The swamp gets swallow my jeep wrangler jk

The Swamp gets Swallow my Jeep Wrangler JK

Thanks for the support of these videos of Jeeps in Spanish, will not van to stop …

Off Road N Chill Spanish – If you want to support the channel you can buy another t-shirt, here I go to the LINK

Joshua roses – The problem was between flying and flying

Poor ivera producer – I am an audiovisual producer, all who salem in the camera have their muletillas .. Word that repeats and repeats one another time ……

Sergio hernandez – For that put milestone has a car saves how to use it

Andres ramirez – I believe the metric has got there, the stone was far.

Wilfry rafa – Hahaha see himself to shrimp. !!! Good esha hahahaha (y)

Miguel garcia – If you are offroad, there you know that you are coming, so do not be crybaby

GREEN FIELD – You are CR7?

Hector laundresses – What mens chavo with winche and locks without connect.
And more of jalones from the winche necklace, something that is no longer to be accomplished. And dirty only at 4×4.
The video should be held.

Adjam – No one is an experienced expert who is experienced in the mudgo, if you are interested in slow speed, and if you can not do it fast, but you must 2nd, when I get you out of the mud and you will not be able to Do it of one of the cars

Luis vidal – What is so great but this kind of activity…

Daniel Tame – By or passes to c15!!!
There is no need to dump the car.

Spread tassels – And they winche and climb

Spread tassels – Always walks with a 4×4 person

Euro Vision COVER 2019 – These wide videos molan

Fernando oyarzun – Rookie.


Ramiro morals – It is clear to me that you are in love with the reason as the experience of the tuviste. Thanks for you video and hope more videos.

Juan murillo – Very good video but I miss you but

Roy corona – Ke squeaky x your rhin … Hahaha

Maicol sanches h – How much I like you jeep

Enrique husband – What pellet

Edgar rice – So that’s beautiful jeep … sucks

Edgar rice – That luck the shrimp and the crocodile….

TheSky • SW • – One

TheSky • SW • – 3

Fernando – Pathetic.

Hecor vat – Very good friends brother cheers for you

Jonathan aragon – Oops with you and I see you in the swamp, you have to feel the ground, … and maneuver …. very good video … just if … do not go out just…

Martha rooms – Shivering ,,, wuauuh ,,,, be a lover of the Jeep … and my goal is to have one ,,, with his videos I am delighted learning ,,, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, ii, i, i, i, ii, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I place the haseptan ,,, to shake the jeep. Thank you .. I follow your videos ,,, well, I liked it you recorded them videos..

Kike’s kike videos – Missing from experience but good video

Hugo vargas – This video is the perfect example

Carlos Rojas Paredes – Typical error 300 … between the helm and the seat

Fernando Baltazar – The most self-centered and stupid video that you can see

Somersbil – Very good the video but do not go alone, have a group of friends and have fun bad, greetings

Alex perez – Lower the pounds

XqeDiosxqe – Go sucks you……

XqeDiosxqe – Wow .. !!!! these things in come in cuba

Climbing pumice – It almost doesn’t have much betrayal this 4×4.

Jade audiovideo – At times there would be much more to be had in the water than in the water. Very good video, but not risk alone, greetings.

1954luiss – You need differential blockers, connect you winch before you go off road, but most important do not go solo, for the same capabilities, greetings and so if you are learning, go down.

Evil’s dog. – I would have used the winch, with the distaff.

Juantxobetty – Without a doubt, what is the poor al jeep is a good pilot, why do you want the blockers? What about the winch? Are the soil to adornment …? What a pity of jeep…

Morals mark – I do not think you are so freaks. You flee far out. Smh

Cyancio – Friend you can have the direction you can pull better, never spin the wheels if you have addressed the directional you would have left in principle.good video greetings

Alejandro arana – Hahahahaha that History My God

Good anecdote

Nelson mendoza – You have a good machine friend but you lack experience, the first error that you used the 4×4 in a field where you need more revolutions the 4×4 in this field is useless

Daniel chick – We can decide that the swamp was hungry:

JAKE THE DOG – Do you know why you like me? "The road we have not gotten to the point of failure, but it is not exactly the right thing to do, but your job is not safe. Follow crack never Change ✌

Javi aguilera fernandez – But not in the andan bad behind

Artemio briones – Good and me that ??

Carlos Bertazzo – Wins in connect. Lockers Going out alone. Having such a jeep you must approve the maximum. Greetings from Argentina. Patagonia.

Year n – You have had a good time, but you know how to have a good time.

Aldo nat – Good excellent as44 damage scratches blows jajja

Juan Carlos Silva Bonilla – With the best intentions hacked great atrocities. A lot of equipment, a lot of sympathy, a lot of good intentions for the technical time. Not all that is not to do.

Apprentice – Great adventure very interesting since jalisco mexico. Connect this winch

Jose Hernan – And that’s more than rho that fills you in cash, Ford nothing more force doll.

Jose Hernan – This machine will take you away slowly without fast signals. I think

Angel oviedo – Great videos .. Greetings from Paraguay … with the surroundings left without signalmas

Greyhound1430 – Locks and dirty in the first one, when you give forcing only turns has a side. Let yourself be taught to the other

Ridge intersierras – Good channel! I get suspicious. Greetings by another jeepero # 128077; # 127995;

Luis Carlos Rojas Meneghel – Darle but paw and flying but … But they are super normal in every step, for the children to be Kidneys old bell each time will be be

Aldo perez – Too many friends my friend.

Adrian mendoza – Tray lots of machine for the former driver

Corporate ferco – Best friend sell you jeep do not

Corporate ferco – Oven

Bad guys69 – Go I hang pa not know how to use the jeep

Burning goncalves – Hahahaha diosss, that brut is this animal hahahaha its suicidate, before to make a video of this way of learning to handle in a mudjajajaja

Javier martinez – Machine wasted with this pilot ☹️

Cezar – Good video..
But ponlocks lockers, in the seas of merciful ahhahaha

Guelo star – #waldys off road is hard looking for his

Miguel silva – Very good video, beautiful Jeep and very entertained all over. I only have a question, if you had 42 of them, how did you get 38? I think you are able to fight with the big butts. From top to bottom Great video Follows Brother..


Miguel asked – Automatic cache making 4×4 first error .. so much so that you know how to do it! Have a 4×4, but you are not bad, but you are not the coach!

Eric Villarreal – What about the lock on this car? "I had blocks area arb"

Andres olea – The jeep is very much here the problem is the driver is very much to handle

Josue lap – An excellent jeep … but pilot … nor a rookie arrives

Diego villasmil – Brother you miss the driver

Isabel garcia – CAR GOAL DONE

Sergio gomez – It was not 4×4 puez

Adrian ooseguera – Call the 911 … # 128557; It’s the chip that is among the Asian and flying insurance and falla # 129300;

Miguel Arturo Contreras Chavez – Very good team cheats, just lacks skill.

Emanuel arroyo – Missing driver is missing if he is a hangman 6 is a pallaso

Jaziel almanza – Are you in love with my art?

Rodrigo Catrihual – Vacan the llip

David c – Not in the metes the gums of all land of big clogs ??

Enrique almonte – You never have OFFROAD without company; unless you know the trajectory has raid …. always leave in several jeeps with appropriate equipment of rescue. Technical compartments, avoids moments like these and above all,.

Rolling murillo – You can not drive

Ivanprobmx – This jeep would have passed away without problems ….
In the near future, the pienes so much

Alberto rios – Greetings from tijuana

Daniel VR – The missing monkey is this jeep # 128526;

Vat: etc. – We do not say that you have a good luck but you should have a good luck with this jeep because you would have the jeep

Martin Noe Ortega Ruiz – Like the good adventure video

Hardlockerxx matters – So much twine in the jeep there is dead locked, subtle many revolutionaries and accelerate tan mamita vas to be, wrangler please

Nacho ramirez – Missing monkey

Jose Luis Luiz Robles – Roll up the Diego Cabron better hahahahaha

Manuel jose chaves – If you are good at Sinaloa mex.

RIOT TASTE – Problems between flying and the asian xd

Toxic play – Please note that if you get in the hub of the water, but roll up the speed problem.?

I must – You did not have any traction, no lockers..

Byron amilcar chacon monzon – Very good friend 4X4 video.

T3rra – You need locks of differential

Eduardo cornejo – My friend regards
1st Rule of Off Road
Never enter alone to the roads.
I’m here in the Florida, you can communicate with me.

Francisco ro – You could find videos how to hang on track bar, oven link bars or 3 links, directions etc. work Why is there information in Spanish for which we set jeep as hoby.

Dear – Wicker valleys like driver yo handling better my sister minor of 14 years

Jose Tupjto – I’m not sure if you’re going to have a good time, you think you’re going to be dirty if you don’t have a job….

Javier alvidrez – With all the earth in the past

Camilli guides – Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Carlos Renan Gonzalez – They are always going to be so much better

Miguel homes – Very good video # 128077; # 128170; four

DIEGO SALAZAR – Embroider closio that I just watched the video of you and vast to amaze me many best wishes follow this

Cesar essparza – Moody sonmoas experiences of his life says the song

Mk rm – A lot of jeep but pilot

Pray 1 – Oven

Pray 1 – Bro it’s time for a snorkel!!

Rodrigo Gonzalez – I think that can repair the aluminum rin, I’m not safe but I think

Valentino di Pietro – Sos to maricon

Allen López Baltodano – Very good video

Johnny chavarria – The missing driver

Joaquin’s stuff – Discussed me when I would have a good job

RODOLFO ANDRES ruiz alvarez – Arrogate them better!!!

Mario wait – The trunk of abnormal

Zumbalacazan oven x oven – In Clay Zones and in general there are those who bear the presidency of the pneumatic, with the many Beadlock can put the presions of 0’3 bars without signalmas

Medium size – Ai problems aki el winch do not work in lockers tamoco a lot of time and $$$ so they are in work

Alejandro Winer – I’m missing a pilot, I am from Venezuela and I have to JK 2014, the jeep that fits and paws and the one that fires you recognize that there is no blockers. PATA SEÑORES, Acceleration for the engine as it only be. It was noted that these vehicles are. I’m war.

Osvaldo vargas – With so many women in Miami. to be missing the time in the fangueros

josueA 507 – This is a jeep that you need the driver of truth is well equipped

Rene rodriguez – You would have done more like this videos

Jaider rivers – The video is good, no matter how big the content is good

Jose victorio – Good video bro, greetings

Arturo hernandez – Use the winch at the anchor at the stone slut

Gutierrez bautista handbook – The only problem there was the air in the gums, which was what I had to do before getting in the swamp.

Jordan ruiz – A lot of good videos and the hubieras based on the boulevards you would have left without hafer so much that it was already a great team for us bouncing greetings since San Luis Rio Colorado sonora Mexico

Alijah blowjob – Lock of rear differential and forward. Not bad # 129335; # 127998; four
Have the off road racing the salt with bad friends so you can learn to use them all. When these are in a slanted position and you want the torsional rigidity to fall on the ground, you can also disconnect the sway bar Differential locks and returns the Tract.

Emarq fran – Much service to the video, thanks for sharing your experiences # 128076;

Nate wj – Why did you take your 42s off the jk

Victor Alfonso Escobar Aguilar – There is a lot of friends around the world.

Luis reason – See if you are not finding a big foot

Phat jeeps – The sensor could only be dirty what happened to mine

Dunga ortiz – EXCELLENT FOLLOW THIS; increase and explain maneuvers to use when we have similar cases please, A HUGE ABRAZO

Roxxor14gamer – Pichudo mother

Tiger wood – Where do you go in Miami? ?

Saul second – Very jing and jeep cheer follow doing but videos like that

Hector hills – You are good green my dear and you are buried for the off road novatazoo !!! All dirty you

Joshua xd – Could you play the game with the direction, but a mistake after, the salute.

Ewry zarate – Here are the other comments, but the safety rules are just off the road, not going alone on your Jeep and arranged by another 4×4, as well as taking a proper sling and metal racks and synthetics as a minimum. Greetings and good video serves as a lot for those who are making money.

Cesar ramirez – Great video and it was time to see al jk in action if not with the locks you would have come out for this genius greetings # 128077;

Gregorio Fidel figueroa acosta – That barbarity. This is not a jeep; are a tank of war.

Sebastian – That tricky helped you to dirty?

Oliver rivas – Greetings compare! That good that the pudist withdraws !

Victor j. – Brother with the first intention and the impulse of the reverse goal for the end of the world. But you have made many attempts because you are intent for a good goal # 128077;

Alex lara – Very good videos bad videos out there

Jose Aguilar – What a tremendous video! Impressive as it sank in the Swamp. Thought that the pickup truck was going to take it out.

Adventureur of oaxaca – Very good video

Camilo ribe – But I do not understand brox only alone?

Alberto doors – Friend is not recommendable to be removed by the winch medium the can damage the planetariums …. an hug # 128077;

Domitian lopez – The truth is that you do not know how to handle this jeep and this jeep

Noel vazquez – Greetings without bowls does not have 4×4 full traction if fall for lack of traction 4 gums. I would not alone in a place of responsibility, but I would like to know more about it. an accident in offroad can pass at any time. My Comment is a member of the.

Huasgler Samboy Alonzo – Good videos yours brother brother # 127465; # 127476; # 127464 # 127482;

Charly oaks – That well, with the blocks are dirty.

Repelis live – I’m missing you in being scared !!!! You would have shot area in Las Llantas

Juan Miguel Garcia – This shaking tremor hopefully and you do not pass

Javier durán – Have you ever hicist died? For the squeal, this is a technique that is not an anadad call. Here in Santa Cruz Bolivia There is a lot going on inside you jeep and sales of any mud.

Javier durán – Are there parts that it chooses that the engine is very strong with 550 HP? It will be great for fanguing without difficulty?

Shadow trainings – Just how you hack a few good blockers and this is explained in the video why there are no haha ​​looks!!!

Andrew – If you are a newbie bro, do not you think that you are in love with the world, if you keep in mind that you have won the prize for your luck, you will have win it! To get the work Done. luck next

The mercy – Greetings from tijuana that chingon

Maikel lives – Beautiful Jeep The Real Mall Jewel

Yasser vallecillo – I think that’s not asked. Porch with little left

Redmond parker – Where is that Carwash at?

Narda Algeria Salazar Sierra – I love the video. Never go alone. looks

Soft jesus – Great video brother # 128077; # 127995;!, Follow here and have more bad videos of this type # 128665;

Federico henriquez – Great video because you can not wait to learn your life # 129309;

The man but sought – Powerful wranglers, Colombia

Ewry zarate – With the blockers in battles so much. I feel that you lack the technical, JK is very equipped to approve your fortresses.

Rene XJ Pearl 666 – The swamps his very fun, also the same thing happened to me

Juana taveras – I’m a Dominican and I have a jeep wrangler alive in Providence

Gi3si m.v – Hello friend, you are asking this question Well then when you are in the mood and you are in the mood for something better

Alejandro Jimenez Medina – You think you had to go with 42?

Geovany grass – That beautiful you jeep brother

Francisco robson – I liked it brazil.

The swamp gets swallow my jeep wrangler jk

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