What can the new jeep wrangler do? Dismantled, driven off-road. Test drive wrangler rubicon

What can the new Jeep Wrangler do? Dismantled, driven off-road. Test drive wrangler rubicon

The new generation of Jeep Wrangler fans have been waiting with fear! Is it considered "overpowered"? Improved in something or one makeup…

Moscow offroad – Good review! I really like the car! To experience a full offroad with extreme rubber!

#shrodinger cat – BOTTOM SHIT-JEEP forevea

Alexey Gamzyuk – Metal hood

Mikhail Efremov – The best review for this car # 128170; # 128293; # 128077;

Alex – Good review, well done!

Axzz – Other motors are needed for the Russian realities, this one has a tax of 40800r. pay for our pits! They could not draw 249 or even less, and there, even if there are 300 seas under the hood, so many customers have lost.. …

Bogdan sergienko – Beautiful car

G d – Here I understand the review of the SUV

Rustaman – This is what I understand # 128077; review

Arem krotov – Judging by the comments, they are undergoing a thorough reorganization # 128078;

Tetklain – More recent review not yet been

Roccomaha vavan – Great car but the price is hellish. I will buy a beam L200

Have – Class

Young beria – Excuse me, but I believe 2L turbocharged is a step forward. This shit is modern. A jeep less than 3.6 is not allowed. One example of a Skoda engine. Volumes have fallen, strength has grown, turbocharged and died in a couple of years Not stand it. Will die very quickly

Tuco salamanca – Hey and long

Oleg ronin – Like a snowmobile # 128514; # 128077;

Igor Nosov – The car is good. But I want to ride in the asses.

Black drake – Cool !!! Is it an expensive car in Russia to maintain and maintain? If you accumulate something like a copy of 1.5 million, it will be enough for life.?

Alexey Kilin – Good afternoon! Many times better talked about this Academician in November last year. No foolishness and just nice to listen to. YJ, TJ, and JK are all high but quite different. As for the new JL (JLU), there are some of 1) Sports does not give the excel to the ear, such as the previous Pentastar 3.6, or its predecessor 3.8 for 205 hp And you do not twist it with an accelerator-the 2) Willys MB (41st year), continuing with all seven 3) Windows on the doors and roof, steel with more rounded corners. And they lost a visually more masculine look, which corresponds to the entire military history of this Jeep model. 4) Where is the "JEEP" inscription on the hood? !! Thank God that the whole form of the grill was even recognizable, and was not reduced to three stripes in the radiator grill. 5) How did the car become more suitable for Tuning, unlike the JK? Even if instead of the inside of the windshield frame, which coul d be selected by color, shape, finish, etc., they may be in the first place, and not very pleasant to the touch. Wadded, not weighty doors, opening handles on them, as in Lada "nine" … And There are really shades of such questions. After all, Reng was loved because he was so kondovy and ready for tuning in any part of his body.
Of course, there are more JK, too, and they can’t be overlooked. But how much has it changed for the worse? And yet he is beautiful. And always, it is the standard of cross country The world. Why we endlessly love this jeep.

Nomad300z – Mlyayaya)) !!!! Video test, test car, test reviewer !!!!!! Lycos!!!

MrUjin57 – Hmmm … the engine here is not what you said, is the I4 Turbo DI 2 liter installed on the new Wrangler or what? It is obviously that you will get great pleasure from driving this car. I consider this as a winter, albeit For the city. Well, most likely the Sahara, the Rubicon …. well, why is it in the city, it’s like a gun on sparrows.

Aleksandr Yevdokimov – Smotriy tyt-see the OFFLOAD review from Sasha Evdokimov:
: D menya zovyt toje Sasha Evdokimov i toje offrodom zanimaiys)))))))))))))))))))) jest

Ruslan Raimkhanov – Bobik will leave him for love

Git – Thank you!

Bigmartmart – Figase the boy advised you.

These Jeeps are under FIAT, they are physically stupidly burning, people are dying, and you are being swept here throughout the program;









Black metal – Why do not 1 SUV put on board gearboxes (portal bridges) from the factory?
Toko Super Complete Gelena and All Set?

Maxim – Here such in America Niva’s

Tumar hudayberenowa – If you need nissan terra 2018

Yudin dima – Kostya wanted to make a project out of him …. Not? this particular car (checked by numbers from its videos)…

Const alex – The car is only for the rich … especially if in Russia.

Dmitry Savosin – SUV learn to drive bast shoes. So many times Rubik is a great specialist

Igor I – Wonderful review, however, in Ukraine Wrangler is obviously cheaper. I wonder how reliable the front stabilizer opening assembly is.?

Stepan nechaev – Best review of the new Wrangler, thanks!

Maxim Kornilov – I’m alone sick of the four-door version?

Andrey – Did the Academician turn the rear bumper?)))))

Aleksey Tartaria – The buzz review!
I looked with pleasure !!!)))

Azecmb – Very good review!
And These Collective Farmers Dry Their Ears on the Wranglers

Drischa channel – This is what I understand an expert with knowledge of the material, and with "Professor Tuareg" and other guys!))

Smm maria s. – Huyazik

Alexey Matyushin – Good review-no moronic jokes and jokes, but with technical information.

Sergei – Excellent view without water and a lot of those descriptions and videos!
The only thing is, but it’s a slide, still a car of 4 million costs, but on the slide, well, except in the forest you can go mushrooming

MrTim938 – For 01min. 40 sec the video started about the ICEs that are installed on the rubicon, but never talked about the other three engines. 🙁

None – Carrying buy a cast iron bridge.

Gagarin jury – Good review, nice to listen to. Tired of noisy gop reviewers.
Thank you!

Alexander Romanov – In inches fucked decided)

Serge Kosen – And for hell you need a UAZ, albeit an American, from 3.5 million?

Zura – It is very pleasant that the bottom is shown in detail)) and in general it is nice that when reviewing the SUV, attention was paid to off-road capabilities, rather than driving around Moscow like most reviewers))

Arthur Ivanov – At time 9-56 there are shots-I think the antifreeze that is the stabilizer circuit breaker flows from the radiator —

Esander c – Cool thanks.

Labanov dimitrii – For dv you need to think, but the rest for the base of the national jeep is super

Victor stadnik – Yeahhhh the dream come true

Zabar – The standard of civilian adaptation of a military machine.

Light vodichka – Well done

Rustam kuchaev – Great review!!!

Alakofxx – Good review! And the jeep is not the same ?

Vadim and – He can only eat fuel with buckets, so he needs the fifth leg as a dog……

Mr. Red 37 – Well, the rubicon is not the same)))
Of course the bridges just became kids, they still have the same, cast iron + iron, but the turning radius is not the same, but you have to pay for off-road buns…..
The half-open bridge, this is gay fun, not only has the CVs been installed, but I think it is possible to remove it by the normal reinforced ax shafts, or in general the bridges need to be driven. Again, this will be The task of someone who decides to make an even bigger off-road monster out of this car. For an ordinary person, with inquiries-fishing trips and hunting, on medium impassability.
It also sells different sets of options, ranging from overpricing and various whales to increase gear ratios on the pitches-very nice things!
Again, a bunch of hoses and all sorts of hits.

The review pleased, not so many reviews of such cars and stories of what and why!
But anyway, the Rubicon is expensive and has already become rather weak, there are very few buyers of such cars that need to be out of the box to be a real off-road fight, and who need to take a cartoons to make a real SUV, the base for it!
Judging by the dynamics, the machines for a long service life and reliability, everything goes for the translators of marketing, progress-what would the phone connect to and so on … the machines become consumable that you just need to change every three to Five years and that’s it.

The all-new Jimny is more interesting for off-road driving, but it is different from the Rubicon, but in terms of off-road driving, Jim is more interesting out of the box, but still Less than any parts, tubes etc…..

Ivan_R – The base is a bit long … it will land on the belly

Yura Dzyachenko – Thanks for the review.

Yura Dzyachenko – This is the background of the Amnican do, but for me I live in a city is not comfortable and noisy

Yura Dzyachenko – I considered the new engine, but the old 3.6 liter. 200 thousand rolled without problems

Andrey Makarov – Supercar # 128077; If there was money, I would definitely buy it ….

Andrey bushuev – It seems to me that the road is very quickly lost on the road

KZ Interceptor – Um, that’s all cool, of course, but where is the impassability? Here is this little tubercle at 24.40?

Ilya Wakhrin – Uninteresting guys! Another channel of the type of magazine "behind the wheel." It was interesting to watch the news, but not to mention the listless presenters with a tedious presentation. Subscribed but after a couple of purchased dosvidos Reviews..

Black wolf – For me, a logger, more like.

Andrey daryin – If it cost at least 1.5 million, a lot of people from this country would be moved to this brutal

Dima Nikonov – Wrangel end … aluminum block..

Seventy three – Crestina on a wheel drive, it’s the idiocy.

VAdim Roschupkin – The best reviewer, all in essence and interesting

From phi air – UAZ dump in comparison with Jeep

Oleg vitalich – Great review!

PetrosyaN77 – It seems to me that the analog of the Academician looked?

Oleg – The battery is standard, the other is the size of a UPS type 12-26 battery. There is a closer to the dashboard. There is a third-party shelf that allows you to install two standard batteries in parallel.
Is there Russian language.

Ing – Cool review All that interests is said! Thank you. 5 Lyamas left to get))

Aloner ru – "We have"

Alexey gorsky – Super car !

Pavel maryamov – It’s going to be $ 25,000 with us it starts in the USA.

Ivan Iapnov – Well done! Less than six months after the academician did everything possible about this machine. You can EPTs. Level.

Mikhail Kaimakov – Great car, but when the Rubicon is pulled out by the Korean, it says a lot about driving the wheel and the seat..!

TEACHER – After he began to take over the doors and roof, he just believed put a like. !!!

Adolf adolfovich – Thanks for the video # 129309; # 129309; # 127909; # 128077; # 128077;

Abdula Ivanov – The resource for this engine, I think, will end at around 80-100 thousand km. … here is a 3 liter diesel engine that will be in the USA, significant what we need … and the penstar is not bad

Gorsigor – The right cars are only made for the USA, so you need to go there for him!

Ferichenkoff – Correctly Pavlik directed to Alexander. Since, they are saying: "To each his own …" The review is excellent. It was possible that Alexander was prepared for trepidation, because Rubicon is his liking. Buyers =) … But Pavel, we have 911 circle on a track will go faster than Andrei … therefore, once again: "To each his own …"

Vasily Vasiliev – The best review on this car # 127870;

Valery Kozlov – I think where the author got the car from, all the ranks from the office. dealers are Russified regularly. So everything is in order with the Russian language. Most likely, the author simply did not climb into the menu and did not check the Russian Language.
And the review is good. I will say as the owner.

Euro rock – Alexander-Many thanks for the high-quality review of this super gadget!) A lot of important points have been told that the fans of this model are interested in (about the burning of grass, the appearance of CV joints and more). Turned out not poppy, like almost all autobloggers, but in the case!) Keep it up!!!!!!

I AM AHUAH – One min Price # 128563;

Uncle fedya – Great review thank

Alexey Ryabykh – Really great review! Something alive! more of these

Max max – I remember before the crisis when they gave up cheaper than Khtreyls and Sorents…
For 1.3 million it was already possible to look at the three-door Sahara 3.6…
Now the Patriot costs so much …
But then.
We have a daily basis it would be interesting to have such an SUV in the arsenal. tires, elevator, snorkel, of course diesel, protect the bottom, power bumpers in short, yes with a winch.
And you can go to work on weekdays, and calmly conquer not particularly humanized places on weekends.
But with ordinary compatriots buy this pepelats? Well, they will definitely not be their first owners…
Here with the pre-crisis and normal operation of the Chrysler Fiat Jeep, yes there could be a crossover to buy such an SUV.
Five-doors with minimal changes would be enough for every day..
Right now, what roads and yards, and a crossover is rather not enough.

Max max – Need more such tests! the technical features affect the author…
And then Bludenov about some knlpochki.

ATEC Trans – When will our fishermen and hunters massively transfer from cornfields and UAZs to such cars.

RASKRUTKA 24 – Setting locks is terribly long-thinking and not convenient! And i like the car!

RASKRUTKA 24 – What dumbass such bumpers age???

RASKRUTKA 24 – First, they thought they would sell more expensive, then they could breakers!))

RASKRUTKA 24 – Spizdili with a patriot!)

RASKRUTKA 24 – At such a time of day, even I do not shoot my reviews!!

RASKRUTKA 24 – Even in Patriot, the windshield is already warming up!)

Ak ak – Your channel belongs to VGTRK?

Rome demon – Why compare with our poor patriot it costs 600 and this 3,600

Elmar wolf – This man is like an encyclopedia person. None of the bloggers say like him.

N and – In the garage of dreams

Anton Gladky – Why the difference is shifted relative to the center ?

Dmitry Marushchenko – The best review that I saw is the only one on which they climbed under the bottom. The car is super, but its pickup version (Gladiator), which should go to the market this year, will be more interesting. I really hope it will come to Russia, but it will be worth it.

Inzhener – Like!

Vladislav Stepanov – Fine! The picture is better)))

Aidaryes – a good review, how many searched this did not see! dismantled the material-super!

Anton Romensky – Thanks for the great, emotional review.!

Nikita Bystryantsev – Very cool and very interesting video, would there be a rubik on fur? ehhh

Thesergjjj – Here is a review! not like Paul’s oh-sighs….

Auto compressor – Well, just a beauty review, a dream car.

Sweet bubaleh – 0:15 If my memory serves me, rubicon is a 4-door version. And "the most feisty is Trailcat." Learn the mat .. Hello Cheban Hello.

Kamran Aliyev – Thank you Pasha for sending us to you. cool review and respect to you from Baku!

Alexey v – Your opinion will be able to push 2.5 tones behind him or 2 liter engine will not forgive?

Alexey v – Sooo well done review

Anton Klepinin – What else to tell after cococost???

Alexey eg. – The test is good! But there was one question, it was said that in Russia we will have 4 engines, including two diesel engines, so where is the specific information about them….?

Lone gunmen – Oh, the wrangler has become more poppy after the patriot ☹️

John john – Price list pipets, for UAZ

Sky decor – The best off-road cars reviewer!

Ivan – Rubicon Topik The exchange rate is kept by our healers.

Mikhail Bondarenko – Cool reviews you have, thanks to you!

Evgeny Ivanov – And you can lead someone younger than 65?!

Jolly roger – The description says a test drive on the road, and this bespectacled man talks about the dynamics and drift, and then surely meets the first ditch. D, B…

Telescope – 22:10 you dolboyob uncle !!! ??? This transformation could be done under the roof.!

Giorgio bellucci – How long does it take for one person to remove the roof doors?

Flynag – When "bear" sounded 10 times, I went to check in with a stuck wound up at my place;)

Slavik pisarchuk – The same car another review))

Slavik pisarchuk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=110v=OfBP3NyAa1g

Alexander K – Emotional car))) the most squeak-the price tag))))

Victor_rs3 – I surrounded a territory jeep, there was a menu all in Russian! And acceleration is also declared in 7.5 seconds, but you did it better?

Aleksandr Skrylev – White balance, no, not heard)

Yarnoslav popov – One

What can the new jeep wrangler do? Dismantled, driven off-road. Test drive wrangler rubicon

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