 Best 4×4 Ever…

Hugo rodriguez – That genius live an experience there, one and the natural, as Gabo says, so many hours and the minute bored

Javier Ivan Ojeda lozano – Hahahaha And You’re Hard Gabo!

Alexis mn – I love you perron the video.

Diego quiroga – In the minute 1:27 what is going on, what are you?

Charles – It would be the video if you would have included the begro that of "franky show". oven

CESAR SILVA SIFUENTES – So that’s why you’re dressed as if you wanted a F1 car. If you do not tell me what it was? More pro by fa

Daniel Hernandez – When are you climbing the new Lincoln Navigator? 🙁

TheDavi458 – One of my favorite episodes of Top Gear USA is when you cross this photo path for Google Maps ehicieron adhesivemadre Haha

Miguel perez – $ 69,000 worth in my country.
It’s a dream !!! Buy

Minitoy centaur – What a good gabo adventure, great experience # 128072;

Carlos Fernando Medel Ponce – How is the song of the beginning of the video

Daniel dreams – I follow without understanding why inviting Franky to the monster of this kind of events if your reviews are bad mediocre del medio

George _ – Incredible gabo video!!!

RAFAEL AGUIRRE – Wwwoooo www excellent if you convert to a jeepero gabo greetings

Jesus garcia – These are the ways to swim, the Jeep in Torreón Coahuila and you will see how it goes so much: ‘v

Jean Falconez – For when the Raptor S of Solomundo?

Alan san escca – Frankimostro

Desiderio briseño – Weee the Miller and Girl for the 4×4 !! Hahahaha but that’s the great pasaste !!

1979 thing – Gabriel that good video, you made me feel better in the future, and I will be happy with him, Franky is the wave with his comment ….. my favorite jeep green and the Stich

Chris bdiaz – You do not put it on price anymore?

Erick Javier Cervantes Perez – Wow !!! of the best videos that have gone up # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; # 128079; if i had fun watching it i don’t imagine it

Miguel El Gamer: vjsb – Like if you’re Mexican # 127474; # 127485;

Jaimemmcl – Beautiful !!!!!!

Errick c. – You only need the 4×4 Gabo to cross the "walking" rocks of the California Tahoe. It’s not a big deal since Jeep Murderer returns to Corona and is an excellent vehicle for this type of Jeep Trucks.

AwEnSoMe SiEg – The vehicle is slower than handled but without more fun !! Good video gabo

Jesus ruiz – Really not the fuel consumption with the engine 2.0? right, this version will not be available in MX? 🙁

Leo vazquez – And the star?

Nesfonta – 7:51 Sounded, sound, sound,
Call me the bar,
In this good place,
I like to drink alcohol.

When I drink it, I don’t know,
The whole of round and round.
…. xD

Ricardo loyal – Must watch video for how much alchemy alchemy of Franky I show, the kind of most correct of truth and mammon … Gabo avoids this kind of personage???

Norvey sanchez – Super video of the self there is landscape

Jacobo Mendoza – Is an ad or a review?

Saul s – Haha you say are in his pipes and we have a lot of things to say about it, because we are looking at the leaves, we are inviting to be jeeperos of the truth. we count with unity, to strike them, I have a new JL rubicon 2018 and if the think one puts it places asian, as if i go road but when i go to strike me give me the turn and i tell you the opposite i am teaching hitting him everywhere.

Jacobo Mendoza – And tell me jeep you keep paying for habenes good of them?

THE THAT WRITES – That good video, so I liked it

Joshh loses – 2:49 "Be invents granddaughter no, noonon" oh that fresita sir gabooooo

Edward z – My bike is better

Juan Antonio Bustos Contreras – Is a Luxury watch your videos

Alan and. – Seeing reason, how many bars of counting in this video.
Yes, exactly

Arturo escobar – I am a great fan of the coaches but this kind of activities if hacks to complete nonsense. They have very "capable" cars from where people walk more than audiences. Want to make it easier, 6 miles away and enjoy the stage I’m sure you can find people who are paying more. This type of activities is completely lost to the driving direction. Apart from the money on these vehicles. And the wells of Crossing these places. Of truth that is a ridiculous activity. Much better the rally.

Anlopez area – Jeep respect and admiration

Ribe edgar – Hahaha frank pinch

Luis enrique alvarez pug – Now, but the big water ??

Cable77500 – And they’ll have a change in Jodas

William mendoza – I want to do this trip !!!!! And if with an obvious jeep

Don chucho – Interview with franky !

Romisa Yomare Villanueva Quintero – What emotion gabo # 128521; # 128536; jujujuiiii

Pablo naranjo – Most of those have never been paddled by land.

Miguel Angel Limón Aceves – Excellent video quality!

John v v – These vehicles are the most important of their kind in the world. These vehicles have been produced by Mini Cooper, Beetle, Fiat 500 and the like. Something like a motocross in front of a scooter.

Solar juancho – Click franki is all over lokillo

Enrique casillas – Regards, by a superb Ford Fiesta.

Jasson lopez – Now I want Jeep: v

Ivanhoe Chingadito – The Frankymostro is the Viene-Viene. oven

Angel ribe – 30 hours ago are there crying over the Internet? Are you serious? Nothing better than the weather and usability with us.

Albani padilla – After the extreme suffrage, the month in Paris to recover your exquisite taste for life. You deserve it, and thank you for the suffering we hacked to pass …. ja! Comedian you as a dwarf !! … looks!

Jose Salazar – Ayyy Jota

Irving rosales – Definitely the smallest all-terrain vehicle, and I have a big 4×4 cherokee trail wheel passes everywhere without problem, good jeep review

Reene monk – You are great !!!

Wau p’sina – I love the review of the jeep rubicon that hicista in sonora.
Now with this spiritual retreat Jeepero; Born in me, that’s the need to have one!

Teach a lesson with my priest and put sisters small.

The big gabon follow it.

Fernando torres – Good video gabo, that priest you will call.

Chinitoss2208 – Excellent video!!

Jorge castrejon – What chingona experience gabo greetings from puerto vallarta

Caesar perez – However, you have to experiment in chingona…

Leopard perez – The millennial representation for excellence, with the immense need for connectivity

Caesar perez – Too bad in the sea of ​​action.

Memin aguilera – Those jeep wrangler his genius

AzTeK COLLISION – Who said the favorite because of rich dads is so able.

Oskar thiele – 10 km in 6 hours

Yonkani vegaThe young ones that are from school of government for that sean rudos Oven

JP 10 – For all terrain that is better, that is automatic or manual?

Hugo wolf black – Min 6:28 … "Good that Bob" HAHA! but now your property of FIAT we are new Jeep no ?! looks!

Alfredo diaz – Jeep is definitely definitively!

Drumerfunk1 – Awweboooooo

Ramon solis – To you!
So when you go to your life, like nothing, you know it’s worth it.

Othonomas – Tsuru passes that path to 80 and loading passage: v

Juan L. Benavides A. – Crab that tricky for the channel

Robersk22 – Ufff need 4×4

Hector – Damn poverty

Rod vina – Gabo travel

Joshua Sami Reyes Montes – Mercedes G on arrives at this level of "offroad"!

Ing. Alexis Felix – Gabo already slimming

Andry jose sanchez hill – ES BY THIS REASON IN MI LOVES ME JEEP

M. – That baby!

Antonio Flores – 13:46 the kids had to be schoolgirl for that sean rudos "JAJAJA

COFFEE DG – If I only had money for a
Anyway, I’m still listening to your annoying truck: ‘v

Juan Camilo Sanchez Espinosa – If you deserve every day of life, excellent automotive journalist.

Xiorge yanez – Great video 🙂

Teen gon – 2:19 is getting fucked # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

Mnazas22 – Mark the jeep renegade

Miscalcetines123 – And this is Franky monster that does there # 128513; # 129315;

Wilber Oswaldo Hernandez Leon – I hope they never change those trucketas her lo best.

Pt systems – Can not get in by bike hehehe

Super club – These well riko grandpa 7u7: v

Jesus towers – My Ferrari has this thing without any problem # 128514;

Dann gtz gtz – Talk about the city 2019! I’m buying you

Edgar araya pedernera – Great video Gabo. I enjoy each one of them. Greetings from chile

David arzate – To the government school for that sean rudos
Hahahaha # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

Pt systems – That "chingon" is getting peace! Wow !! Incredible friend Greetings to the team and work with the trees today

Dave baez – Gabon, great video and now if that’s what I understand in a few years: D !

Edgar gutierrez – Because of Gabo understands me the Mazda 3 … and I’m sure that I will never handle it on a camino like this…

Josue de leon aguilar – Too late climb the experiences and the little climbed
I think that lowers the followers a little

Yanet poses – My mouth goes up to the end if it’s all ground

RICARDO SPINOSA DIAZ – Good video is a rough goal

Jorge peniche – Esa tried to be unique, no mames you wear cubic mouth for breathing air pure hahahaha

Carlos97 Ramirez – Come meet jeepero in Guanajuato has seventh finals will be written super bueno bueno

Errick put – Great video! The lovers of the jeeps are in need of a channel!

Errick arciniega – Hahaha the guy from Gabo when he was on the helicopter..

Alejandro craft – Ehh is the first sight normal and current?

Rubicon trail with jeep wrangler-all terrain retreat!

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